Top & Best MHL cable Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cabo MHL: What’s the best of 2022?

Have you ever imagined being able to transmit high-resolution images on your television using just one tool? With the MHL cable, a product we will talk about today at this is possible. Be welcome!

The MHL cable is ideal for those looking to watch videos from platforms such as Youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix in a simple and easy way through their TV. With it, just connect the inputs and outputs on the devices and ready, just sit and enjoy.

If you are interested in this product continue with us. In this article we will explain everything about the MHL cable, how to use it, price and more.


First, the most important

  • The MHL cable came about with the intention of connecting cell phones with televisions.
  • It cannot be used in all types of cell phones, so it is necessary to check if the model of your device has this technology.
  • This type of cable has a starting price of R $ 20 on average.

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Ranking: The 3 best MHL cables

In the market there are several models of MHL cable and to help you know a little more about this product we have separated in this Ranking the best options. Make an analysis and see which one you prefer.


Buying Guide

It has never been easier to connect two devices and achieve high image definition than with the MHL cable. This product, still little known, can make your daily life easier and offer you a better experience when watching TV.

If that is what you are looking for, just stay with us because after reading this Buying Guide you will be ready to choose the best MHL cable option. Come on?

What is an MHL cable?

In English MHL stands for “Mobile High Defintion Link”. This is a digital interface technology in which it is possible to connect mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, to devices that use high definition (HD), in this case televisions.In this way, with this cable it is possible to watch content with 1,080 p of quality, just connecting the devices with a single wire.

This technology was created with the intention of obtaining an interface capable of connecting with HDMI and DVI ports through cables, without losing the quality of the sound and image.

It came to replace the common HDMI cable, which due to the size of its port is not feasible to be connected on smartphones. In this way, MHL is an improved alternative for transmitting images.

Did you know that the MHL cable came from a consortium formed by several companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba?These companies were looking to develop an interface with a smaller number of pins, thus being more suitable for the size of mobile devices, and that could reproduce with the same quality as HDMI also through a single cable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the MHL cable?

As you may have realized the main advantage of the MHL cable is precisely being able to achieve sound and image transmission on your television using only one cable.In addition, this is a relatively inexpensive product that can be used with devices you already own.

However, it is important to know that for the cable to work it must be connected to a cell phone that has MHL technology, something that does not happen on all models. There are also televisions that do not have the MHL input and to find out if this is the case for yours, check if one of the HDMI inputs is marked “MHL”.

To find out if your smartphone has MHL technology just download the “MHL (HDMI) Checker” application. It is possible to select the model of the cell phone that it will already indicate if it has this option or not.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages in the topics below:

How to use the MHL cable?

The MHL cable consists of an HDMI input and two outputs, one USB and one micro USB. Its installation is very simple:

  • To connect it, just connect the USB and HDMI on the television and the other micro USB end on the cell phone.
  • Some televisions do not have the power to transmit the image of the cell phone and for these cases, just plug the USB output of the cable into a source, which can be the cell phone charger itself, and plug it into an outlet.
  • Then just select the transmission mode in HDMI on your TV and soon what is on the phone screen will be appearing on the TV.

MHL or HDMI cable?

With regard to cables for televisions there are some terms that can be very confusing for those who are not intimate with this area.Regarding the HDMI cable and the MHL know that they have similar functions, but are composed of different technologies.

HDMI stands for “ High-Definition Multimidia Interface ”, which in Portuguese means “ High Definition Multimedia Interface ”. This type of cable was created to carry the audio and video transmission with high resolution, just as the MHL cable offers.

However, the big difference between both is in the devices that will be connected to them. The HDMI cable is connected to devices such as blu-ray, video games and computers that will transmit your images on a television. MHL, on the other hand, emerged as a form of improvement for HDMI, as it was changed to connect to smartphones.

How much?

There are many MHL cable options on the market. There are models that are aimed at Android phones, while others are for iOS.As a result, the value of this product varies widely. There are options with an initial value of R $ 21, on average, while others may cost more than R $ 100.

The variation in value is related to the brand of the product and its connection options, and normally those that work on iPhones are more expensive.

Where to buy?

A great option to buy the MHL cable are online stores. They have a vast amount and work at very competitive prices. There is a great diversity of sites that have this item and some that we can mention are:

  • Amazon


Purchasing criteria: Factors to consider before purchasing your MHL cable

Can’t wait to be able to broadcast everything you have on your cell phone to your television? For that moment has arrived!

And know that even if you don’t understand much about technology, it is possible to buy a quality MHL cable that will provide you with an excellent result. To assist you in this decision process, we have separated the main points below that you should analyze when comparing the available models. Are they:

  • Operational system
  • Cable length
  • Transmission capacity
  • Color

Below we detail each one so you can make the best choice.

Operational system

When the MHL cables were launched they could only be used on cell phones with Android operating system. Fortunately, as the product was being sought, options for iOs were also developed.

Therefore, the first step in choosing the cable is to analyze which type of cell phone it will be connected to. But it is not enough to just check this, there is another detail that is related to your smartphone model. Before purchasing the product, find out if it has a connection to your device and if it has MHL technology included as explained above.

able length

The length of the cable is directly related to the distance the devices to be connected will be from each other.

There are those who are terrified of seeing many cables scattered around the house and if that is your case it is worth choosing a shorter model. You connect and leave your cell phone next to the TV set.

However, if you have the need for a longer model, know that it is quite easy to find options of up to 2 meters. That way you can lie on the couch and touch your smartphone to control the TV.

Transmission capacity

All MHL cables transmit images with 1,080 p, which basically means 1,080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and which are displayed progressively, which is represented in the term by the letter “P”.

Thus, what really changes between MHL cables are other issues, such as the number of channels. It is possible to see models that transmit up to eight channels of audio, and there are others with a capacity of seven.

In addition, the resolution also changes, so check these details in the technical specifications before purchasing the product.

Check out a review of the MHL cable and learn some tips in this video on the Paradox channel:



You find this cable in different color options, if this is an important criterion for you, it is more common to find it in white, black and red. Many people like to combine cables with a television or smartphone. But, color is not important just for aesthetic reasons.

For situations in which the cell phone will be connected to the TV at a greater distance (and the cable crossed through the room), the red color helps the cable to be visualized by other people who can circulate in the environment, so that no one will trip over the wire, running the risk of dropping the cell phone or even the TV.



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