Top & Best Sweeper Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sweeper: What is the best model of 2022?

If you came to this article it is because you are looking for a tool to optimize the cleaning of your home or business floor. For this, the most practical, economical and functional device is the sweeper.

Machine that sweeps everything from the floor in a simple way, and without great effort, the sweeper has several models, suitable for the most different situations of use. Next, we’ll help you choose the best one.

First, the most important

  • The sweeper is an equipment designed to sweep the floor of internal and external areas more efficiently and quickly.
  • In addition, even though it is mostly used in large areas, the sweeper can also be useful in small and medium spaces.
  • When choosing the sweeping machine, observe the number of side brushes, the sweeper width and the maximum productivity of the equipment.

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Buying Guide

Buying a sweeper is no simple task. It is necessary to know its functioning and its variables.

To help you with this step, we will show in this Buying Guide what the characteristics of a sweeper are, what types are available, how much it costs and where to buy.

What is a sweeper?

The sweeper, or sweeper, is a cleaning equipment that collects solid waste from the floor as if it were a broom, but in a more efficient way.

Formed by a handle and a base with rotating brushes and wheels, the sweeper can be driven by the foot or by a motor.

With this, the residues that are found on the floor are swept into a container. At the end of cleaning, just empty the dirt tank.

Due to the physical structure and the operating system, the sweeper can sweep a larger floor in less time.

Used for cleaning floors in industrial installations, warehouses and even streets, today there are also domestic sweepers, suitable for homes and smaller spaces.

The fact is that, even though it is more used to sweep large areas, the sweeper can be useful in spaces that measure from 40 m².

What is the difference between sweeper, broom and vacuum cleaner?

An ordinary broom consists of a simple brush with a short life. The sweeper has longer durability and brushes more resistant.

Another difference between the broom and the sweeper is that the latter has a different design in which the sweeping range is extended. That is, it is possible to sweep a larger area in less time with the sweeper.

In addition, due to the mode of operation – which we will deal with in more detail later in this article – the sweeper removes even those dirt that are in the most difficult corners to be accessed.

The effort made when handling the broom is also reduced when using the sweeper. In other words, the advantages that a sweeper has over a broom is undeniable.

However, today there are electric brooms and vacuum cleaners that, in practice, also sweep and suck dirt efficiently as well as the sweeper.

The main difference between them is in the area that they can sweep in a given time. In this case, the sweeper is also more efficient.

To detail other differences between the sweeper, the broom, the electric broom and the vacuum cleaner we invite you to check out the table we created. Look:

Manual or motorized sweeper: Which is ideal?

The sweeping models range from mechanical to motorized. The mechanical, or manual, sweeper is recommended for use in small areas. The sweeper that works through an engine is suitable for cleaning large spaces.

But there are variations within each category. Check how to differentiate one type of sweeper from another:

Manual sweeper

The manual sweeper, also called home or household sweeper, has no engine. Its rotating brush is mechanically connected to the wheels.

Thus, when the operator pushes the sweeper by the handle, the rotation movement of the wheels triggers the brush. As a result, dirt from the floor is pushed into the storage container.

As it requires little effort, this type of sweeper can be used in the most diverse places such as balconies, outside areas of houses, floors in large rooms, offices and retail stores.

Even so, precisely because it needs to be pushed, it is neither practical nor functional to sweep large spaces.

Motorized sweeper

In this category there are some types of sweepers, which work with an electric or combustion engine. An example is the foot-operated sweeper, in which the person only drives the machine by the handle, while the equipment sweeps automatically.

In this type, the effort made is much less. Due to the engine, the machine can sweep areas up to 2,500 m² more efficiently and in less time.

For even larger spaces, the on-board operator sweeper is used. In this type of machine, the driver sits and handles the equipment by means of a steering wheel.

As it has a larger structure and is for professional use, this sweeper is generally used in spaces up to 8,000 m².



