Top & Best Voltage inverter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Voltage inverter: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to! Today’s topic is a voltage inverter, an accessory that can be very useful in situations such as camping, trips and boat trips. If you usually practice these activities, stay tuned in the article, as buying can be a great idea!

A voltage inverter is capable of making the energy produced by batteries or batteries like automobiles compatible with electrical power for cell phones, electronics and even tools or appliances. But is this safe? And does it make sense to you? We will bring you many answers below!


First, the most important

  • A voltage inverter is an excellent idea in places and situations without electricity, such as boat trips, camping trips and long trips by car.
  • It is always necessary to respect the maximum power limit of both the voltage inverter and the battery that will be used for power.
  • If connected correctly and with all safety specifications respected, a high-level voltage inverter can be used even in tools and appliances.

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The best voltage inverters: Our recommendations

We started the article by sharing with you the results of our tests and analyzes: We selected some voltage inverters of the highest quality to present you. They will not disappoint you!


Buying Guide

Want to better understand how a voltage inverter works? Know what it can offer? Understand exactly how safe this accessory is?

We come to the buying guide, the sector that answers all these questions and more!

What is a voltage inverter and what is it for?

Have you ever had to charge your cell phone battery in a camping trip without a power outlet nearby? Use the computer on a boat trip? Keep the refrigerator running even during a major power outage?

A voltage inverter allows activities that depend on the electrical network to be carried out from vehicle batteries or even smaller ones.

The functioning of this accessory is through a mechanism that allows to transform the low voltage received from the batteries, normally 12 V, into high alternating voltage, ideal for domestic appliances that usually work on 110 or 220 V. Its technical name is DC / AC converter .

It makes life very practical for people who tend to be in isolated places or suffer from poor electricity supply.

Did you know that many materials have been used in objects similar to voltage inverters in history? In the 19th century, gases such as mercury vapor, neon and hydrogen were common. It was only with the controlled silicon rectifier that the transition to solids began.

In what situations is it possible to use a voltage inverter?

Why have a voltage inverter? Can you imagine in which situations you might need an accessory like this? We made a list with some of the most common ones:

    • Camps and stays in isolated places: In distant places without electricity, using the car battery to charge electronics or even connect devices such as shavers, fans and heaters can be an excellent option.
    • Travel by boat or car: It is possible that electronics are missing when we spend long periods in a vehicle. Cars, boats and even motorbikes can help when refilling.
    • Emergency situations: If you have been without electricity for a long time or in a very isolated place, you can keep your essential appliances running from a very high level voltage inverter.


It is also possible to use voltage inverters to switch on lamps in various situations, either when there are problems with a vehicle on a dark road, or to have lighting in a remote cabin.

What are the advantages of a voltage inverter?

Having a voltage inverter is a constant security in life: If you need to generate electricity and have a charged battery with you, there is always the possibility.

The voltage inverters are quite versatile, with the powerful models being compatible with a huge range of electronics and appliances, while the simplest and cheapest ones are already sufficient for faster uses, such as with cell phones.

Indispensable for those who camp or stay in places without electricity frequently, a voltage inverter should be used only with great caution and safety: Study what is possible to connect and how in the chosen model so as not to cause any accident.

The best models have devices to enhance safety and protect both people and electronic devices.

See the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of a voltage inverter:


How to know what will be the power transformed by the inverter?

It is not possible to create energy, only to transform. Therefore, you need to know the specifications of the battery that will be used to power electrical appliances.

The maximum power generated by a battery is achieved by multiplying the number of volts by the number of amps. That is, if you have a sample that works with 72 amps and 12 volts, you can only use it on devices with up to 864 W of power. This, of course, considering an impossible efficiency of 100%.

Knowing the capacity of your battery, also note that of the inverter: The most modern models can work with up to 2000 W generated, enough for the vast majority of appliances and electronics. Others, simpler, support a maximum of 200 W.

We should also note that the operation of appliances and heavy equipment quickly drains batteries that were not made for it, making use for a limited time.

With this information, you should want to know what type of battery and inverter you need to power the electrical equipment you use most. Therefore, we have prepared a table that shows the average of some of the most common in isolation situations:


Is it safe to use a voltage inverter?

To properly use a voltage inverter, you must fully respect both the limits of this accessory and those of the battery. Do not try to connect a refrigerator to a system that can supply a maximum of 120 W of power, for example: Serious problems will appear.


Voltage inverters should be used mainly in emergency situations.

Also, do not abuse this use, making it commonplace. The constant practice of voltage inversion will make your batteries have a very short life, since they were not manufactured for this purpose. Above all, inverters are for emergency situations.

It is important to pay attention to the safety specifications of the chosen inverter model, especially with regard to protection against short-circuit and overload. Also, don’t forget that some of the energy will be dissipated as heat.

With all these precautions, the use of the voltage inverter will be completely safe.

How much does it cost and where to buy a voltage inverter?

The price variation of voltage inverters is very large. The cheapest models can be found for R $ 100, while the most expensive reach R $ 2000. The main influence factor is the maximum power supported, that is, it is possible to pay little and have a quality example.

Stores specializing in electrical materials, general articles for home and construction and automotive batteries are the ones that usually offer more models of voltage inverters. Buying over the internet is also a great idea: We recommend Amazon, international Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a voltage inverter

Have you had your main questions about voltage inverters answered? Then it’s time to choose the right model for you! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you:

  • Connection ways
  • Efficiency
  • Supported power and temperature
  • Stability and security

Below, you will find more information about each one!

Connection ways

Many people have in the charging of electronics such as cell phones and notebooks the main function for a voltage inverter. Therefore, the accessory needs to have not only inputs for the socket, but also others that help a lot, especially the USB type.

If you want to use the inverter in other equipment that is not electronic, check the formats of the input socket for the voltage inverter and if it is compatible with those of your devices (or possible adapters).

The important thing is to buy a voltage inverter already knowing that it has inputs compatible with what you intend to use from it.


Efficiency is also a very important specification for the account of what you can carry with a particular battery and inverter set. With it, you know how much energy is transformed and how much is dissipated.

Always take efficiency into account when calculating whether the set is sufficient for your needs.

An inverter with an efficiency of 80% is able to reuse 80% of the energy generated by a battery, while another 20% is likely to dissipate in the form of heat. So, you can not forget this account at the time of calculation if the set is sufficient for what you need.

There is no inverter with 100% efficiency, always some amount of energy will be lost on the way. Therefore, models with 90% are exceptional.

Supported power and temperature

Respecting the limits of electrical equipment is absolutely necessary. Therefore, read carefully about the maximum power and maximum temperature supported by a model before finalizing the purchase.

With the maximum power supported, you will know what electrical equipment you can charge with the voltage inverter. And with the maximum temperature, you will understand when you need to stop charging, especially on lower efficiency models.

Stability and security

Everyone wants security and stability when using a voltage inverter. It is necessary to note what are the extra functions and features that the chosen model offers with regard to these issues.

Check for short-circuit protection, sudden drop in supply, overheating and overload. Also see if the manufacturer guarantees a stable power supply, which does not have major power surges and then falls. All of this is important for the proper functioning of the devices.



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