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Top & Best LG Smart TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best LG Smart TV: How to choose the best 2022

In this article we are going to talk about LG Smart TV. The South Korean company is a reference in the smart television market and is present in more than 150 countries.

The great differential of the brand is to offer maximum quality, technology and design to all users, regardless of whether the model is entry, intermediate or premium.

With this vision, LG has gained popularity among people from different social classes and is present in homes across. If you too have surrendered to the brand’s charms and want to buy a LG Smart TV, you’ve come to the right place.

First, the most important

  • Of all the smart TVs on the market, LG models are the easiest to navigate, as they have an exclusive operating system (WebOS), which has an intuitive, simple and objective platform.
  • You can find models with LED or OLED panel. The image resolution – can be in HD, Full HD or Ultra HD / 4K – is indirectly associated with the size of the screen.
  • All LG Smart TV models have built-in Wi-Fi, meaning you access the internet directly on the television screen, without needing any accessories.

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The best LG Smart TV models: Our recommendations

We have selected the best LG Smart TV models available on the market. We analyze several products and choose models for all tastes and pockets. Curious? Check the list below.

  • Users’ preferred model
  • The state-of-the-art LG smart TV
  • The LG Smart TV with more features

Buying Guide

Almost everyone has a Smart TV at home. The platform allows internet connection, whether to watch movies and series on Netflix, listen to your favorite songs on Spotify or access social networks.

To take advantage of these and other features, it is worth investing in an LG Smart TV. To understand why this brand stands out among the rest, continue reading this Buying Guide.

What differentiates an LG Smart TV from models of other brands?

The great advantage of an LG Smart TV is the operating system – exclusive – WebOS. From entry-level to intermediate and premium models, all have the same operating system (but there are variations).

The difference of LG Smart TV is the exclusive operating system.

To make a complete analysis, we will evaluate three main categories. The first refers to the usability of the system: How is the initial menu? Is it easy to find apps? can you do more than one task at the same time?

In sequence we will analyze the applications present in the virtual store: Can you find good options? How often is the store updated? Will it be possible to access the best applications?

Finally, we will evaluate the fluidity of the system, that is, how it responds to the commands given through the remote control or voice command: Does the system crash a lot? Does the cursor move quickly across the screen? When you click on an app, how long do you need to wait for a response?

System usability

One of the strengths of the WebOS operating system is the usability of the system. The interface is beautiful, simple and intuitive. The floating menu presents the applications at the bottom edge of the screen, overlapping the programming without interrupting it.

The cards are thinner and more objective, they only show the names and symbols of the applications. To access you just need to select and press the enter key that the application will quickly open on the screen.

Any gadget connected to the television, such as a smartphone, USB stick or video game, is displayed on the shortcut bar, making it easier to access these devices. Another interesting possibility is to save your favorite TV channels in the home menu.

The WebOS cursor is shaped like an arrow, similar to the one used to navigate the computer. The movement is done through the remote control, just point the accessory at the screen, the arrow will follow the movements of the hand.

Typing is also simple, you just need to point the arrow over the desired character and press the central button on the remote control, repeating the process until you form the desired word.


The LG operating system has an exclusive virtual store. Although it gives access to the most popular applications such as Netflix , Globo Play, Prime Video and Youtube, the options are somewhat limited, after all, the store is geared only to applications developed to run on Smart TV.

System fluidity

Again, WebOS stands out, as this operating system is very fluid. Switching between apps, selecting apps, changing menus and other tasks work very well on branded devices.

In addition, you will not notice crashes while browsing, even with several applications open in the background.

It is worth mentioning that one of the great differentials of the LG operating system is to offer a complete user experience, regardless of whether it has an entry model or a premium device.

What are the unique features of an LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TVs have a number of unique features. Most of them are present in all models.

  • Magic Link : this resource serves to present content related to the television programs, films, series and videos that you are watching at that moment. Suggestions are available on Youtube.
  • Magic Zoom : with this tool you will not miss any important programming details, as it allows you to enlarge an area of ​​the content by up to 300% (Focus Zoom), regardless of whether the program is recorded or live (Live Zoom).
  • Smart Magic : the smart remote responds to hand movements. With Quick Access, you can choose up to nine applications to register shortcuts corresponding to keys one through nine on the remote. With the Magic Wheel (scroll), you can scroll the page, zoom in and zoom out.
  • Music Player : this tool plays music through Smart TV speakers, even when the device is turned off. You can also find the lyrics of the songs and select parts you want to hear again.
  • 360 VR : this feature brings virtual reality to your living room, allowing you to access content in 360º. You can use the scroll to navigate in any direction of the image.

