Top & Best Cerveja Consul Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cerveja Consul: How to choose the best in 2022

Beer always cold and close at hand. There is a desire for a good part. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to deal with one of the increasingly popular household appliances in the country: the Consul brewer.

Known for offering high-quality products at affordable prices, Consul leads the production of the much desired domestic beer. Therefore, we will show you how to choose the best model among those offered by the brand.

First, the most important

  • Consul brewery has cutting-edge design and technology to keep your drink always cold.
  • Nowadays, the brand offers models that even allow controlling the brewery through an application.
  • As it is a special appliance, there are some factors to consider before choosing the ideal model.

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Best Consul Brewers: Our Recommendations

Those looking for a brewery probably have in mind the ideal measures to install at home, in addition to features that guarantee even more pleasure when chilling the drink, right? Knowing this, Consul provides models to meet different situations. Check out the Consul’s best brewers below:

  • The famous yellow brewery
  • The best red brewery
  • The best product for those who want comfort

Buying Guide

A brewery is very different from a refrigerator or mini-bar. That’s because it has specific refrigeration technology to keep the beer cold, in measure, and without freezing. In the midst of so many manufacturing brands, the Consul brewer takes the lead due to the innovation in functionality.

In this Buying Guide, we will show you what are the characteristics of the Consul brewer, why you should consider investing in this appliance, how much it costs and where to buy.

What are the advantages of the Consul brewer?

Founded in 1950, in Santa Catarina, Consul is an appliance company that has established itself in the  market as one of the best manufacturers of refrigerators.

No wonder, today Consul is also recognized as one of the leaders in brewing. That’s because the company invested wisely in a few models, but all with cutting-edge technology.

Thus, regardless of the model, the Consul brewer has some common characteristics, including the ability to freeze the beer at the ideal temperature, according to the quantity and type of beer.

And, although the most modern models even have an exclusive application to manage the brewery, the fact is that they all have features and functions such as:

  • Happy Hour Function: Even with the door opening and closing, this function maintains the proper internal temperature so that the drinks are always cold.
  • Led Lighting: Economical and differentiated lighting for easy viewing.
  • Frost Free System: All Consul breweries have this defrost system, which eliminates the process of defrosting.
  • Control panel lock: With this system, the Consul brewery is protected and the programming you choose does not risk being changed unintentionally.
  • Temperature control: The temperature of the Consul brewer can be controlled according to the degree of use, the types of beer and your taste. The temperature varies between -4 ° C and 5 ° C and does not freeze your drink.
  • Removable shelves : The Consul brewer’s shelves can be removed so you can store larger bottles or cans.

How many cans and bottles can fit in the Consul brewery?

If you are looking for a brewery, one of the most important factors is the capacity of the appliance. Currently, Consul has a standard storage capacity in its brewers, which is 82 liters.

But, for you to understand what 82 liters represent in practice, check below the amount of drinks that Consul brewers can store:

    • Up to 75 350ml cans
    • Or up to 37 600ml bottles
    • Or up to 60 350ml long necks
    • Or up to 5 kegs of beer


Remembering that if you mix cans, bottles and long necks, the amount of each one will vary.

Now, if you want a Consul brewer that, in addition to perfectly cooling your drink, still helps you know how many beers are left, Consul has a smart brewer. We’ll talk about it in detail below.

What are Consul brewing lines?

Consul simplified production and currently has two lines of brewers.

And, although all models have high technology and the same storage capacity, there are many differences between them.

Check below the main characteristics of each Consul brewery line.

Consul More

The Consul Mais brewery models stand out for their variety of colors. Another difference is the size of this brewery, which, as we will see later in this article, is slightly smaller.

This is considered Consul’s most basic brewery, but it still has all the standard features, such as storage capacity and temperature range.

Consul Smartbeer

If you enjoy innovation, Consul also has the first connected brewer on the market, which can be managed through an application that controls the stock and temperature from wherever you are.

With the app you can also buy more beer without leaving your home. In addition, the Consul Smartbeer brewery has a touch display and, if you forget the open door, the alarm will warn you.

What does it take to connect the Consul Smartbeer brewery?

If you choose the Consul Smartbeer brewery it is important that you ensure the necessary accessories to use your smart appliance efficiently.

For that, you need to have a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system (minimum version 5.0) or IOS (all versions).

In addition, according to Consul, to use the Smartbeer brewer you will need an internet connection via your home’s WiFi network. This is because, to install the app, it is not possible to use networks with security protocols or that require check in.

Consul also recommends that you have a router with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, as the Consul Smartbeer brewery does not work if it is connected to a 5 GHz network.

temperature level of the Consul brewery is perfect for beers. This is because this appliance was specifically designed to cool between -4 and + 5 ° C.


