Top & Best Smart TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Smart TV: How to choose the best of 2022?

Very welcome to Today we are going to talk about smart television, better known as Smart TV. This type of TV has an operating system, internet access, cutting edge technology in image resolution and can have different screen sizes.

This model has access to the internet, applications, social networks, streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix, in addition to multimedia content sites such as Youtube. With Smart TV you can also play games, search the internet and chat on Skype.

If you are thinking about buying a Smart TV, but do not know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of TV, what are the best models for sale, how much do they cost or where to buy, you have come to the right place. Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy yours.


First, the most important

  • To use Smart TV you will need a broadband internet connection of at least 4 MB / month. Choose models with wireless connection, because with built-in Wi-Fi you will not need to connect cables to the TV set.
  • Smart TVs can have different screen technologies: LCD, LED, OLED and QLED and several levels of HD, Full HD and new 4K (Ultra HD) image resolution.
  • Some factors influence the price of a Smart TV: the size of the device, the image quality, design of the piece, among others. The cheapest models cost around R $ 1,000, there are excellent options for R $ 3,500, but you can spend a lot more, some models even cost more than R $ 30,000.

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Best Smart TVs: Our favorites

Smart TV is a type of television that connects to the internet and allows you to do everything you would do using a smartphone or a computer, that is, you can search the internet, read emails, access social networks, use applications, among other things. Want to have one of these at home? Check out the best models on the market and choose the ideal one for you:

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  • The best-selling Smart TV
  • A cost-effective option
  • Excellent DLED model from Philco

Buying Guide

Do you want to access Netflix from your couch and still watch your favorite series on the big screen of a television? Smart TV can do that – and more – for you. To know everything about this device and know how to choose the best one for your home, just continue with us until the end of this complete Purchase Guide.

What is a Smart TV and where to use it?

Smart TV emerged in 2011 with the promise of being the great television revolution, and in fact it did. Translated from English, smart television has similar functions as smartphones, with it you can access websites, do research, check e-mails, access social networks and streaming services.

You can also download various apps to use on a daily basis, whether for work, relaxation or even exercising. You can also play video games, just plug in your game device’s cable.

You can also access the app store on your Smart TV and find a lot of interesting Apps like FM radio apps, weather apps, streaming services for movies and music and many others.


Did you know that some models also have voice control? With it, you can do research and select commands. The remote control works like a video game Kinect, that is, it recognizes the movement of hands.


To enjoy all these benefits, you only need to have access to a broadband internet network. The models already come with built-in Wi-Fi, but you can also choose to connect via cable, as most models have an Ethernet port, which is the same as the internet cable entry of computers.

What are the functions of a Smart TV?

It may be that you want more details about its operation, nothing more fair since the investment is high. So we will explain everything you can do on a Smart TV. Check out a list now:

Surf the Internet

With Smart TV you have access to the internet and can use it as if it were on your computer: to do research, access social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, access and read emails and so on.

This model already comes with an internet browser installed on the television, which may be Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, among others. And Smart TV has an operating system and processor just like the PC.

Use streaming services

With Smart TV you can access streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix to watch movies, series and soap operas, watch videos on Vimeo or Youtube and listen to music with Spotify or Deezer.

With the exception of Vimeo and Youtube, other services are paid for, but you have monthly access to a very diverse catalog of content that is constantly updated.

And the value is low, Amazon Prime Video, for example, costs only R $ 14.90 a month, has a wide variety of content, unlimited photo storage, hundreds of thousands of e-books and music streaming.


Just like apps, Smart TV has some games like Angry Birds and Lego Batman, and you don’t need to purchase a video game console, as the television’s remote control itself takes on this function, through the motion sensor like a Kinect.

Using Wi-Fi you can also download new game apps on your TV. Some are paid (just enter your credit card details), but there is a lot of content on the platform that comes out for free.

You can also connect your video game cable directly to your Smart TV and play on the flat screen. If that’s your goal, invest in a bigger screen, 40 inches or more.

