Top & Best Portable Translator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Portable Translator: How to choose the best model in 2022

Learning a foreign language is very interesting, but it requires time, dedication and money to invest in a good course. If you don’t have enough time to learn a new language before a business meeting or international trip, you can use a portable translator.

This smart device performs instantaneous and bidirectional translation, just select the language you want to translate and start a dialogue. To learn more about this innovative device, read on.

First, the most important

  • A portable translator makes it possible to converse in a completely foreign language. The device translates what is said, from one language to another, simultaneously. That is, both your speeches in Portuguese, as well as the other person’s speeches in a foreign language will be translated.
  • If you do not want to perform simultaneous translation, you can use the portable translator to translate text or images – these functions are not available on all models.
  • A portable translator translates up to 75 foreign languages ​​or dialects, be it words, phrases, expressions or slang. In addition to understanding the meaning of these terms, you will learn how to pronounce them.
  • The electronic translator is very useful for learning new languages, practicing pronunciation, making foreign friends and carrying out activities abroad such as shopping, negotiating prices, attending a work meeting, among others.

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The best portable translators: Our recommendations

Before purchasing a portable translator, it is important to know the features offered by the device and make sure that the product is right for you. To simplify your search, we have selected the best models for sale on the internet.

Buying Guide

A portable translator has artificial intelligence and a voice recognition system that allows you to identify, translate and pronounce words, expressions and slang in up to 75 foreign languages.

The device can help a person who is learning a new language to communicate in different languages ​​with native speakers, whether during business trips, studies or leisure. To learn more about this technological device, continue reading this Buying Guide.

How does a portable translator work?

A portable translator has internal microphones that capture the phrases spoken in a foreign language, the intelligence system performs the translation of these phrases and a speaker reproduces the lines already translated.

You just need to select the language spoken and the language you want to translate. The gadget is indispensable for those who are studying a new language or will travel for work, study or leisure.

The portable translator is capable of translating up to 75 languages ​​and dialects spoken around the world. In addition to voice translation, some models translate text and images with up to 98% accuracy.

The price of such a device varies according to the interface, features, design and brand, but you can find options from R $ 200 to R $ 700.

What are the advantages of a portable translator?

Anyone who is in doubt whether or not to buy a portable translator, needs to know the advantages of this device. We have listed the main positive and negative aspects of the gadget below:

    • The device recognizes and translates dozens of languages and all are interchangeable. Questions and answers can be understood by simply changing the settings.
    • The gadget has a portable design , fits easily in your pocket, bag or backpack, perfect for everyday use.
    • It comes preloaded with dozens of languages and you can download other languages ​​and dialects, just connect the device to the mobile or Wi-Fi network.
    • Simple to set up and use. Just follow an initial step-by-step and use the record and playback buttons to keep the dialogue going.


Still unsure whether it is worth investing in a portable translator? Learn more about some advantages and disadvantages of the product in the table below:

In what situations can I use a portable translator?

Are you going on an international trip, but don’t know how to speak the local language? No problem, with the help of a portable translator it is possible to chat with natives, whether in the classroom, at a business meeting or at leisure.

The device can be used to translate your dialogues, phrases read in books, magazines or newspapers and to translate signs on the street, it depends only on the features available on the chosen device.

How to use a portable translator?

Setting up a portable translator is quite simple. Just connect it to the mobile or wireless network, type or scan the product’s QR code and download the translation application.

Then, you must configure the basic settings of the device such as spoken language and language you want to translate – remember to change the settings whenever you want to translate a new language.

Then press the button to start recording and press it until the question or answer ends.
The translator will recognize what has been said and will transmit that phrase in the selected language. Then press the button again to record the other person’s speech and wait for the translation.

It is important to mention that each device works in a slightly different way, so read the product manual before using it.

Why use a portable translator instead of a smartphone app?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should buy a portable translator if you can use a smartphone to translate texts, images and phrases, correct?

The advantage of a portable translator is the ability to capture and translate these texts, audios or images instantly.

In addition, many of these devices do not require an internet connection, be it a mobile or wireless network, that is, you need not be concerned if you are in a location without access to the internet network.

It is important to note that some simultaneous translation devices must be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and controlled by a mobile application. It is important to check this information before finalizing the purchase.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of portable translator

There are several models of portable translators. Some need to be paired with the smartphone, others need to be connected to the internet and many others perform all functions without depending on the cell phone or the internet.

While we’ve shared some suggestions from electronic translators, we’ve selected some criteria that you need to analyze and compare when choosing a device that fits your needs.

  • Unidirectional or bidirectional translation
  • Types of translations
  • Functionalities
  • Translated languages
  • Drums
  • Price

We will detail each of the purchase criteria below. After all, do you prefer to invest in a portable translator or carry a dictionary in your pocket? Share your experience with the device in the comments section.

Unidirectional or bidirectional translation

Some simultaneous translation devices offer only unidirectional translations, that is, in only one language, which can be a very useful and economical alternative for some people.

However, most people need a two-way translation device, that is, that captures and translates phrases in two languages ​​at the same time.

Types of translations

A portable electronic translator can perform three types of translations: Voice, text and image translation.

Voice translation uses intelligent voice recognition technology to facilitate capture and translation into a foreign language that will be retransmitted via the device’s voice output.

Text translation can be done by typing on a physical keyboard or even a virtual keyboard – which allows you to draw by hand the letters or symbols that need translation.

Image translation is performed by a QR code reader or camera. It is very useful for translating traffic signs, signs, packaging and other images.


First, check if the device has online mode – activated via Bluetooth, Wireless or mobile network (works with SIM card) – and offline mode, and which languages ​​and dialects are translated in both modes.

Some models allow you to send translations by e-mail when online mode is activated and the internet is connected.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to connect two headsets simultaneously to keep the conversation private.

Some models have a camera that allows you to photograph signs, urban signs and product packaging.

Translated languages

The number of languages ​​translated is a very important feature that must be analyzed at the time of purchase. Each device will offer translation into certain languages.

Some models offer translation into just one language and others translate up to 75 languages ​​and dialects. Therefore, it is very important to check the list of translated languages ​​before purchasing the device.


Another feature that deserves your attention is the battery capacity. In addition to analyzing the total capacity, it is important to understand the duration in standby, offline and online mode, as the differences are very large.

For example, you can find a device that works for seven days in standby mode, 12 hours in offline mode and only 6 hours in online mode.


The price of an electronic translator is a relevant factor. You need to consider the average price and how much you are willing to pay – make sure you do this research to find out the minimum, average and maximum amount that in our surveys was between R $ 200 and R $ 700.

By delimiting a budget available for the purchase of electronics, your search will be simplified. The price can vary from tens to hundreds of reais, how much you will spend will depend on your needs.



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