Best Virtual Reality Glasses

Best Virtual Reality Glasses Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Virtual Reality Glasses: Which is the Best in 2022


today’s topic is the coveted virtual reality glasses. Let’s compare some models and give some super important tips when choosing which one to take home.

If you have made it this far, it means that you are interested, or at least curious, about this new feature that has been taking over the market, both for games and movie technology.

Only a few years ago, virtual immersion was still a subject of science fiction, however, it is now possible to purchase VR glasses (virtual reality) for less than R $ 100. We will identify the models most loved by the public, and also which ones are the main differences between the categories. Come on?


First, the most important

  • You must keep in mind the destination of use that will be assigned to your virtual reality glasses, as the purpose of the purchase will help when deciding which model is most worthwhile within your budget.
  • Always check the quality of the viewing angle, lenses and screen (on standalone models) of the virtual reality glasses you intend to purchase.
  • Remember to research the prices well since they differ a lot, mainly between online and physical stores, in addition to the great variety between models. Prices range from R $ 50 to more than R $ 10,000.

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Ranking: The best 3 virtual reality glasses

If you are looking for virtual reality glasses, you have arrived at the right place. We will introduce you to 3 very different price models so you can make your choice. Check out the ranking below:


Buying Guide

Before, virtual reality was only possible in science fiction films. But in a few years, technology has evolved to the point of making this resource accessible to all of us.

Want to learn more about virtual reality glasses? Throughout this guide we will bring you all the information you need to buy yours!


What is virtual reality glasses and its advantages?

Virtual reality glasses are very popular, and this is due to an increasing market for games and consoles that are updated all year in response to a demand that has been growing exponentially.More and more people want to be aware of what is happening, especially with respect to technology. Virtual reality glasses are no exception, and the experience they provide is something you’ve never seen before.

In addition to providing total immersion in virtual games, which is the main objective for which it is intended, you can also feel like you are in any movie theater in the world!

This whole experience of being inside your favorite game that virtual reality glasses offer, is formed by 3 essential bases: immersive content (games, movies), virtual reality application and VR glasses.

However, as it is a relatively new technology, some caution and a lot of information is needed when choosing the model you want to take home, especially in terms of compatibility between devices.

What are the types of virtual reality glasses?

Most of this market seeks VR glasses in order to use it as a leisure object among family and friends. For this purpose, there are countless different models ready to meet the needs of each user.Among the types of glasses, we can separate them into 3: Gamers, High experience and Cardboard. Check out:

  • Gamers : In the category of professional gamers, there are the best virtual reality glasses on the market, as well as the most expensive. Because they need a compatible, high-performance computer, the value can end up reaching five digits.
  • High experience : The high experience VR glasses category offers models that use the smartphone as a screen and also standalone models, which already have a screen incorporated into the glasses. They operate with their own software and hardware technology, offering increased immersion quality and durability.
  • Cardboard : The most accessible category of virtual reality glasses is cardboard technology (made of cardboard). It becomes cheaper since it is incorporated into cell phones, not having its own screen, and thus, turning them into an immersive tool.

After defining the purpose, it is necessary to keep in mind that, depending on the model chosen, some are only compatible with certain devices (smartphones and computers).

The quality of the provided experience corresponds to the sum of the quality of three items: VR glasses, virtual reality application and immersive content. If the quality of one of these items is neglected, the entire immersion experience will be damaged.


It is necessary to pay attention to at least 4 of these items for a good choice of VR glasses: usability, comfort, viewing angle and immersion. We will talk more about this in the Purchase Criteria.

As the quality of the viewing angle, the lenses and the screen are good, greater comfort is provided when using it, since the immersion experience can cause nausea and dizziness for new users.

How much?

There is a huge variety of models and prices available for virtual reality glasses in the current market. These prices start from less than R $ 100 and can reach up to more than R $ 10,000.The most expensive and advanced models on the market are aimed at gamers and reach these prices due to the need for a compatible and extremely high performance computer, that is, you may need to buy parts to upgrade your computer or buy a new one, in addition to the glasses VR.

Where to buy?

Virtual reality glasses can be found both in physical stores near you and online.In physical stores, they are sold both by the brands that produce it, such as Samsung, as well as by department stores that have a good electronics section, such as Americanas stores.

If you prefer to buy online, prices and offers are more varied and there are extremely reliable stores that offer all the details at the time of purchase, such as, for example, Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing virtual reality glasses models

Before we finish, we need to highlight some factors that must be observed before buying your virtual reality glasses. Are they:

  • Usability
  • Comfort
  • Viewing Angle
  • Immersion

Now, let’s understand its importance one by one.


If a VR glasses has too many wires and cables, it is difficult to put it on or remove it. If it is full of small parts and accessories, many people tend not to use it often and can bring a lot of headaches.

Therefore, always opt for models with a more integrated design, clean and easy to operate; especially, if you want to give it to your child, for example, or use it as a family leisure where everyone has the ability to handle it.

Many parts and accessories that are not fully integrated with VR glasses are not necessarily very positive, since there is an easier way to break or lose them.

As virtual reality glasses are still a novelty, there are not many technical assistance capable of repairing them or selling missing parts, mainly of imported models. The headache can be great!


Because virtual reality glasses are used attached to the user’s face, it is extremely necessary to pay attention to the material in which it is manufactured or coated and the size of the adjustment of the straps that hold it.

If, by any chance, the glasses do not fit comfortably in the face, squeezing the forehead, eyes and nose, it is rare that you will be able to withstand playing for a long time, much because some models weigh more than others.

For eventual users who have prescription glasses, it is recommended to try the model you want in a physical store in advance, due to the fact that some models do not comfortably adhere to the face if you are on the glasses.

Viewing Angle

When it comes to viewing angle in VR glasses, we prefer the best peripheral vision, or side view. A good peripheral vision brings the virtual world closer to the real world profoundly better.

In order to have a good peripheral vision, it is desired that the viewing angle of the chosen VR glasses model has an angle greater than 90 °. Read the product descriptions on the websites for this angle information.


The quality of the immersion sensation is directly related to the viewing angle. However, it is not based on this factor alone.

It is also very important to pay attention to the quality of the lens and the screen, in the case of standalone models. A better quality and resolution screen can prevent feelings of nausea and discomfort when playing.



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