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Top & Best PC gamer: How to choose the best model in 2022?

your online shopping guide. In today’s article we will talk about a very important product – if not essential – for those who want to improve their game: the PC gamer.

With more power, strength and agility than a conventional computer, the gaming desktop is a powerful tool for anyone who plays all types of games, whether as a hobby or even professionally.

To help you choose the ideal gaming PC, we show you in this Buying Guide the main features of the product. We also list some models, in addition to prices, where to buy, advantages and disadvantages and purchase criteria.

First, the most important

  • A PC gamer is intended for those who play a lot, compete and work professionally with games. High performance, it is indicated for heavier functions, such as games.
  • It is an interesting product, as it can be customized the way the player wants and needs. It can have its components modified according to the user’s needs.
  • Because it is an extremely powerful product, which delivers fast commands and great agility, it is a more expensive product. In this guide we list options from at least R $ 1,460 to R $ 14,499.

Buying Guide

Choosing an ideal gaming PC for your needs and personal taste is not an easy task. The good news is that there are computers of different brands and different configurations on the market and one of them will surely please you.

To understand a little more and make the best purchase, in this Buying Guide you will find details about the different gamer PCs, in addition to knowing the main advantages and disadvantages, knowing the price range and where to buy it.

What is a gamer PC?

The world of online games is full of products: monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, notebook and PC. The last two are, of course, the main ones. Configurable in the player’s way, the PC gamer is a powerful tool to enhance the gaming experience.

With more power, memory and speed, the gaming-oriented desktop supports heavy graphics and games, as well as saved programs and files, without compromising quality.

The product is ideal for those who like to play, spend hours playing, want to acquire the hobby or even turn the passion for games into something more professional.

Choose and configure a gamer PC according to your needs and specifications. It will be the key piece in your search for more competitiveness, skill and fun.

What are its advantages?

The main characteristic of a PC gamer is its speed, speed, power and performance of the highest quality compared to heavy PC games.However, there are other features, both advantageous and disadvantageous, that can be taken into account when buying the computer to play online.

One of the advantages is, as stated earlier, its high performance. The product is very powerful – even more so than video game consoles – offering an incredible gaming experience.

In addition, it can be customized, configured and modified to the user’s taste, from memory to lights and colors. Although it can be purchased ready-made, it is possible to format it as you wish.

The PC gamer, in addition to being used for games, ends up being a tool for a number of other things, being a product with several functions, such as browsing the internet, editing images and videos, producing texts and much more.

Another positive point of this product is that it offers a wide variety of games, with a wide catalog. Online games, like the famous League of Legends, Fortnite and Dota 2, for example, are some of the options.

The PC gamer also allows the use of different types of peripherals. You can play your favorite games using features that enhance the gaming experience, such as keyboard, mouse, headset, joystick, steering wheel, among others.

However, the price can be considered a disadvantage. More expensive than normal computers and most video game consoles, the gaming PC can be assembled the way the user prefers, thus the sky is the limit to spend.

A negative feature can also be the fact that with the PC gamer it is not possible to sit more relaxed on a sofa in front of the TV, for example. If you don’t want to use it plugged into an HDMI input, the way is to use it on an office desk.

Below is a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the PC gamer to make the best choice.


What is the difference between a gamer and a conventional PC?

It is common knowledge that a gamer PC is more powerful than a traditional computer.With more memory and capacity, the gaming PC needs to be fast and respond to game graphics, unlike a conventional one, used for simpler everyday activities.

But this all results in the price of the product, which is also more expensive. See the table below for some comparisons between the gaming computer and the common computer.

How much?

There are many models, brands and set-ups of the gamer PC. Because it is a quality product, which needs to deliver a higher performance, it ends up having a higher price than common video game consoles and computers.In this guide we list desktops that range from R $ 1,459 to R14,499.90. As stated earlier, the sky is the limit when it comes to spending to assemble your gaming PC.

With the products presented here, we want to give different price options and brands to be able to meet different tastes, needs and pockets.

Where to buy?

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing PC gaming models

To buy the best gamer PC for your needs and wants, you can take into account some important criteria. These factors will be of great help when evaluating and deciding which is the best option for you to purchase among the different models of the product.

Check below the list we have created with the main purchase criteria so that you can make the perfect choice, both within your personal taste and budget.

  • Processor
  • RAM memory
  • Motherboard
  • Video card
  • Accessories
  • Customization
  • Price

Below, we will explain in detail each item and what should be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing your ideal gaming PC.


The processor is a crucial item when comparing the different gaming PCs because it is the processor that processes all information, graphics and game details. It is this factor that will make the difference and will have a big impact on the performance of big and heavy games.

The processors available on the market are AMD and Intel and both brands have a variety of models that meet the different tastes and needs of users. See their differences in this video on the BPV channel:

RAM memory

There is no point in having a super powerful processor if the RAM memory (execution memory) is not able to keep up with the performance of the rest of the computer and store the important and necessary information.

It is responsible for temporarily loading the information that is used when using the computer and, therefore, is directly linked to the game’s performance.

An installed RAM memory of 8GB or 16GB is enough to support and run most games available on the market.


The motherboard is the part responsible for interconnecting and connecting all the components of a computer: processor, hard disk, video card, RAM, among others.

For it – and consequently all other parts – to work properly, it must be reliable, resistant and of good quality. On a gamer PC, it must support high-end hardware, for example.

Some motherboards also have a built-in graphics processor, working as a video output.

Video card

The video card also serves to run games with quality and high performance. Its function is to control and manage video display issues on a monitor.

For a gamer PC, of ​​course it needs to be powerful, as it will have to be able to support large graphics resolutions. This part needs its own power supply and has a cooling system that works through fans and other circuits.


Some gaming PCs can be purchased with the monitor, keyboard, mouse, mousepad and headset, for example. Thus, a single purchase will do the job for a basic kit.

So, make sure that the computer you are thinking about already comes with the rest of the equipment or if it is just the CPU.

However, a higher quality PC may be more expensive and come without peripherals, but it will perform better than one that comes with a lot of accessories and a lower processor, graphics card and RAM.


In addition to being able to buy the gamer PC with factory settings, a great advantage is being able to customize it according to your personal tastes.

When purchasing the computer, make sure it accepts modifications. If so, you can build the PC of your dreams, with the parts, features and capabilities you need.



As with any other product in the gaming world, price is a great criterion to be considered when buying. Cheaper gaming PCs work and deliver what is needed, but may perform less well than PCs with higher prices.

If you are willing – and able – to invest in an incredible CPU, with video card, motherboard, processor, memory and other components of the best quality, the investment is worth it.

You will have a powerful machine that will elevate your gaming experience to a very high level, while also increasing your competitiveness with other players.

But remember: a more affordable product does not mean it works worse and will not respond to your commands. More reasonably priced gamer PCs are also great to play and won’t let you down.

It’s all about cost-benefit. There are plenty of options to please all types of gamers.



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