Top & Best Digital antenna Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Digital antenna: How to choose the best option in 2022?

today we welcome you to to talk about an essential product for anyone who wants to capture a signal to watch open channel digital TV: the digital antenna!

With it you have features that were not available on analog TV – a very old concept – such as high definition programs, interactivity options, among others.

If your goal is to improve the broadcast quality of open TV channels, there is no need to subscribe to a cable TV package, this is possible through this product.

Looking for a digital antenna that meets all your needs? Check out our article! Here we bring different models of varying prices, plus advantages and disadvantages, purchase criteria, where to buy them and more.

First, the most important

  • After the analog, the digital signal has been in  for over ten years and was a natural consequence of the development of transmission in the country.
  • Digital antennas can be installed both inside the house or apartment, as well as outside. Check which option is best for you.
  • The prices of this product are very affordable and do not vary widely. This Guide lists digital antennas that cost at least R $ 20 and, at most, R $ 150.

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Best digital antennas: Our recommendations

The digital antenna is an indispensable product nowadays for those who want to watch the programming of broadcasters in high resolution, with images and sounds very clear.

There are a number of digital antennas for sale. Of different sizes, models and formats, they serve to transmit digital TV signal to your device. Not sure which to buy yet? Stay tuned for tips below!

  • Digital antenna AL 3100 from Intelbras
  • Hitachi U-PA Digital Antenna
  • Log External Digital Antenna Kit of More Advantages
  • Aquarium DTV-1500 digital antenna
  • Aquarium DTV-150 digital antenna
  • Prime Tech LP3000 External Digital Antenna
  • Aquarium DTV-100 Digital Antenna

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like to watch TV? Be it a movie, soap opera, serial, newspaper or talk show, television has been a hobby of many people for at least 80 years.

For those who do not have a cable TV contract, the open signal TV is still a great option, and even better, if a digital antenna is used. If you are looking for the best antenna model, be sure to check out our Buying Guide.

What is a digital antenna?

For television to work, signal from somewhere it needs to receive. Whether cable or open TV, if you have this device at home, you will certainly need one of these two alternatives.

And this is what the digital antenna is for. In the past, in the 1950s, houses had analogue open TV. Transmitted through an antenna, it also needs this accessory to function.

Despite reaching 95% of in the past, with the advance of technology, this service has become old and dated, needing to be replaced by another one. That’s where the digital antenna comes in.

With it, the images on TV are transmitted in HD and are very clear, as well as the sounds emitted. In addition, the viewer now has options for interacting with the programs and, best of all, the service is free.

Open channels, such as Globo, SBT, Record, RedeTV, Band and Gazeta, are available to the entire population free of charge and most of their programming is already available in high resolution.

As with digital TV, the signal is transmitted to the antenna installed in your home, either inside or outside, as there are both product options.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a digital antenna?

As we just mentioned above, one of the main advantages of the digital antenna is that it transmits much of the programming of free open channels in high definition.

The peripheral also allows the user to interact with some programs, choosing options and customizing to their liking.

Another positive point of the antenna is the fact that it is very simple to install, without needing a specialized technician. Following the manual, it can be easily configured.

In addition, the digital antenna exists in two options: external or internal. You can have it outside the house or inside, if you prefer, thus meeting your needs better.

However, one must pay attention to one detail: your television must have a digital converter, and it cannot be simply connected to any model of device.

A disadvantage of the external antenna is that, being in an external environment, it ends up suffering some transmission failures due to heavy rains or other weather problems.

For you to have an easy understanding of the main advantages and disadvantages of the digital antenna, check out the table below:

How does the digital antenna work?

After all the explanations above, you may be asking yourself: how does a digital antenna work after all? And how is the signal transmitted to your TV set?

Rest assured that this article can clarify some of your doubts. Present in for over ten years, the digital signal is disseminated in a similar way to the analog.

Through broadcast towers, it spreads through the air until it reaches the TV. Digital television encodes its signals in a binary way and is less complex than analog television, as it presents small values ​​in both time and amplitude.