Chat by Skype

You can also use the Smart TV screen in your home or office to make video conferences via Skype. You will only need to have the application installed on the television and purchase a webcam (some models already come with a built-in camera and microphone).

And you can control calls using the voice command on the remote control, making it easy to connect, interrupt and disconnect the call.


Replicate the contents of other devices

You can connect different devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks to your Smart TV via bluetooth or USB cable and have access to the contents of these media on the television screen.

That way you can show off your travel photos and videos, design PowerPoint or Prezzi presentations, watch movies and series saved on these devices, among other things.

The coolest thing about using your Smart TV to transmit content from other devices, is that the photos, videos and music are with the quality of the image and sound of your TV.

Pause and record open TV programs

With Smart TV, you can watch the contents of open or cable TV as if you were watching a DVD or using a streaming service, because you can pause and record the program.

And you can still program the Smart TV to make the recording, just select the day and time and as soon as this program starts it will be recorded for you to watch later.

A Smart TV model with this feature offers the option of internal storage, in the cloud (connected to your Drive or Dropbox), or saved directly to a flash drive or external HD, previously connected to the TV.

Voice control

Voice control eliminated the need to use the remote.

The most modern Smart TV models come with the voice recognition feature, ensuring more practicality on a daily basis, as you will not need the remote control to increase or decrease the volume, change channels, access the menu, open applications, among others.

Models with this functionality usually have personal assistants, just like cell phones and computers, you can activate it with generic phrases like “Smart TV, call”.

Watch 3D content

The 3D technology works like this: images in three dimensions are divided into two parts, one part goes to the right eye and the other to the left, these images are unscrambled when reflected in the glasses, creating a sensation of depth.

But, that “leaving the screen” effect is not seen on old models, only on televisions with Full HD or Ultra HD definition. Be aware if the television model you are going to buy has this function and if it comes with 3D glasses, why buying them separately can be very expensive.

Some Smart TV models come with specific glasses and offer an internal converter to watch programming. These contents can be found on Blu-ray DVDs and streaming applications.

they do not have many options for films and series in 3D, so it is not a feature that justifies you to buy a more expensive television. It is worth mentioning that the 4K models, for the most part, already come with the option of watching 3D content.


What are the advantages – and disadvantages – of Smart TV?

We are sure that you have already found many advantages by yourself. After all, a TV that can access the internet, serves as a video game and still broadcasts open channels or cable TV, cannot go unnoticed.

But, like every device, it has some disadvantages. First, it is necessary to have a powerful broadband service. They are also the most expensive on the market.

See more details in the table:

What internet connection do I need to have a Smart TV?

To enjoy all these benefits that we saw above, it is essential that you have broadband internet service in your home. Connecting the router to your Smart TV can be done in three different ways:

    • Wi-Fi integrated in the TV set.
    • Wi-Fi Ready that works over the wireless network, but needs an adapter (also called a Dongle) to receive the signal, which is connected to the TV via a USB cable.
    • LAN cable access (RJ45), directly connected to the internet router. This form of connection was widely used when the first Smart TV models were launched, nowadays this feature is little used.


What differentiates one Smart TV from the other?

Recently, the analog signal was definitely turned off and updating the TV has become a necessity and not a luxury. The most modern televisions are digital and the model that stands out is the Smart TV.

In addition to the different types of resolution (HD, Full HD and Ultra HD) and sizes, the Smart TV screen can be LCD, LED, OLED, QLED. So that you don’t have any doubts, we will detail each of the types below:

How much?

Some factors influence the price of a Smart TV: the size of the device, type of screen, image quality, design of the piece, among others. Models with smaller screens and fewer resources cost around R $ 1,000.

There are excellent options with prices around R $ 3,500, but you can spend a lot more, some models cost more than R $ 30,000.

Where to buy?

You can buy a Smart TV in physical furniture and appliance stores or in virtual stores  Amazon.

The Amazon website, for example, offers models of various brands, sizes, technologies and prices in a way that you can compare which are the best options, whether by the image of promotion, product description or evaluations of other consumers.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing Smart TV models

When comparing the various options of Smart TVs available for sale, you will come across a lot of information and you may be a little confused about which features are most important.

