best Gamer headset Review

best Gamer headset Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best Gamer headset: How to choose the best model in 2022?

The subject of today’s article is aimed at those who love games: headset gamer. Like other PC accessories, this product helps to improve game performance.

A gamer headset can facilitate communication with other players during the game and enhance the audio experience, capturing details that a regular headset would not capture.

As with most computer peripherals, there are several options for sale on the market, with different price ranges.

In this article, you will learn a little more about the headset for computer, notebook and video games, in addition to knowing some models, see how much they cost, and know where to buy it and how to use it.

First, the most important

  • When deciding to buy the perfect gamer headset for you, stay tuned to all the details, such as the quality of the material and audio, brand, and durability.
  • Another important issue to take into consideration is the platform to be used. Although most headphones work well on any device, there are some whose functions are best performed on specific platforms.
  • There are products with different prices, based on the quality and brand of the gamer headset. In this guide, we list options from at least R $ 60 to more than R $ 870.

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Ranking: The 6 best gamer headset models

If you want to improve your experience while playing, whether on the computer or in the video game, a good gamer headset can help a lot. Here are some of the best models on the market so you can have fun and play even better.

Buying Guide

Isolate noise from the outside world, focus on every audio detail of your game, and still communicate with players anywhere in the world.

If that is your goal, in this Buying Guide you will find details about the gamer headset, in addition to knowing the advantages and disadvantages, knowing the price range and where to buy it.

Gamer headset: What is it?

The gamer headset, or gamer headset, is nothing more than a set made up of high-quality sound and acoustic isolation headphones, with a directional microphone.

This product, in addition to being used for listening to music and watching movies and series, is excellent for enhancing the gaming experience, with a significant improvement in the quality of sounds and noises during matches.

In addition, with the microphone the user is able to chat with other players, communicating to their team their game strategy.

Sound is an important part of a game and can be both “decorative” and functional. The first case appears in the form of a soundtrack and contribution to the setting. The second are indicators that have mechanical functions and certain game effects.

With the right accessory, every noise in the game will be highlighted and perceived, thus increasing the perception, quality, and experience of the game.

Gaming headset: What are your advantages?

Anyone who plays on the computer knows that some factors make a big difference in performance. A very important factor is the accessories used, created to deliver a better game journey.

One of these peripherals is the gamer headset. In order to deliver an incredible audio experience, they also help the player to communicate with others in the game, in addition to enhancing the qualities of a game.

This product is interesting too, as it is able to set the tone of a game. In a horror game, for example, the clear sound of the headset can determine whether you will be startled by a noise or whether you will decide to ignore it.

Another advantage of the accessory is that, with it, you will be able to hear various sounds and noises that will show you the proximity of objects and enemies, for example, helping you prepare for a battle or even escape ambushes.

Compatible with several platforms, headset gamers can be used on computers, notebooks, video games (such as PlayStation and Xbox), as well as home theaters.

In addition, they do not need to be used only for games. They can also be used to listen to music or watch a movie or show on TV.

They are also very easy to control the volume of the game or mute. Instead of opening the audio box on the computer, all you have to do is press the buttons that usually come on the headset cable.

Because they emit a lot of sound details that are not transmitted by the sound of the TV, a common phone, or a computer speaker, the player who uses it ends up having a certain advantage.

Just as it shows any minimum noise within a game, it also isolates all ambient sounds, thus helping the user’s concentration and attention.

And, still, as an advantage, is a large number of models and prices available in the market. It is a democratic product that can be found at a good cost-benefit ratio.

As a disadvantage, the gamer headset is, of course, more expensive than an ordinary headphone (despite being a democratic accessory). This will be reflected in increased durability.

The product has both wired and wireless options. In each of them, you need to be aware: the wire can interfere with some movements and moves. The battery (or battery), on the other hand, can run out without you noticing, impairing the game.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the microphone, which captures all the user’s speeches and sounds from the environment in which they are playing. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to say what is not desired.

Just as being compatible with different platforms is an advantage, not being universal can be a disadvantage. Be aware of compatibility when purchasing the product, as it may have some restricted functions depending on the device being used.