But remember: if your television is an old model, such as a tube, for example, the digital antenna will not work. On older devices it is necessary to install a digital converter, but all current TVs already have the feature.

See in this video, from Record’s YouTube channel, how to install the digital converter on analog TV:

How can the signal from the digital antenna be damaged?

Unlike cable TV, which is, as the name says, connected to cables and less susceptible to disturbances, digital TV is even less immune to outside interference and can suffer problems and failures in its transmission.

If this happens, the user’s television may have hisses, drizzles, crackles in the sound emitted, checkered images, absence of audio and video and, sometimes, of the channels themselves.

Want to know what are the main causes of interference? See the table below:

Digital antenna variables: How to choose the best model?

The truth is that most digital antennas are very similar, offer the same functions and deliver the same result: a clear and high-resolution transmission of images and sound on your TV.

But, how to choose between the available models? What to take into consideration? The first answer may be related to the fact that you live in a house or apartment.

From this you will know if you will choose between an external or internal antenna and even a collective or satellite dish, depending on the region you are in.

With that, the choice is much easier, because the number of options decreases and you have products with small differences in their characteristics. We will highlight these factors later in the Purchase Criteria.



Did you know that mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and televisions in cars, with the option of watching TV work precisely because they have a built-in digital antenna? One more advantage of this advancement in technology


How much?

It is possible to state that the price of a digital antenna is not absurd. In the market we find great options that deliver what they promise with very affordable prices.

The variation in value is more linked to the fact that the antenna is internal or external, for example, the size and quality of the material. This Guide contains options – both for the peripheral to be used outside and inside – with prices between R $ 21 and R $ 97.

Where to buy?

As everything can now be easily purchased online, the digital antenna is no different. You can find the equipment on Amazon and on the websites of stores.

Do you prefer to check the product in person and talk to an experienced salesperson who can help you on the matter? Building material and decoration stores, such as Leroy Merlin, and large supermarket chains, such as Carrefour, have the product for sale.

But do not forget if you choose to buy from an online store: make the purchase on a reliable website and always check the comments and reviews of those who have already purchased the antenna in question.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing digital antenna models

As we told you before, there are different models of the digital antenna for you to receive signal on your TV. When choosing the one that best suits your needs, some criteria can be taken into account.

To help in this decision, we raised the following points that will differentiate one antenna from the other. See below what they are:

  • Antenna type
  • Size
  • Antenna construction
  • Installation

Below we explain in detail each of the criteria to help you acquire the digital antenna that best fits your needs.


If you live in a house, apartment, urban or rural center, the type of antenna will be the main purchase criterion.

The external antenna is ideal for homes or for those who live in more distant regions and neighborhoods. Her signal is very good, being able to capture even if she is in the middle of several buildings. However, installing it is a little more difficult.

The internal digital antenna is the most recommended for those who live in apartments or smaller spaces. Because it is small and compact, it fits in any environment and is very easy to install. It is worth mentioning that they work best near a transmission antenna or in places with few buildings and constructions.

The satellite dish is for those who live in a rural region, far from cities and urban centers. This option is a little older, but it is also capable of capturing the digital signal from TV stations.


The size of the antenna can also be a decisive factor at the time of purchase. The internal ones are smaller and take up very little space. An external antenna is logically larger and needs to be installed in a location with a larger area.

But even so, the peripherals that are made to stay indoors can vary in size and shape, thus fitting in different environments and usage needs.

antenna construction

It is necessary to pay attention to the material used in the construction of the antenna, especially in the versions for outdoor environments.

As they are outside, they need to have a firm and robust construction, quality materials and very well fitted and fixed parts, as the antenna will be exposed to rain, sun and wind.

The inmates also deserve special attention in this regard, as a bad quality will not last for long, and can easily break and break.


For those who want a quick, easy and simple installation, the internal digital antenna is a great option. Just connect it to the digital converter or to the TV itself (if it already has the converter) and start searching for channels.

An antenna that is outside, on the roof, needs to be installed by a technician, antenna or qualified person, as it has a more complex installation procedure.




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