What is the best image resolution on LG Smart TVs?

The screen resolution is one of the most important features that you must take into account when buying an LG Smart TV. It indicates the number of pixels arranged in rows and columns that make up the images displayed on the screen.

The greater the number of pixels, the better the image resolution. LG offers models in three resolutions: HD, Full HD and Ultra HD, also known as 4K. We explain the differences between them below:


Is it true that LG Smart TVs have HDR?

Another differential of LG Smart TVs is that all models have HDR High Dynamic Range (High Dynamic Range) that consists of a technology applied to improve the quality of images, both in color calibration, as well as contrast and brightness.

With active HDR it is possible to enjoy scenes with great detail and greater variety of colors, whether in dark or light images.


How much does an LG Smart TV cost?

The price of an LG Smart TV varies according to some factors such as image resolution, panel (LED or OLED) and number of inches. The models with 32 inches, HD resolution and LED screen are the cheapest and cost between R $ 650 and R $ 1150.

If you prefer a larger screen with Full HD resolution, you will need to invest around R $ 2000. The premium models, with larger screens of 50 inches, OLED panel and Ultra HD / 4K resolution start at R $ 2500.

Where to buy an LG Smart TV?

You can find several models of Smart TVs from LG in the best stores of electronic products such as Fast Shop, Ponto Frio, Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Ricardo Eletro, among others.

The product is also easily found in online stores. The best options are: LG’s own store, Amazon, Mercado Livre, Submarino, Shoptime, eBay, among others.

Did you know? The true meaning of the acronym LG is Lucky Goldstar , the lucky gold star in free translation. It’s a typically Asian name, right? Yeah, LG then thought Life’s Good would sound better for the rest of the world, and so the slogan was chosen like that.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare LG Smart TV models

After knowing the differentials of a Smart TV from LG you must be determined to buy yours, right? To choose the ideal model it is important to analyze and compare the following characteristics:

  • Screen dimensions
  • WebOS version
  • LED or OLED?
  • ThinQ AI

We will detail each of these items throughout this section.

Screen dimensions

Some people think that the quality of the audiovisual experience is only related to the size of the television screen. This is not true, the ideal is that the size of the device is proportional to that of the room in which it will be installed.

To adjust the size of your LG Smart TV, you must take into account the distance between the TV panel or rack where the device will be placed and the sofa.

A simple method to calculate the ideal number of inches for your TV is to multiply the distance in meters by 18. Of course the result is an approximate measurement, nothing prevents you from investing in a slightly smaller or larger model.

WebOS version

As mentioned earlier, the LG operating system stands out for presenting a beautiful, simple and intuitive interface that provides the user with an uncomplicated and fluid navigation.

These features make LG Smart TV models the best option for those who want to have a TV experience, that is, to sit and watch movies, series and various programs.

However, depending on the model, the operating system may have some variations, as it is available in versions 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.


While Smart TV LED is made up of a retro LCD panel illuminated by mini LED lamps, Smart TV OLED has a screen made up of organic diodes that emits its own light when it receives an electric current.

As it is a relatively new technology, the OLED screen has its differentials: better levels of contrast, brightness and sharpness, greater viewing angle, more vivid colors (each pixel lights up independently) and a thinner screen.

OLED TV is also economical. However, everything comes at a price, and this technology makes devices more expensive. Another negative point is related to the useful life, which is shorter on OLED television than on LED television.


The new line of Smart TVs from LG is equipped with the exclusive ThinQ AI technology, artificial intelligence that responds to voice commands given in Portuguese. The commands must be said near the remote control.

You can find channels, search for movies and series, find out the weather and more. If you connect the device to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can even control the smart devices connected to the TV’s integrated system.

As it is a newly launched technology, devices that have this feature are expensive, so it is worth considering whether you really need the support provided by an artificial intelligence device.



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