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Top & Best Smart TV 40 Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Smart TV 40: How to choose the best of 2022?

Hello, feel great to be here at,where the best information is transmitted from the screen to you. And speaking of screens, this is today’s topic, the 40-inch Smart TV.

If you are researching televisions, you have certainly read the term “smart TV”. And, if you have not yet understood very well, it is a smart TV, which is connected to the internet.

And so, it comes with some functions very similar to those of your smartphone or computer. But watching movies, series and accessing certain apps on a small screen is not so cool, so we’ll talk about 40 inches. Stay with us to understand the technology and why you need to have one!

First, the most important

  • A “smart TV” or “Smart TV” offers several services that a “normal” television is not capable of. The main reason for this is the ability for them to be connected to the internet.
  • There are several types of smart TVs. Some are much more interactive than others, which is why you need to understand more about models through this article.
  • 40-inch Smart TV is sometimes the ideal size for any room in a home. In addition, their resolution is as powerful as any larger one, with the advantage of being much more and counts.
  • Buying Guide

    Now that you’ve seen some models, and what they’re capable of, let’s get straight. Smart TVs are not all the same. Even the 40-inch ones. And we will explain the reasons for you.

    Keep up with us to learn everything about a 40 inch smart TV, so you can make the best choice. Whether to play or watch your favorite movies and series.

What is a 40 inch Smart TV?

In case you are thinking about changing your TV, there are several doubts that may arise along the way. One of the main ones is, without a doubt, the ideal size. The screens got bigger and bigger and with less edge. The depth is getting smaller and smaller, and can even be hung like paintings.Statically striking, they end up becoming part of the decoration itself in the place where they are installed. True technological works of art, especially when they deliver everything that technology offers.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the TV has also become lighter, allowing larger screens to be developed. And you don’t need a truck and several people to load.

When it comes to image quality and features, be aware that the main entry model is 40 inch televisions. Modern and versatile, they will suit both your bedroom, the living room and the barbecue.

Televisions have an ideal distance so that there is a good visual comfort when you watch. And this distance varies according to each screen size.

The versatility of this TV allows a good viewing distance between 1.5 and 3 meters from the viewer. And hardly a sofa will be more than 3 meters away from the TV. After all, you also need to hear the sound of the program.

And, to enjoy the benefits of 4K (we’ll talk about it later), the 40 ”TV is also ideal. The first size, of the several, to have this imaging technology.

There are televisions with much larger size. Just a quick trip to any electronics or department store will surprise you. Crisp and gigantic images, with incredible colors and perfect sound.

You’ll find it all on a good 40 inch Smart TV. The sharpest images, the most vibrant colors, the best sound definition. These televisions already integrate all the best that technology has to offer today.

And you pay for it at a very different price compared to the larger ones. Just a simple search, you can see the price difference between a 40-inch Smart TV and a 50-inch one, for example.

If you have a huge room, and a bigger budget, bigger TVs are definitely a great option. But still, it is likely that in your room, the best choice is still a 40 ”Smart TV.

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“I assume I watch a lot of television. I was relaxed when I found out that John Lennon was watching it too.”

Why have a 40 inch Smart TV at home?

A Smart TV has something equivalent to an internal computer, which offers you several possibilities. They allow access to online content, transmitted directly by the television. In some cases, even the interaction between you and the content.Your biggest advantage is to perform these tasks without having to switch between cables and connected components. With the TV remote control, you can access and view any available content.

Have you ever imagined being able to download apps on your TV? Or else talk to the people you care about most through this giant screen? These are just some of the possibilities of a 40 inch Smart TV.

In addition, the technologies integrated into these televisions make it even more enjoyable, like IPTV. A kind of standard for internet videos.

That is, the technology allows internet videos to be transmitted directly to your TV. The options are the most diverse, from short clips to live streams.

Here we make an alert. The access you will usually have is proportional to the price of the TV you want to buy. If you intend to watch platforms like Youtube and Netflix, more affordable models will supply all your interest.

