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Top & Best Television with Netflix Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Television with Netflix: How to choose the best in 2022

Welcome to If you enjoy watching movies, series, documentaries and other cinematographic productions, surely your room or living room cannot fail to have a television with Netflix.

To watch the content of this streaming service, you can use a smartphone, tablet, notebook or a television compatible with the application, which can be installed and even with an exclusive button on the remote control.

If you want to buy a television with Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk all about this type of device, give tips on what should be compared from one model to another and some purchase suggestions.

First, the most important

  • Most Smart TV models have LED image quality, an advance to the LCD. However, today there are even better technologies: OLED or QLED.
  • Every year, Netflix indicates the best television models to enjoy the app. The company analyzes seven criteria: speed to start the TV and the app, screen resolution, shortcut on the remote control and in the apps menu, memory feature and app version.
  • When choosing a Smart TV with Netflix, choose a model from some established brand in the market such as Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung or LG. Prices range from R $ 900 to R $ 6,500.

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Ranking: The 4 best television models with Netflix

You can choose a television with Netflix for its size, image resolution, sound quality, brand and differentials. To help you choose the ideal device, we have selected four options for different tastes and pockets, all with excellent value for money.

Buying Guide

If one of your favorite shows on the weekend is to watch episodes of your favorite series, or get together with friends and family to have a movie session at home, then you will love having a television with Netflix.

In the Buying Guide below, we’ll talk about details that can improve your experience when turning on your television and spending hours on the world’s most popular movie, series and documentary streaming service.

What are the differences of a television with Netflix?

If you want a television to watch Netflix content, you’re looking for a Smart TV. The differential of this device is the access to the internet through the integrated Wi-Fi. Just connect the device to the network, enter the password and browse.

In addition to accessing Netflix, Smart TV enables the use of other streaming services such as Prime Video and Globo Play, as well as access to various applications, social networks and even games, making smart television an entertainment hub.

Internet consumption

The internet consumption of Smart TV is high. Just to give you an idea, according to Netflix, when watching the streaming content, you use about 1 GB of data per hour (in standard definition).

If you have a television with UHD / 4K resolution, this consumption can rise to up to 3GB / hour. For this reason, purchase an internet package suitable for the consumption you will make of these applications.

Netflix seal of approval: What criteria are taken into account?

Annually, Netflix reviews the main Smart TV models on the market and selects the best options to make the most of the streaming service. The company evaluates the device on seven criteria, and it must pass at least five.

The first criterion analyzed is the speed of the device, which must turn on instantly and have the applications ready for use. The Netflix app also needs to be started quickly, even after using other apps.

The television remote control must have a button to access the application with just one touch. In addition to the shortcut on the remote control, the Netflix icon should be highlighted and be one of the first in the device’s application menu.

It is essential that the device has a feature in its operating system, so that the television remembers what you were watching when you turned off the device. That way, it will restart the movie or series episode at the point where you stopped.

Televisions must have at least Full HD (1080 p) resolution to be approved by Netflix. Resolution is important for displaying clear captions and images.

The last criterion is that the television has the Netflix app in its latest version. The models approved in the tests are given a label with the words: “Netflix recommended TV”.

How much?

A Smart TV is technological, has excellent sound and image quality, as well as sophisticated design. The possibility of connecting the device to the internet expands the possibilities of use, making it even better.

Those interested in buying a smart television, will find models with low prices R $ 900 (HD resolution), R $ 1,500 (Full HD) and more sophisticated options between R $ 2,500 and R $ 4,500.

Where to buy?

Televisions with Netflix can be purchased in supermarkets like Carrefour, electronics stores like Fast Shop and department stores.

If you choose to buy over the internet, you will find some advantages besides convenience: a wide variety of models, brands and prices, recently launched models and older versions. Our suggestion for buying online is Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing television models with Netflix

When purchasing a television with Netflix, you should not only check whether the device has the application or not. It is necessary to analyze other characteristics, which make all the difference in your user experience, they are:

  • Screen resolution
  • Inches
  • Refresh rate
  • Sound quality

We will explain each of the items below.

Screen resolution

Smart TVs are found in versions with different screen resolutions: HD (1366×720 pixels), Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) or Ultra HD / 4K (3840×2160 pixels).

With sharpness, brightness and contrast in the right measure, intense and realistic colors, you will notice details that, in televisions with lower resolution, would go unnoticed.


You can find Smart TVs in smaller versions, 32 inches, intermediate between 40 to 49 inches and in larger dimensions, between 50 and 65 inches.

When choosing yours, note the dimensions of the room in which you will place the device. It is important that there is a relationship between the size of the TV and the distance you will be sitting.

The television must not be too close (as it will cause your eyes to move from side to side to follow the image), nor too far, as there will be an above-ideal eye strain, generating headaches.

To choose the size of the television, measure the distance between the set and the place where you will be sitting. After that, multiply by 18 if the television is HD and by 21 if it is Full HD. The result will be the measurement in inches that you must choose.

Still on the size, know that the devices can have different dimensions, because of the ends and depth of the screen, so read the technical specifications of the model of your interest and check if it will fit in the desired location.

Refresh rate

If your goal is to buy a television to watch movies and series on Netflix, it is essential that you choose a model with a good image update rate (measured in hertz).

The most common models have 60, 120 or 240 Hz (some devices reach 480 Hz), these values ​​refer to the number of frames that the television displays per second. Most TV shows are produced at 60 Hz.

If you like action movies, it is worth buying a television with a good refresh rate, otherwise the images may be distorted and blurry.

Sound quality

Sound quality is a key feature on a television. So choose a model with an immersive audio system, preferably with Dolby Digital sound quality.

Some devices have built-in speakers, but you need to check that the audio is not muted or without contrast. To evaluate this feature, test products in stores or read user reviews on shopping websites.



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