Top & Best Subwoofer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Subwoofer: What is the best model of 2022?

Be very welcome, this is !. Today, we will know what are the best subwoofer models currently available in the market. You will also know what to take into account when making a purchase.

To transform your home into a true movie theater, it is not enough to invest in a large screen television, internet access, blu-ray player and high image quality. Sound is a fundamental part of achieving the goal.

And a good subwoofer enhances the entire home cinema system. Read on and find out now what are the features you should pay attention to before buying this type of speaker.


First, the most important

  • Subwoofers are loudspeakers that emit the lowest sounds and are used mainly in home theater equipment.
  • Some models allow you to adjust the sound output configuration in detail.
  • Ideally, the environment in which they will be installed is at least 15 m2.
  • The best-selling devices are 8-inch and 10-inch. Prices can vary widely and reach up to R $ 3000.

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Ranking: The 7 best subwoofer models

If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your home TV, a good subwoofer is essential. And here are some of the best models on the market, so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

Buying Guide

Prepare the popcorn, relax on the couch and get ready: a special section of “Dude, where’s my subwoofer?”

In this Buying Guide, you will discover everything you need to be able to choose the right subwoofer model to make the bass perfect, making your home movie nights even more special.

What is a subwoofer?

In recent times, more and more people have been investing in high definition televisions. The big goal is to watch series, movies, soap operas, games, concerts and everything in the best quality possible.

Whoever wants to make the most of it, must also pay attention to the level of audio quality. And for that, a home theater is essential. The subwoofer is just one of the speakers that make up this system.

This type of speaker, inside the home theater, is responsible for the lowest sounds, which are emitted at low frequencies that vary between 20 and 200 Hz.

The subwoofer is responsible for the bass sounds in a home theater system.

Due to the low sound emission and at low frequencies, this type of speaker has a large size when compared to other types of squakers and twitters. In general, they weigh around 9 or 10 pounds.

This is because subwoofers need a larger area for air to move and bass to be produced.

What are the advantages of a subwoofer?

A common speaker basically reproduces only mid and high mid frequencies. So, a subwoofer can be good for those who want to enjoy high quality sound.

Having one of these in the room means hearing sounds with much more strength and power. During a film, for example, this box will emphasize sounds like explosions, impacts and accidents. It practically puts you in the scene.

In addition, as nowadays televisions are connected to the internet, you may also want to use the device to listen to quality music, on Youtube, Spotify or Deezer, for example. A subwoofer will help improve the quality of music, as well as movies and series.

As a “negative point” of the device, there are mainly two factors: first, the size, since this accessory is usually large and heavy, as explained above, and will require a good space in your room.

The second point is the price. Not only for the subwoofer itself, but because it alone will not do the job. Therefore, you will need to invest in more speakers, which transmit the other sounds – not just the bass. And the complete set can end up being a little expensive.

Active or passive subwoofer: what’s the difference?

Before buying a subwoofer, know that it is ideal that it works together with other speakers, if you are going to use it in a home theater. Each of them must fulfill a different function. The subwoofer box works best for bass sounds.

In addition, you must understand that there are two types of subwoofers: passive and active.


They do not have their own amplifiers and also do not depend on their own power supply. That is, they reproduce an audio that has already been amplified by another device that is connected to it, the blu-ray player, for example.

This type of model also does not allow detailed adjustment of frequency and phase control. Because of this, it is cheaper and can meet the needs of those who are not so demanding.


The active subwoofer is a more complex device. They have a dedicated amplifier, their own power supply and allow the user to make fine adjustments to the sound.

Anyone who likes to customize the sound output of the subwoofers should opt for the active model.

Because of this, active subwoofers are more expensive. Whoever wants to have the maximum possible sound quality should opt for this option.

Front-firing or down-firing subwoofer?

In addition to the difference between passive and active subwoofer, there is another important division. On the market, you can find front-firing or down-firing subwoofers.

The front-firing type has the sound output on the front of the case. Down-firing, on the other hand, has the speakers facing downwards.

Both versions can produce good quality sounds. The one with front speakers has the advantage of being more suitable for those who are going to install the equipment embedded in some furniture.

The subs are large equipment, which occupy a good space in the room. So it is good to know if your space supports one of these. Experts say the best position for them is away from the walls, in a more centralized area.

How much?

Among the best-selling subwoofer models are the eight- and ten-inch versions. In addition to the size, another factor that makes the price vary is the power achieved by the sound. Some devices reach 100 watts, others can go up to 400.

The consumer can also pay more if they wanted a speaker that allows them to adjust specific points in the audio. The price range of the best subwoofer models can vary between R $ 850 and R $ 2000.

Where to buy?

The speakers have a slightly more restricted audience. That way, if you want to buy a subwoofer, you should go to a store that specializes in audio and video.

On the internet, it is easier to find places that sell different models and brands. Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing subwoofer models

When choosing the subwoofer to take home, be sure to check out some important points. That way, you make the best purchase and get the product that best meets what you need.

  • Suitability for space
  • Configuration possibilities
  • Compatibility

Let’s talk a little about each one so that you can make the best decision when buying your new subwoofer.

Suitability for space

Everyone wants to have a cinema at home. But before choosing your speakers, make sure you know how much space you have available in the living room or bedroom.

A small environment does not support the installation of multiple speakers and does not even need very powerful devices. In this case, the equipment will not be used in its entirety and the experience will not be as good.

On the other hand, a large room needs a more robust system. According to experts, environments with a size of 15m2 support the installation of at least one subwoofer.

Places with less space can be well serviced with smaller, cheaper equipment, such as a soundbar.

he subwoofer is in itself a device that occupies a large space. The 10-inch ones are about 30 centimeters high and 30 centimeters wide. The weight reaches ten kilos.

If the space in your living room or bedroom is small, consider whether the subwoofer is really the best option.

It must be installed with direct contact on the floor and preferably away from the walls. This is a strategy to prevent furniture from shaking when the bass sounds are reverberated. So, check how much space you have available for installation before purchase.

Configuration possibilities

What kind of consumer are you? If you are one of those who do not want to worry about specific adjustments to the sound of your device, perhaps the passive subwoofer is the best choice.

This model does not allow the user to modify some audio output settings, being simpler.

The active subwoofer, on the other hand, allows up to three adjustments: cut gain, cut frequency and phase control, also known as crossover. All of them are useful for achieving maximum audio quality.

By modifying these characteristics, you can even compensate for any echoes that are arising due to nearby walls, for example. If you are demanding and want to make the most of your equipment, make sure it offers all three functions.


If you are going to buy a subwoofer to build a home theater system, keep in mind that this is just one of the members of your private cinema.

In addition to this type of speaker, you will also need to purchase other devices. So that the home theater can actually be called by that name, it is not enough to place the speakers next to each other.

The correct thing is that the devices are distributed throughout the environment, so that the sound spreads and the consumer experience approaches the ideal. That way, you can have a high quality sound at home, even without having to install something this size:

in addition to the subwoofer, you will need surround speakers, which are behind the sofa, side boxes, next to the TV, and central boxes, in front of or below the TV.

Therefore, there are several pieces of equipment that must be compatible with each other, since they will work connected. In general, those with RCA-LFE output are the most common.

Some devices also have wireless connection systems. So, before you buy, make sure that all the equipment talks to each other. Be aware of this especially if they are from different brands. The more connections that are available, the less chance of malfunctions.



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