Top & Best Dobble Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dobble: What is the best version of 2022?

Getting children off the screen has become increasingly challenging and necessary. But games are not lacking to have moments of fun with the little ones. Dobble is a super fun option that will integrate the whole family. It is this game that we are going to talk about in today’s article.

There are five different themes for you to choose the one that most pleases your children. In addition, it can be played in five different ways. Curious to know this game that is fun for everyone? Keep reading this Buying Guide until the end.

First, the most important

  • The Dobble game can be played in five different ways. It is suitable for people over six, but has a special version for people over three.
  • A game lasts about 15 minutes and can be played by up to eight people, perfect for joining the family.
  • This game costs an average of R $ 60. Only the waterproof version is usually a little more expensive.

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The best versions of Dobble: For all tastes

We have selected the versions of Dobble available on the market for you to choose the one that has more to do with your family. Check out the description to ensure this fun game and live great family moments:

  • Traditional doble
  • Waterproof Dobble
  • Harry Potter themed doble
  • Dobble animals
  • Numeric doble for 3 year olds


Buying Guide

Parents are increasingly looking for ways to attract the attention of their children to playful and educational activities, aiming to reduce the time of exposure of screens. Dobble is a super fun option that can be played only by the little ones or even as a family.

Stay with us until the end of this Buying Guide to learn everything about this integrative game.

What is Dobble and at what age is it indicated?

Dobble is a card game created by Galapago Games. It consists of 55 cards and each has eight images. In total there are 57 different symbols that are repeated only once on each card.

And therein lies the challenge of this game. You need to combine observation and speed, since the main objective is to be able to identify which is the symbol in common between two cards.


Dobble is indicated for over six years.

The game has five different versions. In general, most of them are indicated for children older than six years. Only the Dobble Numbers version can be played for over three years.

But there is no age limit, the whole family will have a lot of fun with this game.

How to play Dobble?

There is a very generic way of playing Dobble and five other different ways of playing it, all with the same common goal: to find the images in common.

If it’s your first time playing Dobble, follow the steps:

  1. Leave the cards in a pile with the image down on the center;
  2. A player draws two cards and places the drawings face up;
  3. Everyone should try to find the common design on the two cards. The images will be of the same shape and color, changing only the size;
  4. Whoever finds it first says the name of the symbol , keeps those cards that gave him the victory, buys two new cards and places them in the center with the images facing up;
  5. In the end, whoever has more cards found more images and wins the game .

This is the most generic way to play Dobble, suitable for young children and beginners. There are also five ways to play it that are called mini-games, a dose of extra challenge for those who are already players in the traditional game mode. Each minigame has a thematic name, as there are some differences in the rules.


Attention! If you want to create a tournament, you need to go through the five mini-games and score points according to the rules booklet. It would be too long to explain the rules for each mini-game, but don’t worry, in the rules booklet they are explained in detail.


What are the advantages of the game?

The advantages of investing in a Dobble game are many. First of all, it is a fun way to entertain children and still integrate the whole family, since adults also have a lot of fun playing with the little ones.

It is a game that trains observation and speed, two essential skills to win the game.

Dobble is a very versatile game that can be played very simply, or members can still play tournaments through mini-games. So, there are several levels of challenges and the game never gets tedious.

It is an excellent option to break the ice between people who are getting to know each other.

Children love this game that is fever all over the world. So, invite your little ones to play it and they switch screens at the same time to live these fun moments.

In addition, it is a very accessible game and very easy to be transported, since the cards come inside a can.

The only disadvantage is that because it is a card game, it deserves attention and care not to tear or dent.



  • Guaranteed fun for children
  • Entertains the whole family
  • Trains observation and speed
  • Several ways to play it, for all challenge levels
  • Excellent icebreaker
  • Attractive way to get kids off screens
  • Cheap
  • Easy to transport


  • Deserves care not to tear and crumple the letters

What are the different types of Dobble?

The Dobble game has five different versions: traditional, animals, numbers, Harry Potter and waterproof. The objective is always the same: to find common images in the cards. The biggest difference is in the theme of the images and the mini-games. Check the table below:

How much does it cost and where to buy the Dobble game?

You usually find at least one version of Dobble in major toy stores. However, the best place to buy is the online market. We recommend Amazon.

Buying over the internet is easier to find exactly the version you want.

Dobble prices range from R $ 55 to R $ 75. The cheapest version is the numeric version, for younger children. The most expensive game is the waterproof one. The average price of the other versions is R $ 60.

Purchase Criteria: Know the topics for choosing a Dobble

Do you want to have fun and offer this dynamic game to your children? Before choosing between one of the five versions we want to show you the criteria that can help you choose the right Dobble. Look:

  • Indicative age
  • Thematic
  • Waterproof
  • Price

Check each one carefully to make the best purchase.

Indicative age

Start at the indicative age. Are your children and children who are going to play older than six? So you have more options to choose from. There are four versions for this age: traditional, animals, Harry Potter and waterproof.

If you intend to include a child under the age of six in the game, choose the version ‘numbers’, suitable for children over three.


Considering the age, you need to select the theme. Children around the age of six may love the ‘traditional’ or ‘animal’ version. They are great for expanding vocabulary in relation to the two themes.

But if the kids who are going to play are older and even teenagers, Dobble Harry Potter will be more attractive to them. For children under six there is only the theme of ‘numbers’.


This Dobble is specific for those who want to play with the game without worrying about liquids that could damage the cards.

It is the perfect version for a circle of friends with snacks and drinks while playing, and you can even play in the pool.


Some versions are more expensive and others cheaper, although the difference is small. Because of the resistance, the waterproof Dobble is the most expensive of the games. And the Dobble number is the cheapest, since it contains the least cards.

The other themes remain at an average of R $ 60. However, you can find higher or lower prices, depending on the store. The best prices are on the internet.



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