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Top & Best Bluetooth adapter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bluetooth adapter: What is the best model of 2022?

Hello, it is a pleasure to welcome you again here, at Our efforts are worth every time we meet. It even seems like a thought transmission. And speaking of transmission, that’s today’s topic: bluetooth adapter.

The search for the practical is not surprising, and this also involves the minimum amount of wires possible. It is not practical to carry a 1 meter cable in your pocket. And bluetooth technology emerged to eliminate wired connections.

With one touch you are able to enable it, and with the other you start using it. And you may be wondering what an adapter is for. We will answer this and other questions throughout this guide. So, stay connected with us, to leave you full of content about bluetooth adapters!

First, the most important

  • Bluetooth adapters have very specific objectives and work on certain equipment, such as computers and stereos. Don’t get it thinking about a universal solution tool when using cables. It will help you a lot only where it is compatible.
  • Bluetooth works by sending and receiving information in radio frequency waves. Several devices that use radio frequency in the same place can hinder the efficiency of the equipment. As it is a transmission, it depends on a certain proximity between the equipment. Don’t believe in leaving your computer at home and being able to use bluetooth in the market.
  • This technology operates for different distance and speed capabilities. So stay tuned when you need to choose one (keep reading, we’ll tell you everything).

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Best bluetooth adapters: Our favorites

A bluetooth adapter is essential for equipment without this native function. If this is the case for your equipment, check below the list we have selected for you with the best models on the market.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Adapter
  • Original Orico Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Adapter
  • Bluetooth P2 Adapter


Buying Guide

Connecting the devices to the smartphone is a common reality. However, some devices do not have an integrated bluetooth system. This is not to say that you do not use this technology. If they are compatible, just buy a bluetooth adapter. Continue with us to learn more about how it works.

What does bluetooth mean and how can this technology be useful?

You’ve been introduced to technology, but what exactly is it? Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication that allows the exchange of data between devices. The most interesting principle of it is the idea of ​​a quick and uncomplicated connection, just for that two devices are close.

For the connection to take place, you need to either: select the equipment to be connected, or accept a connection request from some source.

After the first connection, the principle is to keep the bridge open, just being close. However, don’t worry, settings let you control and receive alerts when there is a connection or what things can be accessed.

Like any technology, bluetooth has its great advantages there, but also some extra care that we need to have. We will show below:

Therefore, there are more ideal conditions than others to think about using bluetooth. Just the fact that you don’t need wires, already makes this technology a great thing to have!

They even work on video game controls and headphones. And to pass information from one cell phone to another when there is no internet, bluetooth also works!

Now that you know enough to get excited, let’s introduce you to adapters.

What is a bluetooth adapter?

Compact accessory of varying size (size of a female nail or more), has the noble function of integrating. Simple to use, they provide the bluetooth feature for devices without this native feature.

With a very comfortable and simplified interface, practically all adapters work in “plug and play” mode, or, connect and use. Systems like Windows look for their automatic connection and in seconds it can be used.

One of the most common versions found for sale, the equipment is tiny, and gets even smaller when connected.

Some versions come with installation CDs, to facilitate the search for the driver. However, you are wrong to think that a bluetooth adapter is only for computers. They exist in several connections for the most varied equipment.

In addition to the computer device, a very common use of these adapters is for sound devices.

It may be that your car has a stereo, but the product does not always come with this function. And you have a smartphone full of good music … an adapter solves the problem.


But, you have to pay attention to some requirements that will make you have a better experience when it comes to bluetooth adapter, we will talk more about that at the end of this Guide, in the purchase criteria. Read on.

How does the frequency of a bluetooth adapter work?

The technology was designed for worldwide use and, therefore, needed to adopt an accepted radio frequency anywhere on the planet. But it comes at a cost.

Because it is an open frequency, it can be used by any communication system, so that other nearby equipment can generate signal interference. Or even the device may generate interference with other equipment.

However, the bluetooth system uses up to 79 channels within this open frequency, and the connection device can switch from one channel to another. The procedure called frequency hopping, dramatically decreases the chances of interference, but they can occur.

How does the transmission network work?

We have already mentioned the disadvantages that a network created by a bluetooth device has a greater limitation than wireless or cable networks. The device that initiates the connection is the master, and all others become slaves.

It is the task of the master – or master – (he does this automatically, calmly) to regulate the data transmission in this created network and the synchronization of the devices.

