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Top & Best PS4 Controller Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s

 Top & Best PS4 Controller: How to choose the best one for you in 2022?

Today we’re going to talk about an indispensable piece for PlayStation players: the PS4 controller! Without it, it is not possible to carry out the most basic commands, so it is an accessory that cannot be missed.

When purchasing the console, a control unit is usually already included. But, to enhance your experience and play with more people, having at least two controls is interesting.

In this Buying Guide, you will learn a little more about the PlayStation 4 controller, in addition to knowing some models, knowing how much they cost, where to buy it and how to use it, in addition to advantages and disadvantages and the main purchase criteria.

First, the most important

  • Buying a controller for PlayStation 4 requires some care, such as verifying that it is original, that it works with and without wires, in addition to the quality of the material.
  • It is also important to pay attention to the design of the accessory, as different models may have different buttons and functions, for example.
  • The control is sold on several websites, so it is essential to do a good research to make the purchase at a trusted store. Note that the product is original and follows the characteristics described.
  • Finally, Sony’s PS4 controller does not vary much in price – they have a different value depending on the color and if it is a special edition. But other brands sell the peripheral for more expensive and cheaper prices. In this guide we list options from at least R $ 148 to R $ 1,300.

Ranking: The 5 best controller models for PS4

In the following, we will introduce a few different models of the PlayStation4 controller so you can make a purchase safely and confidently.

Buying Guide

Choosing games, performing commands and selecting settings on a PlayStation 4 is only possible through a controller. For this reason, this is an essential item and there are different brands and models on the market.

To understand a little more, in this Buying Guide you will find details about the different controls for PS4, in addition to knowing the main advantages and disadvantages, knowing the price range and where to buy it.

Controller for Playstation 4: What is it?

To play any type of game, you need some equipment: a video game console or a PC, a TV or a monitor, some accessories, such as a mouse and keyboard, and the control, which is essential.The PlayStation controller is an essential item, since it has the function of carrying out the necessary commands to play. At least one unit is already included when purchasing the PS4, but to play with more people or to have different gaming experiences, it is interesting to have more than one.

In addition to the original Sony, with touchpad and four buttons (square, triangle, ball and xis), there are other models on the market, in other colors, but also of different brands and formats.

No matter what type you are using, it is important to be aware of some details, such as whether the product is original and whether it will be compatible with your video game. Stay tuned for the next tips in this guide.

In this video from the Luan da Hora channel, which has 1.6 million subscribers, the youtuber shows in detail the differences between an original and a counterfeit PS4 controller. Check it out below:

What are the advantages of the PS4 controller?

The main feature of a PlayStation controller is obviously to control and carry out the controls of the video game and games. Without it, it is not possible to select the settings and not even the game to be played.However, there are other details – advantageous and disadvantageous – to note. One is whether or not the control has a wire.

One of the advantages of the original Sony control is being wireless, having only one cable to charge the battery. This helps with moves, movements and independence, as it is not necessary to be limited to a certain physical space.

But, despite being wireless (Bluetooth), it also gives the option of being used via the USB cable. This way it is possible to have commands with faster responses, which are ideal for more frantic matches and for more competitive players.

Another strong point is the headphone outputs. Most of the controls listed in this guide have this feature and it allows for greater immersion in games.

Here in this video, youtuber Figaro teaches you how to set up to use headphones, regardless of which brand it is, on the Ps4 controller.


Another advantage is the DualShock itself. The control vibration system (which consists of two internal motors) goes according to the game being played. With it you end up getting into the rhythm of the game, giving you more interaction and even emotion.

The product also offers the possibility of customizing the buttons, making it easier to handle for people with some muscle limitations, for example, and making control more comfortable.

As a disadvantage, we can consider the fact that some models from other brands work only through the wire. This characteristic ends up limiting the player and his movement actions a little.

Another factor that can be considered a negative point for some players is the engines of the DualShock’s vibration mechanism that end up making the accessory a little heavier than previous versions.

Despite being easily charged, via cable to the console or USB socket, the Sony control battery, in factory settings, does not usually last more than ten hours.

Another disadvantage is the fact that there are pirated replicas of Sony’s control. Therefore, care must be taken when buying a fake version – without you knowing it – paying the same price as an original. It will obviously be of inferior quality and will not work perfectly.

Are non-Sony controls original?