Did you know that operator sweepers on board are also known as city sweepers?

They are used to clean spaces and streets in the city, such as parks and parking lots.

Where can I use the manual sweeper?

As we have seen, the manual sweeper can be used in homes and workplaces. As this type of equipment is small in size, and still saves time and labor, it is useful for micro and small businesses.

In addition, this machine can be used in condominiums, sidewalks, business buildings, offices, factories, department stores and even gas stations.

What type of floor can I use the sweeper on?

It is important to check the type of floor before using the sweeper, especially when considering indoor areas.

Although it is possible to use the machine on most floors, some types such as carpet, polished marble, wood and rougher materials are not suitable for receiving sweeper bristles.

In any case, sweepers claim that the equipment can be used on all types of outdoor floors such as sidewalks, backyards, decks and patios.

In any case, one of the great advantages of sweepers is that, with them, it is even possible to sweep wet floors, with a lot of dirt and with all kinds of waste, from small to large.

What is the difference between a sweeper and floor washer?

The sweeper is the equipment that precedes the use of the floor washer. Especially when considering medium and large areas, the sweeper is first used to sweep up all the solid dirt and dust.

Then, another machine is used, the floor washer, which removes denser dirt. Thus, taking into account the size of the area, the washing machine is better than the mop and the squeegee, just as the sweeper is more efficient than the broom.

Also in the case of the floor washer, there are variations of models that range from the portable ones to the large washers on board, used in streets and industries.

The good news is that, nowadays, it is already possible to find the sweeper washer. Equipment 2 in 1 sweeps and then washes the floor.

How much does a sweeper cost and where to buy it?

The price of a sweeper will depend on the operating mode, size and other technical specifications.

Therefore, you will usually find sweeper models costing between R $ 70 and R $ 5,000.


The more expensive, the more professional the equipment will be.

In general, the more expensive the more professional the equipment will be.

You will be able to buy this type of machine in department stores of tools and mechanics.

But if you don’t want to leave the house to make your purchase, you can purchase the sweeper from the comfort of your sofa. Online stores, Amazon offer several brands at tempting prices.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare sweepers

If you have come this far, you already understood that when choosing the best sweeper, you must choose between the manual and the motorized model. In addition, we suggest that you also take into account the following criteria:

  • Scan width and productivity
  • Side rotating brush
  • Waste container
  • Carrying handle
  • Technical support and warranty

Next, we’ll explain how you can compare each of these aspects of a sweeper to get the best model right.

Scan width and productivity

The first factor that you need to analyze when choosing the best sweeper is the sweeping width and maximum equipment productivity.

These two data determine the efficiency of the machine with respect to the swept area. Check out what each of these parameters means:

  • Sweeping width : Also called working width, this data determines the sweeping width with each pass of the machine, varying between 200 mm and 700 mm;
  • Maximum productivity : Measured in square meters per hour, the sweeping productivity corresponding to the maximum area that the machine can sweep in an hour. This measurement depends on the scan width.

Side rotating brush

Also note the amount of rotating brushes on the sweeper. It is the brushes that will make scanning more or less efficient. In general, you will find sweepers with 1 to 4 side rotating brushes.

Also analyze the bristle type of the brushes. Some models have extra long bristles, which guarantees thorough cleaning even in the most difficult corners of the floor.

Waste container

Be sure to also take into account the size of the container that will store the dirt collected by the sweeper.

Generally, the manual sweeper models available on the market have a reservoir with the capacity to store between 500 ml and 20 liters of solid waste.

Carrying handle

Another important aspect to be evaluated is the sweeper driving handle. In the case of the household manual sweeper, check the height and see if the model allows you to adjust the handle. In addition, some sweepers can be folded, which makes it easier to store the machine.

Technical support and warranty

To avoid headaches, check if the sweeper has a warranty and technical support near your home or workplace. Generally, the best manufacturers offer an authorized network available throughout the country.



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