Each connection can support up to 8 devices (one master and seven slaves – or slave). It is possible to expand this network, so that the slave is subjected to networks with other masters.

Created as an energetic alternative, aiming at economy, bluetooth adapters go into “sleep mode” when there is no data passing between them.

How much?

They are accessories with great cost-benefit ratio, and can be found with prices starting at R $ 10. But you can find models from R $ 40, which remains cheap due to the service offered.

You need to be careful, because usually those with lower prices have been on the market for longer. This means that you can trust the product, but it is also worth mentioning that there are possibly more current versions of the product.

Where to buy?

Portable and versatile accessories can be found in most stores specializing in electronics, computers and also in department stores. Possibly on a walk in the central area of ​​your city, some store will sell a bluetooth adapter.

The use of the internet for research and comparison is also an excellent option, given the diversity of these small devices. Sites like Amazon provide a good amount of them, with the security of a large company and product warranty.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Bluetooth Adapter Models

We have certainly built a good knowledge base for choosing a Bluetooth adapter in this transmission. However, it is important to pay attention to some very specific characteristics, but that will make all the difference.

Over time, bluetooth technology has improved, and the adapters manufactured have continued to absorb the technology. For this reason, it is important when researching your next acquisition, to take into account two very important criteria:

  • Version
  • Connectivity
  • Scope (or class)
  • Size

Below, we will understand what this means when it comes to bluetooth adapter.


In constant evolution, bluetooth technology is continuously developed, creating new specifications.

Speed ​​increases and reduced energy consumption are the main reasons for the continuous updates. The version of the technology is modified each time one of these characteristics is skipped.

We will now talk a little more about what we consider the main available versions of the technology, especially when looking for bluetooth adapters:

  • Bluetooth 2.0 : With some time (more than 10 years), it left behind three other versions of the equipment, with the decrease of energy as a characteristic. However, its greatest achievement with the ability to transmit data at up to 3Mbps (2.1 effective).
  • Bluetooth 3.0 : Again brought an apex in the speed increase, allowing the transmission to reach up to 24Mbps speed. The potential, however, can only be reached on devices compatible with HS (High Speed) instructions.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 : Now with another one, it allows transferring at the same speed as 3.0. Its energy consumption is much lower than another version, mainly in the idle of the device. This feature allows its use in devices with low energy consumption.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 : Maintains the previous speed, but opens its ability to connect to other devices. With IPv6 support you can connect to the internet of things: cameras, lamps and others. It also has a stricter security control.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 : Significantly increases the communication distance, even in class 2, up to 40 meters (4x more!). It also increased the transmission speed to up to 50Mbps.


It is important to read the adapter’s technical characteristics to see if it has connectivity with the device you want to use. It is not enough to buy any one and expect it to work for all cases.

Do you want to plug in your video game, TV or computer? Think about it! Those that are more versatile, that is, that are compatible with more devices, will certainly be more expensive.

Define where you will use your adapter, check the system of the device and check if the adapter is compatible. It sounds simple, but this tip is critical.

Range (Class)

Since it is a radio signal communication, it is common for the device to have a transmission limit. And for bluetooth, this limit distance for sending the signal was named as a class.

Altogether, there are four different classes when it comes to bluetooth, and in each of them there is a distance limitation:

  • Class 1 : The best option. It allows a radio wave range up to 100 meters away. Greater chance of variations occurring at this limit due to other open frequencies or obstacles.
  • Class 2 : Emits radio frequency signals within a limit of up to 10 meters, ideal for synchronizing radio sets and connections in the same room. There is less scope for variations in reach. They are the most common on the market.
  • Class 3 : Emits signals with a minimum range of up to 1 meter. They are ideal for connections between equipment without easy mobility (CPUs, for example). The risk of interference in the signal is minimal, due to its distance cost.
  • Class 4 : Designed for devices with minimum energy consumption, with a maximum range of 0.5 meters. Its use is quite specific, with few devices available with this classification.

Therefore, when defining the purpose of your bluetooth adapter, look for one with the class capable of meeting your need.


You will find tiny adapters – about 2 or 3 centimeters – or even larger – equivalent to a flash drive or more.

The size is a detail when we talk about this connector, but it is worth reflecting on. Many people end up losing the smallest models and prefer the larger adapters.

The opposite also happens. Some people prefer the smaller one because it is more discreet. If you connect to the television, for example, it won’t even be noticeable. In some cases you have no option to choose the size. But if you have a chance to choose, reflect on that factor before buying yours.



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