Top & Best Epson Ecotank Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Epson Ecotank: How to choose the best printer in 2022

Do you intend to buy an ink tank printer? Then you must have heard of Epson Ecotank. The line of printers is the most economical on the market, as it makes thousands of prints at a really low cost per page.

With a wide variety of models, you will find equipment for personal and professional use – for small and medium businesses. Continue reading our article and learn more about Epson Ecotank printers.

First, the most important

  • The Epson Ecotank line offers common printer and multifunction printer models.
  • Epson Ecotank is a sustainable printer, as it uses reusable ink tanks and eliminates the use of disposable cartridges. Each tank has the same amount of ink from 35 cartridges.
  • All models come with a power cable, USB cable and four bottles of ink in black, cyan, magenta and yellow with 40ml each.

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The best Epson Ecotank printers: Our indications

We recommend purchasing an Epson Ecotank printer for personal or professional use. For this reason we have selected the best Epson Ecotank printer models of the moment for you to find the one that best fits your needs.

  • Consumers’ favorite Epson Ecotank
  • The best Epson Ecotank for home use
  • The most complete Epson Ecotank
  • The most basic model

Buying Guide

Epson Ecotank is a line of reference printers in economics and sustainability. The equipment uses high-performance ink tanks – the cost reduction reaches 90%. Are you interested? Find out how to choose yours in this Buying Guide.

Why is it worth buying an Epson Ecotank?

Epson Ecotank is an economical printer. According to data provided by the manufacturer, the cost of printing a page in black ink on an Ecotank printer is R $ 0.01. This cost rises to R $ 0.08 when the printer is a cartridge.


Epson Ecotank is a benchmark in sustainability.

The equipment is also a benchmark in sustainability. Because it offers larger tanks, the number of refills is lower and the production of plastic waste is reduced.

Epson Ecotank has a front or side compartment where black and colored ink tanks are placed – magenta, cyan and yellow. These containers are transparent, which makes it possible to monitor ink levels.

The refill system is very simple, just fill the containers with the respective shades, close the compartment and wait a few minutes until the printer is ready to go into action.

The refill can be carried out by anyone without making dirt, as the equipment has technology that prevents splashes and spills of paint – consequently avoiding waste.

The models of the Epson Ecotank line offer different options for connection to the computer: via USB cable, Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct (for remote commands using the computer, tablet or smartphone).

We cannot fail to mention the quality of the prints. Almost all models offer a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. Learn more about the equipment’s advantages in the table below:

Which Epson Ecotank printers are suitable for personal use?

You will find some models of common and multifunction Epson Ecotank printers suitable for personal use. These devices can be used to print documents, student projects, photographs and more.

Those who prefer a common printer should invest in the L120 model . Need to print, copy and scan files? Invest in one of the Ecotank MFPs – models L3110 , L3150 , L4150 and L4160 . All offer fast printing (15 color pages and 33 black and white pages per minute) in high resolution (5760 x 1440 dpi).

Compare them below:

What is the best Epson Ecotank for office?

You can also find Epson Ecotank models for small and medium businesses that need to print projects, catalogs, graphics, documents, floor plans and other files on paper with different dimensions and weights.

Compare the Ecotank professional printer models in the table below:

Do you prefer a multifunctional? Choose one of the following models:

  • L1455 has two 250-sheet feeders each, USB port, memory card reader and LCD touchscreen. It prints 6000 pages in black ink and 6500 in color, with 20 color pages and 32 pages in black ink per minute. Prints in 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, in A3 size and in duplex mode.
  • L5190 is a compact all-in-one with an automatic feeder and the ability to print 7500 color pages (15 per minute) and 4500 pages in B&W (33 per minute). It has Wireless connection and FAX function.
  • L575 prints 4500 black pages and 7500 color pages that can be sent to print using mobile devices. Prints in several formats, including Widescreen. It has automatic page feeder.
  • L6161 performs double- sided printing and has a 150-sheet tray. The resolution is slightly lower 4800 x 1200 dpi. It has wireless connection. Need Wi-Fi Direct connection? Buy the model L6171 . Do you need a larger capacity tray (for 250 sheets)? Invest in model L6191 .
  • The M2140 model is a multifunctional for medium and large companies, as it is robust. Every minute 39 pages in B&W are printed and an ink tank yields up to 6000 copies. Makes two-sided prints. Need a wireless connection? Invest in the M2170 model . Do you still use the FAX function? Buy the M370 model .

Do I find Epson Ecotank to print photographs?

You will find three Ecotank printer models suitable for printing photographs. Both offer six ink colors in addition to the basic colors – light cyan and magenta – with 1.5 picoliter drop injection and 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution.

The Epson Ecotank L1800 is ideal for photographers, architects, photo studios and design agencies, as it prints photographs in A3 format.

The EcoTank L805 model is a wireless photo printer for large volumes of prints, including CD and DVD cover printing. It is possible to print up to 1800 color photographs in size 10 x 15cm.

The EcoTank L850 model, on the other hand, is a photographic multifunctional that serves to print, copy and digitize photos. Prints up to 1900 standard format photos in six shades in just 11 seconds.

Does Epson Ecotank work with parallel inks?

Although Epson Ecotank works with parallel inks, we do not recommend using these inks as they can reduce print quality and clog the printer – the problem would require possible repairs that would void the warranty,



Tip: To identify original Epson inks, look for the brand hologram on the ink packaging.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of Epson Ecotank

The Epson Ecotank printer covers all market segments. To find the right equipment for your needs you should review the following printer specifications:

  • Printer or Multifunction
  • Connecting to devices
  • Number of printed pages
  • Price

We will detail each of the topics throughout this section. Don’t forget to comment on which Epson Ecotank printer was chosen.

Printer or Multifunction

Some consumers buy an Epson Ecotank on the assumption that all equipment in the line is a multifunction printer, but we must warn you that you find simple printer models.

But we recommend the purchase of a multifunctional printer, as the equipment prints, xeroxes and digitizes the files – some models offer the FAX function – and the value of the equipment does not change as much.

Connecting to devices

Epson Ecotank printers can offer connection via USB cable, Ethernet cable, Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct.

The Wi-Fi Direct connection allows you to send files for printing or scanning directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone via the iPrint application, no matter if you are next to the device or at your office desk. This tool simplifies the use of the printer.

Number of printed pages

With five full tanks, Epson Ecotank prints from 4,500 to 7,500 black and white pages and from 6,000 to 7,500 color pages depends on the model – so evaluate this capacity at the time of purchase.

Also assess the monthly print volume of the Epson Ecotank printer you plan to purchase and make sure it meets your needs.


You can find Ecotank printers and MFPs in different price ranges. Models for personal use cost between R $ 500 and R $ 3,500. Professional use equipment costs over R $ 1,000. Models that print, scan and copy photographs cost between R $ 2,800 and R $ 4,300.

But don’t just look at the price of the product. Also evaluate ink tank yield and cost per print. It is also important to check the product warranty – you will find models with a one to five year warranty.




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