Top & Best Audio conference Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Audio conference: What are the best devices of 2022?

Technology and the internet have come to unite people in different parts of the world and thanks to this it makes it possible to carry out many activities, such as audio conferencing. This is a type of meeting widely used by companies of all sizes that we will talk about today.

Just needing a broadband connection and a specific device for this, audio conferencing is an excellent way to align information and resolve issues from anywhere and very easily.

And if you are looking to include this practice in your company, know that audio conference devices are the best option and in this text we have gathered all the information necessary for you to be able to choose the best one. So continue with us and know everything!

First, the most important

  • The audio conference device allows meetings to be held with people in different places.
  • They are equipped with very powerful speakers and microphones that guarantee clear and audible transmissions.
  • This type of product has a high value, and the cheapest models cost around R $ 1,300.

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Ranking: The 3 best audio conference devices

Audio conferences are very common in the day-to-day activities of several companies and a quality device is required to perform them. Knowing this, we sought the best in the market and gathered them all in this Ranking with options, check it out.


Buying Guide

Serving to connect people from different geographic parts, audio conferencing is a very efficient solution for companies that have branches and employees in different places, serving for all types of meetings.

It can occur via telephone line, VoIP and via the internet, and there are several types of devices for audio conferencing that allow its realization. And it is to show you what they look like and the advantages of using them that we created this Buying Guide.

What is an audio conference device?

Audio conferencing is a practice that has been going on for many years. It allows people from different places to be able to participate in meetings in a safe and very efficient way.

In it the participants do not need to be all in the same room and as the name says it is a type of meeting through audio.

To carry out this practice with quality and without complications, there are audio conference devices. They are developed with a system of sound, voice and resources that guarantee the perfect functioning of the audio conferences, being that they resemble telephones without hook that work only in the speakerphone.

Another version of meetings held by companies remotely is video conferencing and there are some devices that make audio conferences that can be used in this way as well.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of audio conference devices?

In theory, an audio conference can be carried out in several ways and it is possible to do it through applications by cell phone and even with ordinary phones. However, the best tool for this is the audio conference device.


The audio conferencing devices offer differentiated sound and transmission quality.

This is due to the fact that they are developed specifically for this purpose and thanks to this they offer differentiated sound and transmission quality. Not to mention that it is possible for many people to participate in the same meeting.

Another positive point of this type of device is that it has the same features as a regular telephone , with the difference that it has very powerful microphones, which can capture voices up to six meters away.

On the other hand, this type of equipment has the disadvantage of its cost, which is usually high and is justified only due to its intense use.

How to conduct an audio conference?

There are several ways to carry out an audio conference and for this you need a phone number that will act as the main axis of the meeting. It is in this number that all the people who will participate will call.

To guarantee the security of the audio conference, each participant receives a password and when dialing the number, it must be informed so that he can enter the “meeting room”.

Whoever organizes the conference call is responsible for setting the maximum number of participants and, therefore, only authorized persons can participate.

It is worth knowing that it is still possible to enter the meeting at any time and everything happens simultaneously, even if each one is in a different location.

When the audio conference is over, just disconnect and the device will be free for the next one.

Is it possible to conduct an audio conference via cell phone?

For those who do not usually work at a fixed location, it is also possible to carry out the audio conference via the smartphone. This is another way to facilitate the day-to-day of corporate environments.

If the person who will use the cell phone is a guest for the conference call, just call the number informed normally that after typing the password will automatically be connected.

However, to organize this type of meeting, some applications may be necessary and excellent solutions for this are Skype and Hangouts, from Google. Both have a mobile version and can promote meetings simply and easily.

How much does an audio conference device cost?

As it is a differentiated product, the audio conference device has a high value and the more features and differentials it has, the more expensive it will be. Thus, the starting price of one of these is around R $ 1,300 and the most advanced and modern models can reach more than R $ 8 thousand.

Where to buy an audio conference device?

The audio conference device is not common and has very specific functionality. Because of this, it is more easily found in stores that sell specific products for offices and companies like Kalunga, for example.

However, on the internet there is no difficulty in finding them and many websites sell this type of product, with different options, models and prices. With that, some online stores are: Amazon, Americanas, Magazine Luiza or Mercado Livre.

Also, the models that are in our Ranking can also be purchased. To do this, just click on your favorite.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing audio conference devices

Now that you are already familiar with the world of audio conferencing and this type of device, the time has come to show you what are the main factors that must be taken into account when choosing one of them:

  • Ability to capture and reproduce sound
  • Display presence
  • Wired or wireless
  • Connectivity
  • Additional functions

Then we will detail each one of them.

Ability to capture and reproduce sound

In order to have an efficient audio conference, the device must be able to capture and reproduce sounds clearly. Thus, this is one of the main points that must be analyzed.

Therefore, it is necessary to check how many speakers he has, how far he can pick up his voice, if there is any additional feature to promote a call without noise or echo and other tools that work to ensure an excellent transmission.

Display presence

As much as they are less common, there are audio conferencing devices that do not have a display, while the vast majority have this tool.

Those without screens work very efficiently, too. However with them it is not possible to have caller ID, consult contacts, see the number of participants and the like.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze how important these resources are to choose a device with or without a display and it is also good to know that there are options with color or black and white screens.

Wired or wireless

Another important point is regarding the need to connect via wire or not to the audio conference device.

In this sense, if the product is to be installed in only one location and does not need to be moved it may not make a difference. However, in the case of those who need greater portability, wireless ends up being more viable, not to mention that they do not collaborate to have more cables spread around the room.


It is also worth analyzing what are the connectivity features that the audio conference device has. Many works over Wi-Fi, these being wireless.

However, there are also models that have the Bluetooth function, and thanks to it it is possible to connect them to smartphones, tablets, and other devices, thus managing to share various information and files between them.

Additional functions

In addition to enabling audio conferences, this type of device can also have other additional functions that are of great value.

Most have basic features such as mute, caller ID, and the like, but some of them can record meetings, play HD images on your screen, record contacts, have support for several languages ​​and the like.

Thus, it is worth doing a thorough analysis of the device you are thinking of purchasing to be able to find one that covers all needs.


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