Top & Best Lip scrub Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lip scrub: What is the best option of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the lip scrub, a beauty product whose purpose is to guarantee the softness and hydration of the lips.

Because it is not such a famous cosmetic, it is natural that you have some doubts about it, right? And our objective is precisely to serve them. In the guide below we will show you its benefits, ways of use, price and all the necessary information for a conscious and safe purchase.

First, the most important

  • The function of lip scrub is to remove dead cells from the mouth, in addition to moisturizing it, activating your blood circulation, and leaving it soft and smooth.
  • It is common for natural exfoliants, even industrialized ones, to be made of natural and organic substances, such as sugar, coffee, oils and essences.
  • It is possible to make your own lip scrub at home, however, this requires that you have all the ingredients in the correct proportions.

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Buying Guide

The lip scrub is one of those products not mandatory in a face cleaning routine, but it ends up being a nice bonus! If you are looking to take the health of your lips more seriously, here are all the information you will need at the time of your purchase.



What is the lip scrub for?

Like body and face exfoliation products, lip scrub has a simple and clear function: removing dead cells, boosting blood circulation and promoting hydration.

According to experts, the scrub leaves the lip mucosa more likely to absorb the nutrients and rejuvenating components found in products such as moisturizers and lip balms, that is, it prepares the lip for such cosmetics.



Did you know that keeping your body hydrated is a way to prevent dry lips? Drink the recommended amount of water and your lips will also be smoother and healthier.


What are the benefits of using a lip scrub?

As we said in the previous topic, the exfoliation of the lips removes those unpleasant skins and even moisturizes the mouth, since it is usually done with products whose composition includes nutritious oils.

The result of the exfoliating application is a soft, smooth, pink mouth and more likely to absorb the nutrients of a lip moisturizer, for example.

Exfoliation is also an excellent choice if you do makeup often, especially if you use a lot of lipstick. It helps to remove traces of make-up that can accumulate, and takes care that your mouth does not suffer from dryness.








However, it is important that you use your lip scrub without excess, since daily use can end up causing the opposite effect, contributing to the dehydrated aspect of the lips.

The ideal is to exfoliate your mouth between once and twice a week, preferably on the same day that you will exfoliate other parts of the face, okay?

Finally, it is worth remembering that the lip scrub is super simple to apply, can be easily carried in the bag and still usually has a very pleasant aroma and taste.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of cosmetics, we highlight a table scoring its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Ensures soft, hydrated and smooth mouth
  • Collaborates to activate blood circulation and pink appearance
  • Has simple application
  • It has a pleasant aroma and taste


  • It should not be used every day, as it can cause dryness

Can I make my own lip scrub?

It is difficult to find a cosmetic brand that has not yet joined the wave of lip scrubs.

Buying the ready-made product is a practical option that will hardly disappoint you, however, it is possible to manufacture your own homemade recipe to exfoliate your lips.

On the internet, you will easily find a series of interesting recipes for making exfoliants, using only natural and easily accessible products.

The most important thing when it comes to producing your exfoliator is to keep in mind that two basic ingredients with different textures will be needed: a granulated one (sugar, coffee, brown sugar), and an oily one, which contributes to hydration (different oils and honey) .

Together, the ingredients slide across the skin, being able to exfoliate, nourish and soften.

When to use lip scrub?

Many people are mistaken that the lip scrub should only be used on those days when you wake up with a dry mouth due to some climatic change.


Exfoliation keeps lips healthy, hydrated and pink.

Exfoliation is a form of treatment. It keeps your lips healthy, hydrated and pink, so it should be done with a certain regularity, but never in excess.

The ideal is to bet on the procedure about once a week, so you do not run the risk of having dry and dehydrated lips, whether due to excess or lack of exfoliation.



How much does it cost and where to buy a lip scrub?

Like all cosmetics, the value of lip scrub is closely linked to the brand and its price can vary widely. The good news is that there are possibilities for all budgets, which can cost from R $ 20 to R $ 80 or more.

As for shopping, stores that sell beauty articles offer good variety. In this case, we can refer you to Sephora, The Beauty Box, and Época Cosméticos. There you will find a good amount of options.

There are also some large pharmacy chains that have specialized sections on make and beauty in general.

But if you really like it is the ease of buying online, in addition to the brands’ own websites, you can buy your lip scrub at Amazon, at Beleza na Web or Mercado Livre.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Lip Scrub Models

There is not much mystery in choosing the dream lip scrub, however, there are some issues that should be noted when purchasing, such as:

  • Texture
  • Composition
  • Flavor and aroma
  • Application technique

Next, we will explain each of them in detail.


The lip scrub is a cosmetic whose granular texture stands out, and therefore, it is very important that it is balanced.

Highly granulated or very large grains exfoliants can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant to the touch. On the other hand, those with few grains and a lot of oil are not as efficient.

Prefer the balanced options, with delicate and soft grains, that are comfortable in contact with the skin, but that fulfill their role of removing dead cells.


One of the advantages of lip scrub is that it is usually composed of a wide variety of natural elements, such as common sugar, brown sugar, coffee, cocoa, in addition to various oils and essences.

Even industrialized products usually have good doses of natural and organic substances, which is good news.

At the time of purchase, keep an eye on the packaging and prefer those that follow this pattern, after all, it is a product that will be in direct contact with your mouth.

Never buy exfoliants that have toxic elements, as you may accidentally swallow them when applying, and this can cause health problems, okay?



Flavor and aroma

The idea is that the lip scrub has contact only with the outside of your body, however, nothing prevents you from choosing an option whose taste and aroma are pleasant.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of exfoliants on strawberry, chocolate, mint and many other main substances.

Choose one whose smell and taste are your taste, after all, it is super tasty to feel good when taking care of your body.


Application technique

Before you buy your dream lip scrub, make sure you know the application technique.

It is recommended that the use of the scrub is done carefully, always in circular movements throughout the mouth and applying pressure evenly, without using excessive force. It is essential that you feel comfortable during the procedure, okay?



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