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Top & Best Foosball table Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Foosball table: Which is the best for you in 2022?

In this article we are going to talk about foosball table (or geek), a very popular article, which you must have had fun with.

If you have played, most of the time, it was probably in a club, hotel, bar, school etc. And it must have crossed your mind to put one in your house so you can have fun with your family and also invite friends.

And for fun to be guaranteed, it is also very important to analyze and make the best choice. Knowing what to take into account when buying yours is essential. For that, count on us and continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • There are several different brands and models of foosball tables. Identifying which ones are the best is the first step towards your purchase.
  • Despite being a hobby, there are rules in a game of foosball to ensure greater durability for your table and fairer matches.
  • There are very simple foosball tables, starting at R $ 140, and others full of resources, which can cost up to R $ 3,000.

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Ranking: The 5 best foosball tables

Ball in the center of the table, two players on each side .. the fun will begin! If you don’t want to have to go to any club, bar or anywhere else to play, here are some of the best foosball table designs. Choose yours and take this fun home!

Buying Guide

Foosball – or foosball, in some parts of the country – was and is part of the routine of many. This traditional game is usually played in clubs and bars. Even some schools provide tables for students to play during break times.

But if you usually receive friends and family, nothing better than having the hobby available at home, right? Continue reading our Buying Guide and learn what you need to pay attention to when buying your foosball table. Who knows, maybe one day you can face these beasts?

What is a foosball table?

Foosball – or foosball, as it is called in much of – is a very popular game in the country (and it couldn’t be any different in the country of football). In it, the “players” are static, attached to a rod, which is moved with the aim of placing the ball in the goal.

As in real football, played with the feet, the official foosball has 11 players, distributed in 4 rows for each team, representing: goalkeeper, defense, midfield and attack, respectively.

These rows are parallel and interspersed with the opposing team (with the exception of the space between goalkeeper and defenders), and the movements are performed by turning the 4 gauntlets, which control each row.

How are teams divided at the foosball table?

The most common formation of foosball tables is 1-3-4-3 (one goalkeeper, three defenders, four socks and three forwards). However, it is also possible to find models with a 1-2-5-3 formation, with five players in the midfield.

In these cases, as the defense becomes more unguarded, it is common for matches to have more goals.

Foosball tables are an excellent pastime for children and adults, who have fun playing individually or in pairs. The most traditional tables follow seven balls, so generally four goals guarantee the victory of a player or pair.

There are also portable models, smaller and with fewer players, which are usually given to children, as they are cheaper and easier to carry


Did you know that the first foosball table appeared in the 1930s? The credits for this invention are disputed by Germans and Spaniards, the German model being made entirely of wood, and the players were simply rectangles that did not resemble real football players at all.

Do foosball games have rules?

Despite being a very popular hobby, there is a lot of disagreement with the rules of foosball. You probably start the game wrongly, according to official rules. Most people start the game by placing the ball on the table through a side entrance, with force.

The correct way to start the game, however, is to position the ball with your hand on the central player of the team that chose possession of the ball. Before giving the first kick to the goal in this first possession, the ball must touch two players, or be passed on.

When the ball stops outside the reach of any doll, it must be placed on the defensive player closest to the place where the ball stopped. If the ball stops in midfield, it must be placed on the foot of the one who served the last ball. Do not shake, lift or hit the table.

did you know that, according to the rules, it is forbidden to turn the rod by more than 360º? In other words, that movement in which you rotate the rod to generate the strongest possible kick is illegal!

Professional or recreational foosball table?

The foosball table is divided into two categories: PRO and REC. The acronyms come from PROfessional and RECreacional. They have specific characteristics that must be observed.

In general, the REC foosball table is indicated simply for leisure. People who just want a good dose of fun without demanding too much from the sport. Now, if you take foosball a little more seriously and want to have serious and competitive disputes with your friends, PRO is right for you.

They have technical differences that we will list in a comparative table below:

How much?

A foosball table can be constructed from different materials and in different dimensions. Therefore, it is possible to find more basic and simplified models from R $ 140 to more professional models, which can cost up to R $ 3,000.

Evaluate the Purchase Criteria below to define which model – and price – best fits your need.

Where to buy?

This product can be found in physical and digital stores. But, it will probably be on the internet where you will probably find a greater variety of products and lower prices.

On the internet, they can be found in virtually every market place. Some examples are Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare foosball table models

Most foosball tables follow the same pattern. Even so, there are differences to be noted between one model and another.

The components and their materials are the main points for you to guarantee the best gaming experience and make your investment last longer, for this, below we will differentiate the important points that differentiate them:

  • Material
  • Rods
  • Springs and shock absorbers
  • Base and cabinet
  • Balls

Check each item in detail to make the best choice when buying your foosball table.


With regard to the material of the table, it must be analyzed in parts. We will talk about the bars and cushioning in the following topics, so here we want to warn you about the wooden structure.

They can be manufactured with different types of wood, however, the most suitable – even used in the manufacture of tables of official championships – is MDF.

If you want to have a high quality and long lasting table, choose this type of wood. If your preference is to pay cheaper to have a foosball table exclusively for leisure, you can find other options.


The rods are the rods that connect the rows of players. It is important that they are made of more massive materials, such as iron, to ensure greater durability due to the wear of the sequential commands that are given by the players.

Otherwise, these men can warp, as it is an agile game, it is common to see players making quick and sudden movements.

Springs and shock absorbers

These two items separate the bars and the sides of your foosball table. That is, it will be these parts that will act in order to minimize the impact of any wear and tear on the structure.

Despite the existence of both, it is important not to hit the bars with too much intensity on the sides, and despite the long life of these parts, observe any signs of wear to perform maintenance.

Base and cabinet

The base, as the name implies, is what supports the rest of the table. And as the game consists of making a ball cross the field and entering the opponent’s goal, it is very important that there is a solid cabinet to avoid any unevenness, which can make the game experience frustrating.

In this respect, give preference to more solid and solid material bases, which also contributes to less wear and longer life of your foosball table.


Although not a component of the foosball table, the balls themselves are also an item to watch. They are the only object that touches the table, so it is a factor that can cause base wear.

It is ideal that the balls are 35 mm in diameter, it is important to avoid them being heavy and plastic. Such a warning is given because heavy balls damage the table more and in addition, do not offer enough quality for control.

Some offers include one or more balls.


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