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Top & Best Beer tower Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Beer tower: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the draft beer tower, a tool that is becoming increasingly popular in bars and homes. After all, there is nothing like gathering friends with lots of quality drinks!

The draft beer tower has its main advantage in practicality: it eliminates the need to serve new bottles or cans frequently, reduces the work of the waiter in restaurants or of the people themselves if it is a home meeting.

But how to choose the best draft beer tower? What are the characteristics that a model needs to have to meet all people’s needs and leave them concerned only with fun? Let’s talk about all of that in the next few lines!

First, the most important

  • The draft beer tower is a very good option to reduce the hassle of picking up new bottles or cans frequently, whether in bars or at home. It concentrates a large amount of drink inside.
  • Unlike other utensils such as beer coolers, a beer tower has no cooling capacity. It just maintains the temperature at which the drink was poured into it.
  • It is possible to use a draft beer tower with many types of liquids, including juices, soft drinks and water. Therefore, it can also make life easier for children.

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Ranking: The 4 best draft beer tower models

The increase in people’s preference for draft beer towers in bars causes several brands to invest in the development of one. Who wins with this is you, the consumer. We selected some quality models and below we talk a little about each one:

Buying Guide

After all, is it really advantageous to have a draft beer tower? And how to choose the model that best fits what you want among so many excellent ones? It’s time to talk about the main features and advantages of this tool!

For this, we have gathered the best product information in this Buying Guide. Whether for your establishment or use at home, you will know how to choose the ideal draft beer tower at the end of this article.

 Beer tower

What is a draft beer tower and what is it for?

A draft beer tower is a tool capable of serving large quantities of liquid at once. Most models range from 2.5 to 3.5 liters, much higher than what a glass or even a bottle can handle.

It usually has a large central tube that stores the drink, showing how much is left. At the base, there are one or more taps for people to help themselves.

The most important feature is the cooling, after all, the drink needs to be kept cold. There are different ways of achieving this goal, such as in towers where the tube can be frozen, or others that have extra compartments that must be filled with ice.

The main point of the draft beer tower is to facilitate fun among friends, whether at the bar or at home. With 2.5 liters (or even more) served, there will be no need to pick up new cans or bottles frequently. The process of filling glasses becomes much more practical!

Did you know? The main difference between draft beer and beer is pasteurization. This process, created by Louis Pasteur in 1864, consists of boiling the drink to approximately 70º C, and then a sudden cooling. This eliminates bacteria and increases the shelf life.

The brewers started to use this process precisely so that the liquid does not spoil. Therefore, it has an average validity of 8 months after bottled, against 45 days of draft beer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a draft beer tower?

As mentioned above, the main advantage is practicality. If you drink at home, you don’t have to get up and pick up new bottles or cans often. In a bar, you don’t have to call the waiter all the time.

If you have a bar or restaurant, this is reflected in the reduced service of the waiters. The tower not only empties slowly, but always has its level of filling easy to see.

On the other hand, the temperature maintenance capacity of the draft beer tower is not that great. The liquid will hardly remain cold for more than two hours. For a small number of people, it doesn’t make sense.

Some models even have the possibility of replacing the ice in the cooling compartment, but still, there will be a satisfactory temperature maintenance after a certain time.

  • Practical, as it is not necessary to order or get more drinks frequently
  • Everyone can help themselves as they wish
  • Takes up less table space than buckets or multiple bottles
  • Keeping the temperature not good enough
  • Its use does not make sense to few people
  • high cost of the appliance

Can the draft beer tower be used with other drinks?

Yes No problems! Many of the models specify in their description that they can also be used with beer, juice, water, soda, among others. There will be no damage to the product if it is filled with other liquids.

This can also be great fun for the kids, who will also feel part of the fun by picking up juice or soda directly from the tower.

It is only necessary to pay attention to the hygiene rules of the product. Thus, there will be no residue left when used with other types of drink.

 Beer tower

What are the differences between draft beer and beer cooler?

Another utensil that has been very successful is the beer cooler. They have similar characteristics in that they allow people to serve themselves in a large container that will take a long time to be empty.

However, there are big differences. The biggest one is that the draft tower does not freeze the liquid, it just maintains its temperature for a certain time. The beer coolers, on the other hand, also have cooling capacity.

Due to this characteristic, many of the beer coolers need electricity. The draft beer towers do not require any assistance: just fill the compartment with ice or follow the directions for it to work. There are no wires or batteries.

A draft beer tower is recommended for a meeting of friends where there is already a cold drink and there is a desire for ease when serving. A beer cooler is more complete, but more expensive and laborious.

Check the table below comparing the two products:

beer towerbeer pot
refrigerationjust keep the temperatureIt has a refrigeration system
CapacityUsually between 2.5 and 3.5 LUsually between 4 and 5 L
PriceBest models cost an average of R$300Best models cost an average of R$500

How much?

You will be able to find models of draft beer of satisfactory quality starting at R $ 100. The variation will be due to the brand, capacity, material and temperature maintenance capacity.

The best draft towers available in the market cost an average of R $ 300. In this range, a model must offer all possible functionalities for the utensil. The highest prices found are close to R $ 500.

Where to buy?

Home and kitchen supply stores are the best options for purchasing draft beer towers. Present in virtually every city in the country, they offer an excellent variety of models.

To buy online, there is no better option than Amazon. There are several beer towers available in different price ranges and with various features. We also recommend Amazon internationally.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying your draft beer tower

Now that you are determined to buy a draft beer tower, it’s time to select the one that best suits your needs. We have selected some important criteria for choosing:

  • Design
  • Capacity
  • Materials
  • Ease of transport


Whether to match the decor of your home, or to maintain the desired atmosphere of your bar, choosing a draft beer tower with beautiful design is something important. And fortunately, the manufacturers are quite creative in the matter.

There are towers with different shapes, designs and contours. Some are more sober, others seek to include fun already in the design. There is even an option for illuminated and flashing models!

Options abound, so you just need to know what suits your environment best.

 Beer tower


For your bar, it is important to have draft towers of different capacities, thus reaching groups of people (and seats) of different sizes. But what about your home?

In this case, it is important to know the number of guests who usually attend meetings and how much they drink. A 2.5-liter tower may not be enough in some cases, while a 3.5-liter tower may be overkill in others.


The materials of a draft beer tower are important for two reasons. The first is the strength and durability of the tool. Prefer the outside in reinforced plastics and the ice compartment in stainless steel.

The second reason is that the parts that come into contact with the liquids cannot release residues or contain any indication of toxicity. Always pay attention to the product description if it offers the necessary security.

 Beer tower

Ease of transport

You may want to take your beer tower to barbecues or meetings at friends’ houses. Therefore, it is essential that it is not too heavy and does not have disproportionate measures, and can be easily transported.

The same goes for use in bars or restaurants, when waiters will need to transport the towers to the tables. Always check the dimensions and the weight of the utensil and think if it is the ideal one for the eventual locomotions through which it will pass!


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