To make it easier, see the main advantages and disadvantages of the product in the table below:

How important is a gamer headset?

For those who love PC games, playing with precision and having control over the controls is essential and, for that, there are several accessories, such as a steering wheel, mouse, and keyboard.

Another invention for gaming aficionados is the gamer headset. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to the importance of sound and audio within a game. However, it has the ability to set the tone for the game, in addition to helping at certain times, such as approaching enemies or important objects.

Of course, it is possible to use conventional headphones or headphones, or even speakers for the computer, but the gaming experience will not be the same.

With stereo or surround sound, the gamer headset delivers details of noises that are not perceived with normal headphones and allows communication – through the attached microphone – with other players.

One of the games where audio details make the most difference is CsGo, the famous Counter-Strike. In the video below, we can see a list of the most used headphones in this popular game.

How much?

The value of the gamer headset varies according to the brand and quality of the material. It is a democratic product, with several price ranges, but it directly reflects on its durability.

In this guide, we put models that cost between R $ 60 and R $ 880. Through different prices, we want to present alternatives for different tastes, needs, and pockets.

Where to buy?

To buy a gaming headset you don’t necessarily need to go to any physical store. You can easily check the features on the internet and buy the product on websites, such as  Amazon. if you prefer to check the product in person and talk to experienced salespeople, you can visit games stores and PC accessories.

And a tip: to make a reliable online purchase, review reviews from people who have already purchased the headset in question.

Where to buy?

To buy a gaming headset you don’t necessarily need to go to any physical store. You can easily check the features on the internet and buy the product on websites, such as Amazon.

However, if you prefer to check the product in person and talk to experienced salespeople, you can visit games stores and PC accessories.

And a tip: to make a reliable online purchase, review reviews from people who have already purchased the headset in question.

Connector type

Gaming headsets usually feature two types of connectors: USB or P2 (3.5mm).

USB ports are most useful for PCs or notebooks, while P2 connectors can be used on TV monitors, desktop video games and other portable devices.

On computers with the Windows system, for example, you can choose and configure whether you want only the sound to be propagated to the headset. Thus, the functions of the microphone can be separated from the peripheral and are due to another accessory.


Of different types, the gamer headset usually has an open or closed design. An open design headset is an indication if you are looking for a headset that does not overheat and keeps your head cool, as well as allowing outside noise and noise to enter.

Now, if you prefer to play without being disturbed and without hearing ambient sounds and other elements from outside, opt for a closed design peripheral. But stay tuned: this model is usually more expensive, as it delivers more sonic details of the match.

The question of design also includes the issue of comfort. The device needs to be comfortable in the user’s head, in addition to working as promised in the delivery of sounds.


Like all gaming accessories, you want the headset to have good durability and not wear out quickly.

The construction of this product and the materials used must be resistant and capable of withstanding several hours of use without disassembling or loosening parts.

Some characteristics can be taken into account when assessing the quality of the material. One of them is how the audio outputs are fitted to the accessory’s central stem.

It is also possible to note that, if the accessory is of inferior quality, it is usually constructed with cheaper plastic and contains other parts of lesser quality, such as screws. As such, it ends up being less durable and breaking more easily.


Audio quality

As the main function of the gamer headset is to enhance the sound experience, it is clear that audio quality is an important purchasing criterion.

The good quality of the audio can be evaluated by the ability of the headset to reproduce the game’s soundtrack, obviously, and also by the competence of the accessory in highlighting the minimum sound details of the matches.

However, this criterion is also related to the player’s personal taste. There are those who prefer headsets with a more balanced sound distribution and those who like sound with heavier bass. It will all depend on your gaming experience preferences.


Any product available on the market, regardless of type, has several characteristics to be taken into account at the time of purchase and they are usually directly related to the price.

But in the gamer headset segment, quality is not always tied to how much it costs. With a diverse range of prices, it is possible to find more affordable and still good models.

And it is at this point that it is worth considering the cost x benefit issue. You can pay cheaper for a product that suits you well, but that lasts less than one that you pay a little longer.

The options for headset models and price ranges are many and you are sure to find the one that best fits what you want and can afford.



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