Top & Best Xbox One Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Xbox One: Find the best version in 2022

Welcome to, your internet review site. If you are looking for a next-generation video game that is still a multimedia center, Xbox One is the ideal choice for you.

The successor to Xbox and Xbox 360, Xbox One came to the market with a more powerful processor, capable of reproducing high definition images and offering several connectivity options with online services that are its great differential.

Microsoft has invested heavily in its video game to ensure a complete user experience. To choose the best model for you to enjoy all its features, check out our review and understand a little better about the Xbox One and its different versions.

First, the most important

  • The Xbox One had an internal hard drive for storing digital media. There are models with 500 gigabyte or 1 terabyte hard drives.
  • Most models come with only one controller, so you need to purchase a second controller separately.
  • To play online with your friends you need to pay for a subscription service called Xbox Live Gold.

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Xbox One and its best accessories

In addition to the console itself, to have the best experience with your Xbox One, you need to have the right accessories. Below, we list interesting console models and accessories.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a next-generation video game, Microsoft’s Xbox One offers a library with over 100 game titles and access to major streaming services, making it more than a video game, but an entertainment center.

With different versions and different bundles being offered on the market, you may feel a little confused about which is the best Xbox One so you can play and have fun. Then, check out our Buying Guide to understand a little better about the new generation of consoles.


What is an Xbox One console?

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One is a next-generation console, successor to Xbox and Xbox 360, and offers you access to numerous high-definition game titles, whether through physical media or digital media.

In addition, it allows you to access the internet through your browser, Microsoft Edge and can access streaming services such as Youtube, Amazon, Spotify or make use of applications such as Skype. You can also watch movies in high definition through your Blu-Ray player.

Through the Xbox Live Gold subscription service you can enjoy online matches with your friends and even win games that are added to your gallery and that can be played as long as you have the subscription and discounts in the Microsoft online store.


What are the different types of Xbox One available on the market?

Since its launch in 2013 of the Fat model, Microsoft has already launched three other models with improvements in hardware and controls: the Xbox One Slim, the Xbox One Elite and the newest, the Xbox One X.

These changes can be noticed in the size of the device, as well as the incorporation of hard drives with greater storage capacity. While the first model had a capacity of only 500 Gb, the new models have 1 terabyte hard drives.

The size has also changed, with the Xbox One S being 40% smaller than its predecessor, for example. And with all these changes, it is important to note that there is also a price difference between the models.

To understand a little better about these differences, check out our table below.

What is backward compatibility on XBox One?

A major advantage of Xbox One over its competitors is its backward compatibility function, which allows you to play Xbox 360 titles and even some games from the first Xbox that are receiving remastered versions.

Whether through physical or digital media, this feature allows you to redeem the good times you had with the older games on a more modern platform without having to pay for the title twice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages between models?

Xbox One offers several advantages over some of its competitors, such as having a native 4K model, offering better image quality.

It is also a multimedia center with access to streaming services and high-resolution movie viewing with its Blu-Ray player.

But before you buy, you should note that there are some disadvantages too, like the fact that most Xbox 360 peripherals are no longer suitable for Xbox One, the fact that you have to pay a subscription to be able to play online or Microsoft has discontinued and stopped producing Kinect.

Can I transport my Xbox One?

Yes, you can carry your Xbox One if you want to take it with you on a trip or to the home of friends. It is possible to find on the market some specific bags for transportation, ensuring more safety during transportation.

You can also take it with you in a backpack or suitcase. To avoid shocks, wrap the video game in a towel or thick fabric so that it is well protected during transport.

How much does an Xbox One cost?

The price varies depending on the model or bundle you want to purchase. The first Xbox One models can be found in a range of R $ 1,300. The Xbox One S is in the $ 1,400 range.

Because they are newer and more powerful, the Xbox One Elite is usually found in the range of R $ 1,800 to R $ 2,000. The Xbox One X costs around R $ 2,500.

The models and bundles shown in this review can be found in a range of R $ 1,300 to R $ 2,500.

Where can I buy an Xbox One?

You can find Xbox One in stores specializing in video games and electronic games, technology stores and even large supermarket chains.

On the internet you can find it in Microsoft’s own virtual store or in large e-commerce stores such as Amazone.

All models and bundles shown in this article can be found on Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying an Xbox One?

As you can see, Xbox One offers a lot of features, both to play the most modern games on the market and to enjoy a complete multimedia center.

But as there are different versions, it is important to know a little more about the product so that you can choose the best cost / benefit for you.

  • Hardware
  • Colors
  • Controls
  • Kinect
  • Peripherals
  • Subscription services
  • Exclusive games

Check the items above carefully to understand a little more about the components, the peripherals and what are the exclusive games that you can play with your Xbox One.


The hardware is the body of the Xbox One, the physical components of which it is made, such as its processor, the memory, the type and capacity of the internal hard drive, the source, etc.

Although the technology of the first Xbox One and the Slim version are practically the same, it offers the same power in a much smaller size and already has an internal source, which helps in the use of space when you are accommodating the console in a table or shelf.

Newer models offer new technologies, such as the Xbox One Elite, which offers an SSHD in place of conventional internal hard drives, allowing faster execution of menus and games.

The big difference, however, is with Xbox One X, which with a hardware technology capable of playing games with a very high resolution quality by having a video card capable of processing images in native 4K, making the most of the technology new televisions available on the market.


You can find the Xbox One in two main colors: black or white. Some models offer only one color, while others offer both options.

In addition, you can find limited or custom editions that feature different paintings with the theme of the great exclusive Xbox One games.

It is a matter of personal taste, but it can be an important criterion for your choice.


Keeping a control model very similar to that of its predecessor, the Xbox 360, the new generation of controls has undergone only a few adjustments to make it ergonomically more comfortable in the player’s hand.

The controls are wireless and powered by two AA batteries, but it can also work via a USB power cable, which is connected to the console.

Considered by many experts in the field as one of the best controls on the market, you can also find the controls in different colors and customized to suit all tastes.

Most offers include a control. Check this information in the product description.


Kinect 2.0 is an evolution of the first model released with the Xbox 360. It is a motion sensor and has cameras, allowing you to enjoy games that work by recognizing the player’s movement.

It also allows you to control the video game through voice control, allowing you to turn the device on and off using simple commands, in addition to allowing you to more easily navigate the different functionalities of the video game.

Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped producing the Kinect in 2018, but it is still possible to find some units available for purchase on the market. If you prioritize this function, make sure you choose the right model.


In addition to the controls and Kinect, you can find other peripherals for the Xbox One, such as headsets that can be plugged directly into the controller, allowing you to communicate during online matches.

You can also find other types of peripherals for the Xbox One, especially when it comes to controls. If you like to drive and want to have a unique experience when playing a racing game, you can find steering wheels, pedals and shifts compatible with the console.

Some offers may include a peripheral, or even purchase the next item at a higher discount. This can save you a few dollars.

Subscription services

Microsoft offers two subscription services for Xbox One: Xbox Live Gold and Gamepass.
Live Gold: You can play online with your friends, win up to four games a month and earn special discounts at the online store.

Gamepass: It works as a game store, where you have a library with more than 100 titles that you can download and play while you are enjoying the subscription period.

Both subscriptions can be purchased in monthly, quarterly or annual plans.

Exclusive games

In addition to allowing you to enjoy hundreds of titles from leading developers working in the market, Xbox One also has some exclusive game franchises for its platform.

Among the best known are Halo, a first-person shooter, the Forza Motosport franchise and Forza Horizon, which are racing games for those who love speed and Gears of War, a third-person shooter.



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