Likewise, the more expensive the device, the more functionality it can have. There are remote controls that accept voice commands to access the content, as well as televisions with intelligence to learn the tastes of each user.

When it comes to features, 40-inch Smart TVs are moving away from any competition on non-Smart TVs.

Another giant leap of separation is called DLNA technology. A 40 ”Smart TV with this function will simply allow you to stream media from computers and smartphones to the TV. Without the need for an intermediary.

Of course, to have these functions, it is not enough to just buy the TV. You need a good internet connection. The kind that runs away from data packets, and quick. After all, you will want to enjoy the best possible picture and sound quality, this will require a lot of data.

The TV can be connected with internet cable (the famous little blue), or even wireless. Each model will provide its options. But here’s a tip: Unless the router is very close to the TV, and be nice, opt for wired connections. They end up providing a much more stable transmission.

In addition, it is common for these smart TVs to have a “home page” that allows you to access available content. And not every Smart TV has the same menu.

It is on this screen that you will have access to practically all the functionalities of the smart part of the TV and will be able to see how well it is able to supply your needs.

In general, smart TVs are made to be very intuitive. Currently, the application options are so many that you can even have a giant karaoke in the living room, or broadcast video calls over the internet.

What is the best imaging technology for a 40 ”Smart TV?

Buying a TV just for aesthetic beauty, or just for its size, are not good uses of your money. They serve to entertain, and, for that, they must deliver a good condition of sound and image. We will divide into screen technology and resolution to understand these concepts.

Screen technology

One of the first steps to ensure the best choice is the type of screen on the TV you intend to buy. Behind the image, there is a whole process of elaboration of the same by the television, and different technologies.

Today you will find LCD, LED and OLED TVs on the market.

  • LCD : Already a better known name in the market, it came to replace the “tube”. It is a soft touch screen, made of liquid crystal. It works by a lamp that illuminates the color cells present in the crystal, forming the images.
    By the way of lighting, it is a screen that provides an enormous brightness. On the other hand, it is difficult to see the images as you increase the angle (distance from the side). Another problem is that more complex images of light and shadow can be affected, as the lighting cannot interpret correctly.
  • LED : It works very similar to the LCD. There is a crystal screen with illuminated cells, but the light source is totally different. Instead of a single lamp illuminating the entire screen, there are small ones – called diodes – in various locations.
    In this way, the emission of light is divided by the extent of the screen, greatly improving the colors and the contrast between them. It is practically the flagship of today’s televisions. One of the technologies that delivers the best possibility to the user.
  • OLED : An improvement of LED screens, as the name ends up showing. And their difference ends up being significant in terms of more advanced materials.
    In this type of television, lighting is done directly on the screen by an electric current. This technique eliminates the need for a liquid crystal screen at the front – which makes it more fragile – allowing it to be even thinner.

The result is a more vivid color image, with greater response to changes in light, light and dark. This ends up enlarging the color palette of the TV, showing something very different that an LCD screen would show, for example.

It is clear that, in terms of option, you must choose between LED or OLED. And, to make it easier, let’s set up a table with the main characteristics of each model.

In fact, OLED screens have a large advantage over competitors in the market for a long time. However, they are still relatively new, and with very high prices. LED technology has evolved a lot, creating televisions capable of looking a lot like what OLED can provide.


You are daily in front of many screens, and of the most varied sizes. Smartphones, tablets, monitors, televisions, cinema screens, from the smallest to the largest, the important thing is to be able to see what happens in the highest possible resolution.

But, what would resolution be? It is a unit of measurement that indicates how many pixels a screen is capable of reproducing. That is, all screens have small electronic dots inside them that produce color. When stimulated, they convey this in color.

It’s like a math matrix. Columns and rows. So, when you hear that a TV is 1280×720 (HD), it means that it has 1,280 color dots, in width, and 720 color dots in height.

