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Top & Best in-ear Bluetooth headset Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best in-ear Bluetooth headset in 2022: How to choose?

Welcome to! Do you want to know how to buy the best Bluetooth in-ear headset? So stay with us! We have prepared a complete article with all the information about this accessory so modern, practical and elegant!

The bluetooth headsets help you a lot in the practicality by dispensing the wires and allowing even a greater distance in relation to the audio source. In their in-ear versions, they are discreet and allow good isolation. We will talk about its advantages, modes of use, compare models and more!

First, the most important

  • The in-ear bluetooth headset avoids wires and large parts and is an extremely compact and discreet accessory.
  • Using such a compact headset is ideal for activities in public places or that are hampered by wires, as is the case with physical exercise and sports.
  • Care must be taken not to turn the volume up too high, as in-ear headphones can be harmful to hearing if used sparingly.

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The best bluetooth in-ear headphones: Our opinion

Technological items such as in-ear bluetooth headsets are on sale everywhere. So that you don’t end up with a bad model, we’ve selected some of the best ones to present you!

  • For those looking for modernity and elegance
  • A technological and resistant bluetooth headset
  • The best cost-benefit

Buying Guide

After all, is investing in a bluetooth headset worth it? Are in-ear models the best available?

Carefully read our buying guide to get all your questions about bluetooth in-ear headphones answered!


How does an in-ear bluetooth headset work?

Contrary to what happens with traditional headphones, which need to be plugged into an audio input of the electronic device to work, models via bluetooth use this technology to allow use even at a considerable distance from the audio source.

To work even wirelessly, bluetooth headsets use a battery that needs to be recharged frequently via USB cable.

In-ear, on the other hand, is a small and discreet type of earphone that does not cover the entire ear, but has only one piece, usually made of silicone, which goes directly to the ear canal entrance.

Thus, the in-ear bluetooth headphones are small and discreet, do not use wires and do not cover the entire ear. They stand out for allowing a great distance between user and electronic equipment and for not being a nuisance for any type of activity, not even physical exercises.


Did you know that the first bluetooth headset was launched in 2004? This happened five years after the emergence of technology named after a Danish king in the 10th century.

What are the advantages of an in-ear bluetooth headset?

The absence of wires means that the intra-ear bluetooth headset has several advantages. First, it can be used even at great distances from the electronics, which can help to watch television at night, for example. This independence of physical connection greatly helps activities such as exercise and sports.

Wired headphones break easily and do not last long. Bluetooth technology makes the lifetime of these accessories much longer.

The fact that the handset is small and comfortable also guarantees enormous discretion, facilitating use in public places. The annoyance generated by larger models disappears, which is also ideal for those doing more hectic activities.

In-ear models usually have multiple adapters for extra comfort and many are waterproof. Thus, resistance also becomes an extra advantage of these accessories.

The clearest disadvantage of bluetooth headsets is the constant need to recharge the battery, since the autonomy is usually not longer than a few hours. Some people still tend to feel uncomfortable with the accessories directly in the ear canal.

Check out the table we prepared with the advantages and disadvantages of bluetooth intra-ear headphones:

For which situations is the intra-ear bluetooth headset recommended?

The in-ear bluetooth headset is capable of bringing comfort and convenience to various situations in your life. We have listed some of the main ones:

    • Physical exercise: Many people like to run, go to the gym or play sports while listening to music. By eliminating the existence of wires, bluetooth headsets make this possibility much easier. The size of the in-ear accessories also works!
    • Night activities: Those who like to play video games or watch movies at night may have problems with loud sound and noise. In-ear bluetooth headphones allow you to do these activities without being close to the television, thus benefiting your view!
    • Use in public places: Some people like discretion when listening to music or audios in public places or work environments. In-ear headphones are the smallest that exist and go even more unnoticed because they have no wires.


In-ear headset, supra-headset or headphone?

You may have noticed that headphones are available on the market in various formats. Some cover the ears completely, others have an even more complete isolation. Which to choose, anyway?

In-ear headphones are the smallest and most compact. In addition to the advantages we have already mentioned, such as discretion and ease of physical activity, we must also mention the disadvantages: Some people find them uncomfortable and due to the proximity to the eardrum, very loud sounds can be even more harmful.

Headphones that cover the ear but do not fully close around it are called supra auriculars. They have frames and are quite popular. Comfort is a highlight of their use, but they are not very portable and do not have good sound insulation.

Headphones, in turn, are the most complete models, isolating and enveloping the entire ear. They are well fixed and have the best sound insulation, but they are also much heavier and more expensive.

We compare the bluetooth versions of these three types of headphones in the table below:

How to use an in-ear bluetooth headset correctly?

The first step in using your in-ear bluetooth headset correctly is to charge the battery via the USB cable. Then, the accessory must be paired with the electronics with which it will be used.


The silicone parts adapt the headphones to your ear and make them more comfortable.

For headphones to be comfortable, almost all brands include small pieces of silicone of different sizes in the packages that adapt them to the ear. So, just put the one that makes you feel better. When of quality, the accessory becomes almost imperceptible.

When using in-ear headphones, it is important to keep the sound at a low volume. This is the type with the greatest potential to cause hearing problems when limits are not respected.

It is worth mentioning that most models offer great features such as a button to answer calls and volume adjustment.

How much does it cost and where to buy an in-ear bluetooth headset?

Bluetooth technology makes this type of headset quite expensive. Most models are usually found for between R $ 120 and R $ 200.

Specialized electronics stores are the best places to find an in-ear bluetooth headset. Buying over the internet is also a great idea, especially on Amazon. Be sure to check out what international Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing an in-ear bluetooth headset

If you are determined to buy an in-ear bluetooth headset, you need to choose the model precisely. We have selected four technical criteria that can help you do this:

  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Special Features
  • Portability

Below you will find information about each one!

Battery life

Since the battery works, the bluetooth headset must always be charged. For activities outside the home, such as running or gym, it is even more important to ensure that the accessory is at full load.

Evaluate the battery life promised by the manufacturer and, if you really like to use the headset in situations outside your home or in isolated places, choose the model that offers the best number in the category!


Unfortunately, headphones are not usually very durable. Low-quality models often break and suffer damage that is irreparable. When there is a thread, then, the situation is even more desperate.

The absence of wire improves the durability of bluetooth headsets.

In-ear bluetooth headsets are excellent in terms of durability because they are cordless, the place that causes the most problems, and because they are small pieces that do not have much to break. Still, quality is key.

Look for trusted brands and models that offer guarantees. That way, you will not suffer from the very frustrating feeling of buying a new headset just a few days after the previous one.

Special Features

Some more modern headsets already offer high-level technological features such as voice control, noise cancellation and access to media such as Siri and Google Now.

It is also important to check what are the features offered in relation to durability: The waterproof and impact models take advantage here. Have you ever thought about swimming with your headset? Now it’s possible!


If one of the main advantages of an in-ear bluetooth headset is the ease of transport, you need the chosen model to be highlighted in appearance!

Opt for a model that has a case or box that facilitates the transport and storage of all parts and that is compact enough to allow the idea of ​​comfort and discretion to be preserved.



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