Top & Best Spy recorder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Spy recorder: how to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to! Today we are going to talk about the spy recorder, a small electronic device very useful for certain professions or in specific situations in life. We will show you all the details to choose the best model for your needs.

If you are a journalist needing to record certain conversations, or a detective who collects evidence for a case, or if you simply need audios from private life situations to defend yourself, the spy recorder will do an exceptional job.

But how to make the best acquisition possible? What are the function variations of these models? How do they camouflage themselves? Stay with us and we’ll talk about all of that in this article. Ready to have all your questions answered?

First, the most important

  • The spy recorder is a miniature version of the traditional recorder that is often camouflaged in the shape of other objects. Its main advantages are the ease of transport and the possibility of making recordings without being detected.
  • Never use the spy recorder for illicit purposes or to gain undue advantage. If properly applied, it can collect legal evidence or be a very valid device for the practice of journalism.
  • The values ​​can vary from R $ 50 to R $ 500, approximately. The cheaper ones have few features, while the more expensive ones increase this range and are still excellent for camouflage.

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Best spy recorder models: Our recommendations

The spy recorder models offer a myriad of different functions and possibilities. Therefore, we have selected some that will surely interest you.


Buying Guide

Why use a spy recorder? After all, isn’t it illegal to use this type of device without the knowledge of third parties? And what are the best features for what you want?

Let’s talk more about this precious little device!

What is a spy recorder and what is it for?

A spy recorder is a device that has the function of making audio (and sometimes video) recordings, just like a regular recorder. The difference is that, due to its size, it will probably not be noticed by third parties.

It is often camouflaged in the shape of other objects, such as key chains, watches or thumb drives. This makes it even more difficult to detect.

There are two main reasons for using a spy recorder: the first, its portability and ease of storage and transport. The second, when there is a need to make recordings without the others involved knowing that they are being recorded.

That is, you can use the spy recorder even when there is no need for camouflage. After all, he is a recorder like any other!

Did you know?

For more than a century, Thomas Edison was considered the inventor of voice recording. In 1877, he managed to record the phrase “Mary has a little lamb”, famous in phonography.

This perception, however, was broken recently: a recording made in 1870 by the unknown Frenchman Eduoard-Leon Scott was discovered. Today, we consider that the oldest voice record made is this, with a singer intoning verses from the song “Au Clair de Lune”.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a spy recorder?

The only exclusives brought by the spy recorder are camouflage and ease of transport and storage. Normally, it will not bring extra functions that are superior to those of an ordinary recorder.

Therefore, it must be used in very specific cases. When it is intended to interview someone with knowledge of the person, for example, the spy will do a good job, but will not present advantages over the traditional model.

The common recorder, in turn, will present facilities such as a led display with several indications (something that some spy models have, but it is rare) and greater recording autonomy.

Another issue is the confidence and seriousness passed when you introduce yourself as a journalist and make use of a professional model. Do you agree that it is much bigger than when there is simply a keychain camouflage?

Check the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of the spy recorder:

What are the legal and ethical ramifications of using a spy recorder?

Let’s say your reason for buying a spy recorder is the need to record something undetected. That you need to use the audio of the recording as evidence of a situation, whether for judicial or journalistic purposes.

What does the law say about that? And ethics?

In accordance with Article 225 of the Civil Code, Law 10406/2002, voice recordings are accepted as evidence, provided that their legitimacy is challenged by the party that did not know it was being recorded.

That is, if there is something very strange happening in your home or in your work environment, it is very valid to use a spy recorder to collect evidence. Even more if it is the only way you can find it!

Check out this video from the Meu Direito channel explaining better the legality of the recordings:


When we talk about journalistic ethics, the situation is much more complex and subjective. However, it is believed that recording third parties in a public place without their knowledge is valid, since these people no longer enjoyed full privacy and knew the risks they were taking.

Anyway, the most important thing is common sense. You must assess the importance of the situation and the real need to make such recordings.

And remember: never use the spy recorder for evil. It exists to help people in problematic situations to prove what happens, not to hurt or blackmail others for futile reasons.

Some spy recorder models offer the functionality to be used as a telephone tap. In that case, don’t think about using it! This practice, without judicial authorization, is a crime!

How much does a spy recorder cost?

The value of a spy recorder can vary depending on the extra features it has and the efficiency of its design. Those who also play MP3 music, can be used to staple phones or are more camouflage, tend to be more expensive.

The initial price range is between R $ 50 and R $ 60, with very simple models. The largest range of recorders will be found between R $ 100 and R $ 150. The most modern and efficient ones can come close to around R $ 500.

Where to buy a spy recorder?

Stores specializing in various electronic products are likely to have the best variety of spy recorders. Some large chains,  will eventually also present some models.

If your preference is to buy over the internet, we recommend the  Amazon, with many quality recorders.  Amazon are also great ideas, as well as the virtual stores of the networks mentioned above.


Purchasing criteria: what to consider when buying a spy recorder

There are some technical specifications that may be important when purchasing a spy recorder. We list below:

  • Battery life
  • Recording radius
  • Storage capacity
  • Extra features

We’ll talk more about each one below.

Battery life

Do you need to leave your recorder on for many hours straight in a certain environment waiting for something to happen? So the ideal for you is to have a recorder with ample battery life.

There are recorders that run on battery or battery. The former are more recommended, and recharging can usually be done via USB cable or direct connection to the notebook.

There are models capable of recording for continuous days. If that is your need, just “forget” the recorder in the room and then go back to reap the results.


Recording radius

The recording radius is also an important feature in case you need to “forget” the recorder in a certain place, without knowing exactly where the information you need will be collected.

The number refers to the distance, in all directions, from which he can still collect audio. Most good quality models can have a radius between 10 and 12 meters, which can be quite useful.

Models with a small recording radius should only be used in specific situations, for example, in your pocket when you talk to the person you need to extract information from or for interviews.

Storage capacity

Directly linked to battery life, the storage capacity also affects how many hours you can leave the recorder on in sequence. After all, there is no way to continue recording if the space is completely filled!

It is also important to have good storage capacity if you plan to use your recorder to store documents, or even as an MP3 player. Most models on the market have about 4 GB of space.

Extra features

Of course, the main function of a spy recorder is … to record. But some other possibilities also help. The storage of documents and music is one of them.

There are some models that are also capable of recording videos, although this is not the main need of the device. But if you ever need it, it can be a hand on the wheel.

And finally, we have those that come with a detector of notes and fake documents, for example, giving extra help in everyday life, even if not related to the original function of a recorder.


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