To play any type of video game it is necessary to use a controller. He directs the cursor, performs the commands and selects all options.Each console has its own control. However, there are brands that sell accessories other than Sony (PlayStation 4 manufacturer) and that are compatible with the video game.

These products work differently from the originals, delivering other functions, such as joystick (stick), for example. In addition, they are also another option for those who play the PS4 and are looking to change a little or try other accessory options.

Even if you choose a non-Sony controller, it is very important to pay attention if the product is really original. Nowadays there are almost perfect forgeries, but they deliver less quality and can damage the video game, in addition to lasting much less.

How much?

Sony’s PS4 controls don’t vary much in price. The different values ​​are related to the colors of the peripheral and if it is of a special edition, for example.But there are models from other brands that are both more expensive and cheaper than the original for PlayStation 4.

In this guide we present products that cost between R $ 140 and R $ 1,300. We want to give you different price options and brands to be able to meet different tastes, needs and budgets.

Where to buy?

Controls for PS4 can be purchased both on the internet and in physical stores. If you decide for the most convenient way, which is to buy online, several stores, such as Amazon, the official Sony store, Submarino and Ponto Frio sell different controls.When purchasing the accessory in person, you can check the product closely and talk to experienced salespeople. Bookstores, such as Saraiva, and large supermarket chains that have an electronics section usually sell the accessory.

And always remember: when buying the peripheral over the internet, always see the opinions and reviews of users who have already purchased the control in question. Thus, the chances of making a great purchase are greater!


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing PS4 control models

To make the best purchase of a PS4 controller, you can pay attention to some important criteria. They will help you evaluate and decide which option is best for you to purchase between the different PlayStation 4 controller models.

We have compiled the list below so that you can make the perfect choice – within your needs and pocket – of the accessory. Check it out below:

  • Model
  • Color
  • Material quality
  • Brand
  • Wired or wireless
  • Drums

Below, we will explain in detail each criterion, with what must be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing your ideal Playstation 4 controller.


The original Sony controller, which is included with PlayStaion 4, has an ergonomic and comfortable design, is wider than previous versions and has larger handles.

It also has the four main buttons – square, triangle, ball and xis – in addition to triggers L2 and R2, buttons L1 and R1, direction buttons, options and control buttons.

Other models from other brands have a very similar configuration, but can differ in some aspects, such as lighting lights and the presence of a joystick (handle), for example.


In addition to the traditional black PS4 controller, which comes with the product, the brand’s own accessory is also sold in different colors. White, camouflaged, lead, blue, red, gold are some of the options available on the market.

If you want to differentiate yourself and have a different control than what comes from the factory, this is an interesting factor for you to base yourself on when buying. It is also worth remembering that the models of different colors have different prices.

In the video of the channel Wla Games, which has 18 thousand subscribers, you can see some of the different colors available for the Ps4 controller:

Material quality

Everyone knows the quality of the original control material. Sturdy and heavier than the PlayStation 3 version, it has a durability of years, although it can face some small problems over time, such as cracks or rubber wear.

Cheaper products, which are not Sony branded, may be of inferior quality, made with simpler materials, precisely for the price they cost.

If you are looking for a good control that lasts for years, but that costs more, the quality of the material will be a relevant purchase criterion. But it is also possible to choose simpler and more affordable accessories, but which will have less durability.


The brand can be directly linked to the quality of the material. In addition to Sony’s control, accessories from other brands are available that are compatible with the PlayStation 4.

There are renowned game brands that produce great controls and other gaming accessories that are great options for those who want to have a controller that is not the same brand as the PS4.

Wired or wireless

The presence or absence of a cable in the controller can make a difference in the gaming experience. Wired accessories end up limiting the player a little, either in their commands or movements.

However, because they are directly connected to the console, they have a faster response time, being interesting for those more competitive players and for more frantic matches.

A wireless controller always ends up giving more independence to the user, who can move freely and does not necessarily need to sit close and long in front of the video game.

Youtuber Dudu Skraba, on his Site Shop B channel, with 51 thousand subscribers, teaches in the video below how to configure the Playstation 4 controller to be played wired and wirelessly. See below:


The battery issue is also a criterion to be taken into account. The Ps4’s own control lasts about ten hours per charge and can be charged on the console itself or via a USB socket.

Other more expensive models, for example, can last about 19 hours on a single charge, and others even run on batteries that need to be changed from time to time.


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