Under negative temperatures, non-alcoholic drinks can freeze and even burst the packaging.

On the other hand, for you to have an idea, drinks that are not alcoholic should be stored at medium setting, 0 ° C, or minimum, 5 ° C. This is because, in freezing temperatures, non-alcoholic drinks can freeze and even burst the packaging.

Thus, the temperature of the brewery, even though it is controllable, is lower than that of a minibar or refrigerator. And with that, the brewery freezes more and faster.

That said, you should not put drinks other than beer or food in your Consul brewery at the risk of damaging these products.

Did you know that each type of beer has an ideal temperature for storage?

The lighter ones like pilsen and lager, for example, demand lower temperatures, from -2 ° C to -4 ° C.

How to adjust the temperature of the Consul brewer?

Consul designed the brewery to receive the most varied types of beer, from those considered light, passing through the extra type beer to the specials.

As we have seen, all Consul beer models have five temperature options that can be controlled on the panel or even by smartphone.

But, for you to understand how this temperature adjustment works in practice, check out the table below that shows the temperature options that you can use in the Consul brewery according to your purpose of use and the type of beer you are going to store:

How to solve problems that may appear in the Consul brewery?

As with all appliances, Consul is also not free from problems. But it is often possible to solve them in a simple way.

For example, if the Consul Smartbeer brewer does not connect to the router, it may be that the brewer is not close enough to the device. Or there may still be barriers, such as walls and doors, between the appliance and the router.

Another problem that can occur is that the brewery does not turn on. In this case, Consul recommends that you check your home’s fuse and circuit breaker and make sure that the plug is connected to the outlet.

You can also check if the outlet is defective, if the plug is disconnected or if the power cord is damaged.

In addition, it is very common for you to notice that Consul brewers make annoying noises. But, according to the manufacturer, some noises are normal and have a reason. Look:

    • Snaps: Occurs when the ice sheets come off in the product.
    • Compressor noise: Vibration characteristic of engine operation.
    • Gas expansion noise: It is typical of refrigeration systems.


How much does it cost and where to buy Consul beer?

The value of a Consul beer can vary depending on the functions, technologies and even the color. So, in general, you will find this appliance costing between R $ 1.5 thousand and R $ 2.8 thousand.

To buy the Consul brewer you will be able to choose appliance stores, department stores and even large supermarket chains.

However, if you want promotional prices, in addition to practicality, we recommend that you buy your beer at online stores like Amazon. In addition to all these advantages, you can also purchase your Consul brewery without leaving your home.


Purchasing criteria: How to analyze Consul brewery models

As we have seen, Consul facilitated the side of those looking for the best beer model by offering two lines of this product. But still, you need to understand what really differentiates one Consul brewery from the other.

In this way, you guarantee that you will be investing your money in the most suitable product for your needs and expectations. For this, we suggest that you take into account the following criteria:

  • Brewer’s measurements
  • Manual or App
  • Colors
  • 110V or 220V

Next, we will explain to you how to analyze these factors before purchasing your Consul brewer.

Brewer’s measurements

The first point that you should consider before buying your Consul brewer is the size of the appliance. After all, you need to make sure that the brewery will fit in the location that you have available at home.

That way, you can choose between two measurements, one larger and one smaller.

The traditional Consul brewery model measures 48cm wide, 87cm high and 58cm deep. In addition, this option weighs 28kg.

The Consul Smartbeer brewer, which weighs 30kg, has the following measures: 48cm wide, 91cm high and 58cm deep.

Manual or App

As we have seen, Consul offers two beer lines that differ, basically, by their control method.

Thus, it is worth taking into account the way you intend to adjust and manage your brewery, either manually or remotely, through your cell phone. It is worth remembering that the more technology involved the higher the price of Consul beer will be.

In addition, as already mentioned, to have a Smartbeer brewer you need to consider the operating system of your device, as well as the Wi-Fi network and the type of router. As for having a traditional Consul brewer, there are no prerequisites.


Another factor that you should analyze is the color of the Consul brewer. After all, you can place your beer in the living room, on the balcony, in the garden or in the kitchen and complement the decor.

However, if you choose a Smartbeer brewer, be aware that it is only available in black. The Consul Mais line offers beer in titanium, red and yellow colors.

110V or 220V

Also analyze the voltage of the Consul brewer. It may seem obvious, but the fact is that when it is time to buy it is possible to let this information pass by.

After all, you will be able to choose the 110V or 220V Consul brewer. Check your home’s voltage beforehand to make the right choice and avoid problems with operation.


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