Top & Best HDMI cable for mobile Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best HDMI cable for mobile: Do you know the best of 2022?


Greetings from! Be very welcome! Let’s start with two questions: Do you have a smartphone? Do you know what is an HDMI cable for cell phone? The answer to the first question will certainly be “yes”.

Smartphones are technological creations in constant improvement, delivering a world of possibilities in the palm of your hands. But did you know that many of them can also broadcast to a TV without needing the internet? With the help of an HDMI cable, it is perfectly possible to transmit content from the cell phone to a TV of any era (provided it has an HDMI input).

If you want to know what an HDMI cable for a cell phone is for and find out how to choose the best one when you buy yours, you’ve arrived at the right place. Keep reading!

First, the most important

  • Mandatorily, you will only be able to connect your cell phone by cable, to the television, if it has an HDMI input. It is the simplest way to do it, instead of buying multiple adapters and assembling cunning plans.
  • Not all devices (or versions of the operating system) can transmit images via MicroUSB output (where we connect the cell phone charger).
  • This cable works as an adapter, it is not exactly direct audio and video transmission. Many cables will have a power source (usually USB) for you to connect, and then they work.

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Best HDMI cables for cell phones: Our favorites

Need a cable that transmits sound and image from your cell phone to your computer? Check out the list below, with four excellent HDMI cable options for mobile phones, and choose the model that’s right for you!

  • USB Type-C HDMI Rock Cable
  • Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter Cable
  • MHL HDMI Adapter More Mania

Buying Guide

Technology offers us, every year, with more and more resources and gadgets, capable of the most varied activities. Cell phones, for example, are practically a “mini-robot”, where it is possible to do so much that sometimes we even forget that it was originally created to call.

But the connection between two or more devices is sometimes not so easy. In the case of displaying the images and sound of the cell phone on the TV, for example, you will probably need an HDMI cable for cell phone. In this Buying Guide, we will answer your questions about this accessory.


Why buy an HDMI cable for cell phone?

The sending and display of content on television, using external devices, is increasingly common.

It all started with VHS (those heavy video tapes very similar to radio tapes), and the number of possible devices to transmit only increased from there.

In the same way, cell phones were innovating until their transformation into smartphones, improving in system and content, in the ability to process and display images, constantly breaking down barriers of what we consider the last generation.

Gleder SantosThinker

“Innovation is to circumvent the need with creativity.”

The screen of a smartphone is minimal when compared to that of a television, which allows greater immersion of its user in the content it presents (be it games, movies, series).

In the same way, a television from a few years ago no longer has so many interactivity features, becoming just an image transmission tool (its initial function, no doubt), without many possibilities.

Seeing this distance, the manufacturers themselves started to think about resources to unite these two sources of entertainment, creating ways for the smartphone to use the big screen as an additional resource to its capacity.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with the cable?

Nowadays there are different ways to turn a big screen into a cell phone monitor. These are options such as internet connection, specific TV features, or even HDMI cables.

One of the best options (probably the only one) to make this connection in the absence of internet, is the HDMI connection made by cabling. For that, it is enough that your cell phone has compatibility with the technology.

If you are in doubt about the compatibility of your smartphone, on Google Play there is a tester that can be downloaded for free. It will analyze your phone and inform if it is compatible with this transmission technology (called MHL) or not.

Write down the name of the application there: Checker for MHL (HDMI)


How to connect the TV with the HDMI cable for cell phone?

Once you know the possibility of your smartphone to perform the task, the system works in plug and play mode, where the micro USB cable is connected to your phone’s charger function and HDMI goes to the television. If there is a third cable, it connects to the cell phone charger.

What will happen? Maybe nothing. Remember, on TVs, we need to select the image input we want.

Some identify immediately and allow the user to choose, but most still force us to search through the little control buttons.

That done, just enjoy all the content on your smartphone played directly on a much larger screen. Play games, watch videos and movies, record videos with the image appearing on television. The possibilities are enormous.

But, understand, the simple sending of audio and video does not mean that your TV will work just like the phone.

There is no point in squeezing the screen to give commands, the cable will only replicate what happens in the primary source (smartphone).


Does any HDMI cable fit my phone?

Because it is a very simple device, which consists of a cable with input and output + power (more expensive versions only have input and output), you can ask yourself what you need to be aware of.

There is always a detail, and for these cables it is very important that you check if the connections (their couplings) are compatible with the devices you intend to connect.

Smartphone charging connections are not always the same, so you need to make sure you’re choosing an HDMI cable compatible with your phone’s microUSB input. A practical example? iPhones have their own connector model.

It is worth remembering that the technology allows connection to any media with HDMI input (you can even project it by cell phone), as long as the smartphone itself is compatible with the transmitter (remember the acronym MHL).

Take care also with the length of the cables. A smaller size is not bad if you aim to leave your phone unattended while watching something, for example. But if it is to play or need to move the phone, the longer the extension, the better.

How much does an HDMI cable for mobile phone cost?

Intermediary connection agents, this equipment started to be manufactured by several industries, increasing competition and making the price cheaper.

We can find HDMI cables for cell phones from R $ 30.00 and even R $ 200.00, depending on the product characteristics and the brands by which they are manufactured.

Where to buy HDMI cables for cell phone?

Considered smartphone peripherals, you will find it in specialized cell phone locations or even in computer stores. Department stores will also be able to supply the product.

However, it is convenient to search and purchase the product online, given the weight of the product (which reduces the freight cost) and the ease of searching to acquire exactly the one needed for your demand.

Stores like Amazon have a variety of this equipment, allowing the choice in the same place, in a safe and reliable environment.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing HDMI to cell phone cables

Simple and easy to use equipment, these cables have a strong appeal to the public, which has televisions that do not have an internet connection (but provide inputs for HDMI cable).

Choosing one is not exactly a difficult task, as the number of models available on the market provides a limit for this research. However, knowing a little more about them can prevent you from falling into a trap by not reading the letters in the box. Some criteria for you not to make mistakes when purchasing an HDMI cable for cell phones:

  • Resolution provided
  • Audio Channels

Check each one of them in detail so as not to make a mistake when buying your cable.

Resolution provided

An HDMI cable has the function of passing both image and sound, from one device to another, in HD (high definition). However, the term high definition ranges from 1280×720 resolution (14 ”screens replicate it) to the most current 4K.

So, when we read the name HDMI, we are led to believe that the product provides high resolution, but you need to see in the fine print which high definition can be delivered over the cable.

There are cheaper versions that transfer to the 1280×720 limit, which is high definition. But on a 42 ”TV, for example, the image may be distorted in size or use only available part of the screen.

Ideally, the cable should allow you to transfer at least 1920×1080, which is Full HD resolution. If you want a cable to transmit at 4K, don’t worry, you will also find some models available with this capability.

Audio Channels

As said, an HDMI cable passes, besides the image, also the sound to the TV. Observe in the cable specifications which the sending capacity will also allow a better use of this feature.

Let’s assume that you have a home theater installed on the TV, with five speakers providing a beautiful setting in the room.

When connecting the HDMI cable, it will transfer the data within its possibility (two channels of sound or even seven), which will be replicated by the TV or by another device if connected to it.

Certainly if you are looking for an accessory like this, you are also interested in quality, and paying attention to what the HDMI cable delivers is the difference between a good product and an average product.



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