It was with this in mind that we developed this last part of the text, with the main criteria that you must take into account when buying your TV, which are:

  • Screen Technology
  • Size
  • Operational system
  • Image resolution
  • Hertz frequency
  • Inputs and connections
  • Design
  • Additional resources

Now we will explain item by item, so you don’t have any doubts and get your Smart TV right.

Screen technology

We explained in the topic above that you can choose between different types of screens for your Smart TV, so we will not dwell on this item too much. Basically, there are LCD and LED TVs, the latter evolving to OLED and QLED.

The difference between these models is the way they illuminate the screen, on the LCD television there is a white fluorescent lamp behind the screen and in the case of LED televisions they are LED lamps.

The OLED television model has light emitted by organic compounds that shine in contact with electricity and emit natural colors. See the image quality of an OLED TV:

he QLED model has mini crystals that emit colors when they are illuminated by LED lights. This model uses HDR technology, the same as for film productions.


The size of the screen is one of the factors that determine the price of a television set. Flat and thin TVs can be 26 to 110 inches, the larger the more expensive.

One thing that must be taken into account before buying a television is the size of the room where the set will be. There is a ratio between the distance from the TV screen and where you will sit and watch.

The smaller model, 26 inches, must be at least one meter apart, but must not exceed two. A 42-inch device must be at a minimum distance of 1.60 m and a maximum of 3.20 m.

Operational system

Smart TV has its own operating system, which controls everything from basic functions such as audio and image adjustments, to more sophisticated features such as voice control, access to applications, among others.

The most used systems are Android by Google, WebOS by LG and Tizen by Samsung, these models are very good and very similar.

Image resolution

Image quality is one of the most important characteristics when choosing a television, and it depends on the resolution of the screen, which is measured by pixels, the various dots that receive colors and form the images when grouped.

HD is the most common and simplest screen resolution, it has the same image quality as a digital TV. Full HD has more than twice the pixels of HD resolution, which ensures a sharper image.

You can also choose the Ultra HD image resolution, better known as 4K. The 4K model has four times more pixels than Full HD technology, which results in stunning images, with spectacular colors and brightness.

The larger the screen, the greater the demand for image quality resolution, because the device must have a proportional rate of pixels per inch.

It is worth remembering that most open TV channels show HD content, so you will watch the program in the image quality that it is being displayed. If you choose a high resolution TV, you will need to watch cable TV programs or DVDs with Blu-ray technology.

Frequency in Hertz – Hz

The frequency in hertz of a television set indicates how many times per second the screen is updated, this is an important factor in image quality. If a device has a frequency of 60 Hz, it means that it is capable of reproducing 60 frames per second.

The higher the Hertz frequency value of a television set, the smoother the transition between the picture frames.

For those who use the TV to play video games, it is even more important to choose a device that has a higher Hertz frequency, so that the game’s actions are not blurred and distorted.

Entries and Connections

Smart TVs have an HDMI cable slot that replaces audio and sound cables and serve to connect other devices such as cameras, laptops, Blu-ray players and video games.

Also note if the model has a USB cable slot, which serves to connect a pen drive and / or external hard drive. Headphone output is also an interesting alternative, as it allows you to hear your programming without disturbing anyone.

Wireless connection is also essential, as Smart TV uses internet for almost all functions. Older models need adapting parts to access the internet, such as the wireless adapter or LAN cable.


Nowadays, television screens have various types of design, some have an infinite screen, without a border, others are super thin and are only an inch thick.

You can also choose between the flat screen and the curved screen. This second option is ideal for homes with many people, because no one misses any detail of what is happening on the scene. This type of screen also gives a greater sense of immersion.

Additional resources

Some additional features can make your Smart TV experience even better, like the ambilight lights that are installed behind the television set and project the colors shown on the walls, see how interesting it is:devices with 3D technology (which come with their own glasses) are also legal. Some models come with a built-in camera and microphone, which make it a lot easier if you access Skype via your TV screen.




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