Top & Best Mini Game Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mini Game: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article, we will talk about the mini-game, the portable, practical and inexpensive console, an easy way to have fun anytime and anywhere.

In the Guide we set up, you will see the best models, see the latest releases and remember the most classic mini-games, in addition, of course, the games, controls, and other important information to know – and use – when buying you.

First, the most important

  • The absolute majority of mini-games come with games in their memory. Some have their catalog restricted to these titles, others with possibilities of expansion via memory card and the like.
  • In the retro wave, there are models that are dedicated to reproducing classic console games, like Atari, Megadrive, etc.
  • Caution! Another retro fashion that some models follow is to increase the number of built-in games, by accounting for slightly modified versions of the same title.

Best mini games: Newsroom favorites

There are many mini-game models for sale, from modern and portable versions of classic consoles to generic products. To guide you through this market, we select only the best, considering their performance, their attributes, and, of course, their games.

  • The most practical mini-game
  • The most complete model
  • The most modern mini-game model

Shopping Guide

To relive an old game, explore other games and different versions, or just kill some time, the mini game is the ideal device. Choosing the right mini game for you, however, may not be such an easy task.

There are many models, from different manufacturers, from licensees to generics. In the Shopping Guide that follows, we will show you the most wanted, their characteristics, varieties, among other information, all to help you find the mini game that suits you best.


What are the advantages of a portable mini game?

If you are still unsure whether to invest in a mini game, here are some of its advantages. The first of these is, without a doubt, its practicality. The main models have dozens, if not hundreds, of games in their internal memory. Just plug in, select, and play.

Another advantage is the possibility to remember (for the youngest, try it) the most classic games, from the most traditional consoles, directly in your pocket. There are versions of Mario and Sonic in almost all mini games; in some, the complete or selected catalogs of Atari, MegaDrive, NES, among other consoles.

Finally, there are not only several games in mini games, they are of different genres as well. Action, adventure, racing, shooting, arcade, platform, in short, there are titles for all hours and tastes.

The counterpoint to this variety and practicality is the lack of some basic game functionality, such as the option to save the level or progress in certain games, or an interface with more options besides games, such as browsing files or playing music.

How many games does a mini-game have?

As we said, one of the biggest attributes, and, in a way, one of the defining elements of the mini game product, is the built-in games, saved in the internal memory. It is also one of the elements that most varies between models.


Many models account for the possibility of expansion by memory card or internal memory.

And put variation on that. There are mini games with forty saved games, and others that promise more than ten thousand! The latter, however, should not be overly trusted. There are, in fact, ten thousand files, but many are repeated, versions with minimal changes, or clandestine editions.

The most reliable numbers are between the tens and the hundreds, like forty, fifty, seventy, even a hundred games.

Many of the models also account for the possibility of expansion by memory card or even by internal memory. In fact, they can reach thousands, given the size of the so-called ROMS, the game files that can be downloaded over the internet, on various websites.

How is the SUP mini game?

One of the mini-game models that stands out in the market is the SUP Game. Not only does it have a good price, it also has praiseworthy attributes, making it a great cost-benefit, in addition to having a popular design, and, in some models, even accessories.

SUP promises 400 games. Despite making up the numbers, the device runs games from different consoles, such as Super Nintendo, Game Boy, among others.

The Game Boy, by the way, is the great inspiration for the design of the SUP. It, like Nintendo’s portable console, has a rectangular shape, with a three-inch screen at the top, and seven buttons at the top, apart from the directional arrows.


Did you know? SUP was not the only one influenced by the Game Boy. In the 90s, one of the main mini games was the so-called Brick Game, which was a little longer, had a much simpler screen, and ran games like Tetris and Space Invaders.


Among the features, we highlight the possibility of connecting and transmitting the SUP content to the television, using a P2 / AV cable, the black and yellow cable, and also its removable and rechargeable battery, just like many cell phones.

In some versions, the SUP is sold with a control, called combat control, which has the same horizontal orientation as the device’s buttons, but more widely spaced and ergonomic.

What is the best children’s mini game?

Children and video games have a complicated “relationship”. Imagine then with the mini games, which can be taken anywhere. At the same time that they entertain and help to develop the motor coordination of the little ones, they can addict them, expose them to many lights, and ruin the experience of “calmer” entertainment.

Therefore, there are children’s mini games on the market, more in line with what children like and with parents’ concerns as well. The best children’s mini game is the one that meets those expectations.

They are models with simpler and more objective interfaces, softer and more durable buttons, screens with less intense lights and a very limited catalog of games, not only in quantity, but in themes and genres – children’s games in fact.

Mini game or PSP?

The mini game market follows the trend of portable consoles from large companies. There was an “explosion” of models after the release of the latest versions of Nintendo’s Game Boy, and more recently after the launch of Sony’s PSP and PS Vita.

Many mini games have the same design as the PSP, with horizontal orientation, with a centralized screen and buttons filling the sides. All this can generate an honest question: buy a mini game or a PSP?

Despite the similar design, there are several differences, but two are main: The mini game has built-in games, the PSP runs the games on CDs; the mini game interface is simple, while the PSP has an operating system.

Ah! The price is also quite different. The PSP even decreases its value, but the original games increase the final budget.

What is the price of the mini game?

You can find mini game models with acceptable quality from R $ 50, and more advanced models, or licensed from a classic console, for up to R $ 300.

Purchase Criteria: Choosing your ideal mini game

Next, you will see another exclusive list. This time, they are based on purchase criteria, a help from us for the time of your choice. In the store or on the internet, try to notice these items, which are characteristic elements of the mini game and the user experience.

  • Drums
  • Games
  • Control
  • Portability


As we are talking about a portable console, it is essential to note the battery. Starting if the model in question uses a battery, or if it uses batteries, which is very common among mini games. If this is the case, give preference to the one that uses the least amount of batteries, to at least be cheaper.

If it is battery, however, look for those that are bivolt, since, again, we are talking about a portable console. It is also ideal that the battery is removable, in case it needs to be changed, and that the cable is USB, also easier to be replaced.


Another practical way to choose your mini game is from your games. As we mentioned earlier, the absolute majority of models come with built-in games. So, you can follow three paths:

  • Number of games : There are models with 40, with 70, 100, in short, you can choose the largest quantity, and consequently, the greatest variety of titles. But be careful with the makeup quantities …
  • Classic consoles: Another common case in mini game models are the versions of consecrated retro console games, such as Atari, NES, etc. You can then be guided by the video game you would most like to relive;
  • Specific games : You can also choose the mini game that has your favorite games, regardless of console. Mini Game SUP, for example, runs games from different consoles, to name just one example.


Be sure to pay attention, and if possible, test the controls of the models of your choice. Note everything, the size of the buttons, the hardness, their position, the ergonomics, in general.

The idea is to choose the model that is more comfortable and that lasts longer, because ergonomics is not exactly the main focus of a hybrid device between console and control, and of low cost, to top it off.


Again we hit the key that, as the mini game is a portable console, that it is efficient as such. Let it therefore be light, compact and easy to transport, or at least one or two of these points.

Use the same logic you would use to buy a cell phone. If it is too big, let it be light; If it is heavy, let it be small; and so on.



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