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Best Fujifilm camera Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Since the days of film machines, Best have been present in the photography segment. And today, even though smartphones have replaced most machines, the brand remains strong offering a Fujifilm camera that is ideal for every taste and purpose.

In today’s article, we’ll show you what the main Fujifilm camera models are, the features, functionality, and how to choose and the best one.


First, The Most Important

[wpsm_itinerary_item icon=”” color=””]The Fujifilm camera is one of the best and most renowned cameras.[/wpsm_itinerary_item]

[wpsm_itinerary_item icon=”” color=””]The Fujifilm camera models available range from the most basic and compact to the most advantage and professional cameras.[/wpsm_itinerary_item]

[wpsm_itinerary_item icon=”” color=””]We will show you how to analyze the aspects that differentiate one model from another, such as the image and image video resolution, the type of lens, the zoom, the shooting mode and the flash range.[/wpsm_itinerary_item]


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Best Fujifilm cameras: Our recommendations


Buying Guide

Buying a camera in times of great offer of smartphones that offer quality cameras, can be a challenge. That’s because you need to understand a little about the operation of the device to get the best one according to your goal. With Fujifilm cameras, the story is no different. As the brand has several models for different purposes, attention is needed before purchasing the ideal model. And that is what we are going to deal with in this Buying Guide.


Is the Fujifilm camera good?

To talk about the Fujifilm camera, it is necessary to understand the history and history of its manufacturer. Fujifilm is one of the largest multinationals in the photography and image segment. Founded in 1934, in Japan, the brand is present in 25 countries. The first products manufactured by Fujifilm were 35 mm films for cinema and photographic films and films for X-rays.

Since then, Fujifilm has evolved, invested heavily in technology and design, and has established itself with one of the most renowned and traditional manufacturers of traditional and digital cameras, for amateurs and professionals.

Among the products produced and sold these days by Fujifilm are digital and instant cameras, as well as digital printers, photo papers, etc.

Therefore, due to tradition and high investment in the development of modern and diverse machines, Fujifilm is considered one of the best brands of cameras and lenses in the world.

And that goes for both the compact and basic models, as well as the options for semi-professional and professional cameras.


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Did you know that the Fujifilm brand name has to do with Tokyo, Japan, the city where the brand’s headquarters is located? Fujifilm is a reference to the famous Mt Fuji tourist spot, which is a volcano and the highest mountain in Japan, located west of Tokyo.


What are the main Fujifilm camera lines and series?

Fujifilm offers several models of cameras, from the simplest, through the instant cameras to the most robust and professional.Below you can see the characteristics of the main Fujifilm camera models: Digital and instant cameras.


Digital cameras

Here you will find everything from professional mirrorless camera models to compact ones, generally used by amateurs.

In general, the Fujifilm digital camera has lenses, sensors, and stabilizers, in addition to several features, and still makes films in high resolution.

Within the category of digital cameras for amateurs and professionals from Fujifilm, you will find two main lines: Series X and GFX.

In the X series, the Fujifilm X-T3 camera stands out, alongside the new X-T4. With a 26.1 MP backlit APS-C X-Trans sensor, this camera has high-speed continuous shooting capability, in addition to increasing the phase-detection AF area for the entire frame with 2.16 million pixels of detection phase.

The GFX system has 51.4 MP and makes large format prints. Supported by GF lenses, Fujifilm cameras in the GFX line are for professional use.

In addition to these two lines, Fujifilm also offers the digital action camera, Fujifilm FinePix XP. The main feature of this camera is its resistance to water, drops and dust, in addition to the connectivity features, which include transmission via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Instant Cameras

In addition to digital cameras, Fujifilm also stands out for its instant cameras, which allow you to print photos right after shooting. The Mini Instax is one of the most popular.

With a retro design, this Fujifilm camera is one of the darlings especially of those who work with social networks and of those who travel and want to decorate the walls or refrigerator with instant photos, whether from home or office.

The Instax Mini 9, which is one of the most popular Fujifilm cameras, also has an accessory that mimics a macro lens to attach to the machine. To use the device, two AA type alkaline batteries are required.


