Top & best 4K gamer monitor Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & best 4K gamer monitor: Discover how to get the best in 2022

the site where you can find the most complete analysis of the technologies that are on the market. Today we’re going to talk about the 4K gamer monitor and whether it’s really worth the investment.

Whether in a competitive or casual scene, having good equipment is essential to make the most of the new generation games, especially when it comes to graphics. See more in our article.

First, the most important

  • Many games, especially the older ones, are still adapting to 4K resolution, so you may not be able to take full advantage of the monitor’s full potential.
  • Although a good monitor is essential, you need to have a good setup in general, which includes a good video card.
  • In addition to the resolution, pay attention to the frequency and response time. On a gamers monitor, this makes all the difference and can even impact your performance.

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The best 4K gaming monitors: Our indications

The gamer market has been booming since the last few years and the monitors are in a prominent position. See just a few examples that we have separated for you with the best in the world of technology.

  • A great option for those just starting out
  • The editorial recommendation
  • The perfect monitor for the most demanding gamers

Buying Guide

With the growth of competitive events and the strength that the eSports scenario has been gaining, it is increasingly worthwhile to invest in a good gamer computer. And the monitor is a key part to take full advantage of its settings.

And while there are already a few options for 16K monitors, this is still an expensive and distant reality. Many developers are still starting to make the most of 4K resolution. Then, see in our shopping guide how to choose the best option for your needs.

Is it worth investing in a 4K gamer monitor?

The simplest answer is that it depends. First of all, you need a gamer computer, which already has good elements like processor, memory and a video card that takes full advantage of the monitor’s potential.

If this is your case, 4K models are a great choice, as this is a technology that promises to last for some good years. Another advantage is that prices are starting to become more affordable.

In addition, there are other peripherals that can help improve your overall performance and experience. Take a look at the items below that are practically indispensable for gamers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 4K gamer monitor?

The first, and most notable, advantage of 4K monitors is their resolution, far superior to HD and Full HD models. And, because they fit into the gamer category, they also offer less response time and a higher frequency rate.

Most of these monitors are already compatible with technologies from the main video card developers, which further increases the image quality. The variety of entries and exits is also one of the strengths.

If you got lost, don’t worry. We will explain these points in more detail throughout our analysis.

And, as for the disadvantages, the main one is still the higher price when compared to traditional monitors and they require a more robust setup.

What are the main technologies used in the 4K game monitor?

There are currently two major brands of video cards on the market, NVIDIA and AMD. Each of them has its own technologies, and the monitor is often compatible with only one of them. Understand a little better:

    • V-sync: It is the main one and practically all games are adapted to this technology. It is also present in less powerful video cards. The big problem here is its high rate of input lag, which can cause a delay between your actions and what is displayed on the screen.
    • G-sync: This technology was developed by NVIDIA and works in conjunction with the brand’s products. It stands out for solving problems like input lag, stuttering and screen tearing.
    • FreeSync: Most used on AMD graphics cards, this format is free to use, which makes it compatible with most monitors. However, it lags a little behind in performance when compared to G-Sync.


What are the types of 4k gamer monitor?

There are two main categories of 4K gamers monitors available on the market.

The more traditional flat screen is perfect for casual gamers, as it is already optimized for most games and has a much more affordable price.

Curved screens are more expensive, but offer more screen space. This makes them great not only for games, but for watching movies and series or working with graphic development.

And, if you want to combine the elongated size of a curved monitor with the practicality of a flat screen, you can also choose the UltraWide models.

Purchase criteria: What should I review before buying a 4K gamer monitor

What gamer does not dream of having the perfect computer, with only better peripherals and everything that technology has to offer. With a good 4K gamer monitor, immersing yourself in the world of your favorite game becomes even more perfect.

But, with so many options available on the market and technical specifications that can intimidate the most lay buyers, there are a few factors to note before making your decision. Check out the topics we’ve separated for your analysis.

  • Screen size
  • Display frequency
  • Response time
  • Inputs and outputs

Screen size

The screen size is one of the main factors that you should consider when choosing a 4K gamers monitor. Subject matter experts recommend that it be no more than 28 inches.

Unlike with televisions, we usually get closer to the monitor. So, unless it is very good, you may end up losing in image quality.

And although it seems more trivial, the bigger the monitor, the more space it will occupy on your bench. This is something to consider when you are setting up your setup.

Display frequency

Unlike what you can imagine, monitors display still images, which gain movement for the speed with which they are displayed.

In traditional monitors, the frequency rate is usually 75 Hz.

For example, on traditional monitors, the frequency rate is usually 75 Hz. That is, it displays 75 frames per second. In gamers monitors, the frequency is usually higher. A good option is to opt for 144 Hz.

This is one of the cases where the higher the frequency, the more fluid your games will appear on the screen, which can even improve your performance in games that require more speed.


Did you know that it is already possible to find 4K gamers monitors with a frequency rate of 240 Hz?


Response time

Speaking of speed, response time is essential on a gamer monitor. He is responsible for how fast his commands are displayed on the screen, which is essential in the competitive landscape.

The recommendation for gamers monitors is that the response time is below 5 ms. This avoids problems like motion blur, inpuit lag and stuterring.

Inputs and outputs

Finally, it is important to be aware of the inputs and outputs of your 4K gamer monitor. Especially in the amount of HDMI inputs available or if it is compatible with your video card.

An advantage of some models is that many manufacturers have started to incorporate USB outputs on the monitors, allowing you to connect your peripherals directly to it, such as a mouse, keyboard and headset.


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