An interesting thing is that the pixels do not have a specific size. This can make the same 40 inch screen support different resolutions. And the greater the number of pixels, the greater the ability to show colors at the same time, enriching the image.

So, what is the best resolution to choose? It is always the biggest. Compare:

Take care, therefore, when speaking only in high definition. Both HD and Full HD are called that, but there is a significant difference in the number of pixels. And it will affect the image quality that can be transmitted.

How much?

Televisions exist in the most varied prices. Even when you have a specific screen size, like 40 inches, you will still face good diversity. There is no escaping the maxim that you get what you pay for. For you to have a good 40-inch Smart TV, look for models where the value starts at R $ 1,500.Could there be others with lesser value? Sure, but check if they are promotions, or regular prices. And if they are normal, follow our tips very well, to avoid regrets.

Where to buy?

You can buy a TV at any electrical and department store, anywhere  and the world are some examples.There is such a wide variety of them, that entering a store to look is almost to forget the reason you are searching.

Opt for online shopping. Without the direct influence of televisions in front of you, and large paper with attractive prices, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Stores like Amazon and Americanas have an excellent number of televisions, of various brands and models.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare the best 40 inch Smart TV models

Buying a television is to be prepared for a bombardment of information, codes and acronyms. This can confuse you and mislead a purchase.

We will now tell you what you really need to pay attention to when choosing your 40 inch Smart TV. Whatever comes the most is profit. Are they:

  • Appetizer
  • Resolution
  • Digital signal
  • Operational system
  • Connectivity


Even if the goal is to buy a TV to be connected to the internet, it is very likely that other equipment will also be connected via cables.

A DVD or Blue-Ray player, a video game, a pendrive, a pay TV or an antenna for digital TV, the options are several, and all of them need to be connected using cables on your TV.

If your 40 ”Smart TV has few inputs, chances are you’ll need to keep switching cables between devices. And, these connections are usually at the back of the TV, which complicates easy access if it is attached to the wall. Opt for televisions that have at least 3 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs.


You already had the opportunity to read about it a few paragraphs ago. Resolution is the image of the screen, how it is shown and in what quality it is capable of being displayed.

Currently, most of the videos, films and series available use the Full HD standard. There is already 4K material, but still in a small universe compared to high definition.

So, opt for a 40 inch Smart TV that has at least Full HD resolution. This will allow you to greatly increase the image quality for everything to be displayed.

Digital signal

It is no surprise that the analog television signal is being (or has been, depends on how much you read this post) disabled. For a TV to be able to read the new signal, it needs to have something called a digital converter.

Many televisions already have it at the factory, but there are still those that do not. And, if you want to continue watching local programming, between series and films, you will need this equipment.

When purchasing your 40-inch Smart TV, check that it has the DTV seal (which indicates its compatibility with the digital signal), or an integrated digital converter. Avoid those that do not, as you will need to buy one separately.

Operational system

The reason that made televisions “smart” was to have a small computer inside them. This allows them to do things that were previously impossible for a TV.

But, for it to work, an operating system is needed. It is he who will do all the tasks assigned by you, by remote control. Access to websites and programs, installation of applications, everything possible.

Consider the operating system that your new 40-inch Smart TV uses, before you buy. There are systems with large investment and amount of content, and others with very few resources.

Older brands on the market tend to have a better operating system, compared to those without much manufacturing experience. See the main functions of a smart TV through this video on the Veja channel:


For a Smart TV to be able to perform the Smart function, it needs an internet connection. And there are two ways today, for it to be performed by a television: by ethernet cable (that little blue one), or by wi-fi.

Identify in your home, which is the best connection option, before making the purchase. Look on the TV to buy the cable entry, or check if it has free wi-fi.

A word of advice: if you want to connect to wi-fi, don’t use a data plan, look for an unlimited internet. A movie shown in high definition will consume a few gigabytes of your plan.



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