What technologies and functions are present in Fujifilm cameras?

Fujifilm also stands out due to the technologies and functions present in its cameras. Of course, this varies depending on the model. But we have selected the main ones for you to know:

  • Objective: Fujifilm camera lenses and lenses offer high precision and minimize image problems such as reflection, purple stripe, among others;
  • EXOS BSI CMOS sensor: This sensor offers 16 million pixel resolution and high image quality;
  • CMOS BSI: This feature reduces noise and improves the sensitivity of the digital camera;
  • Blink detection: The function detects the blink of anyone in the image and warns you to redo the photo;
  • Professional focus: With this technology you get a blur in the background, emphasizing the person or object in the foreground;
  • Uploading on the Web: With these resources, you can choose which photos and videos to publish on the social network. With this, as soon as the Fujifilm camera is connected to the computer, the upload is done automatically.

How does technical assistance for Fujifilm cameras work?

If there is a problem with the Fujifilm camera, and if the device is under warranty, the repair period is up to 30 days.

Fujifilm do Brasil works with companies hired to provide maintenance services for digital cameras that are marketed in the country.

According to the manufacturer, to receive assistance for professional digital cameras from the X and GFX line, the responsible technical assistance is Portssar Digital Cameras.

For Instax and Finepix cameras, Lovatec Technical Assistance is responsible for technical assistance. To contact support you must access the official Fujifilm website.


How much does a Fujifilm camera cost and where to buy it?

The price range for a Fujifilm camera is quite high. This is due to the difference in technical specifications and resources between the different camera models. Because of this, you will find Fujifilm camera options for sale on the market that start at R $ 160 and can exceed R $ 33 thousand.

Of course, you don’t have to invest in the most expensive camera ever. Especially because in department stores, such as Lojas Americanas, and in hypermarkets such as Extra, in general, you find the most popular models from Fujifilm.

But if the idea is to purchase a more sophisticated Fujifilm camera, the ideal is to buy online at stores like Amazon. There you will find all Fujifilm camera models, from the simplest ones that are only sold internationally.

Purchase Criteria: What to analyze on the Fujifilm camera

When choosing the best Fujifilm camera, in addition to taking into account the price, you must observe the technical settings that vary depending on the model. To get the purchase right, here are some things you should look at:

  • Camera type
  • Resolution
  • videos
  • Resources
  • Connectivity

Below you can see how to take these criteria into account.


Camera type

As we have seen, there are several lines and series of Fujifilm cameras. Therefore, the first criterion you should consider is the type of camera.

Bearing in mind that, to acquire a professional Fujifilm camera, advanced knowledge is required to handle all functions and features.

But to give you an overview, check out the differences between Fujifilm camera types.

Professional and semiAmateur and action
ModelLine X and GFXCompact, Mini Instax and FinePix XP
CharacteristicsMore features, optical or digital viewfinder, and interchangeable lensesFewer features, digital viewfinder and fixed lens
CostMedium and highMedium and low



Take into account the image resolution that is linked to the Fujifilm megapixel (MP) camera. In general, the higher the number of megapixels, the better the image quality, especially when you are printing it.

The variation here will be large, between 10 MP and 40 MP, as it depends on the type of camera you choose.



If you want to use the Fujifilm camera to create videos, you also need to consider the quality of your footage. Some models allow you to shoot in HD.

But Fujifilm semi and professional cameras have the ability to shoot in 4k, which is the highest resolution, giving more quality to details, colors and contrasts.

In addition, some Fujifilm cameras allow you to take photos while recording videos.


If the idea is to buy a Fujifilm semi-professional or professional camera, you also need to be aware of some features that will be essential to guarantee the quality and diversity of the type of photographs you can take, in different environments.

See the list with the main features that you should take into account when choosing and the best Fujifilm camera:

  • Lenses ;
  • Flash range ;
  • Storage capacity (memory);
  • Zoom (optical or digital);
  • Shooting mode ;


If you want to share your photos and transfer them from the Fujifilm camera to your phone or tablet, you need to note what type of connection is available on the machine. The most complete models offer connections via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.



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