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Top & Best Makeup sponge Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Makeup sponge: What’s the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a classic product, which cannot be missing from your bag: the makeup sponge!

If you still don’t know it and are wondering what its purpose is, the answer is simple: it serves to apply some make-up in order to leave a more uniform appearance on the skin.

In this guide we will explain to you the ideal sponge for each product, in addition to telling you why it is worth investing in its use.

First, the most important

  • The makeup sponge is one of those products that facilitates the make-up routine! It is used to apply foundation, concealer, powder and even blushes in a very uniform way!
  • Its main advantage is the guarantee of a natural skin, and this is even more noticeable when the sponge is moistened before use.
  • It has several formats and each one is specific to a type of cosmetic.



Buying Guide

Now that we know the best makeup sponges on the market, let’s talk about the usefulness of this product.

In the guide below you will find all the necessary information on its use, as well as incredible tips to ensure the perfect make-up!


What is a makeup sponge?

The makeup sponge is a product applicator full of benefits. It is, basically, a small sponge idealized to apply liquid and creamy bases, concealers and even some compact powders and blushes.

They are found in different formats, with rounded or straight tips, varying according to the product for which their use is indicated.

The sponges are simple to handle and cost effective. They can be used dry, but when wet they offer a better finish and still make it difficult for the product to be wasted and absorbed by the sponge itself.

What are the advantages of the makeup sponge?

Although the makeup brush is an old acquaintance of those passionate about make, the sponge offers a more homogeneous result and a more natural appearance to the skin.

She is very faithful to what meets and standardizes the products used for skin preparation, ensuring that the tones are well balanced.

Furthermore, it is quite simplistic! It is not necessary to have deep knowledge about makeup to get along with the sponge. Just use it by giving your face a light tap and you will notice the result!

In general, it is a practical, functional and reusable product, however, it is important that you know that the sponge must be sanitized frequently to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Even though it has excellent durability and can be used many times, it is important that you know that it must be changed from time to time, according to wear, since it can lose its grip.

To facilitate understanding, we set up a table showing the advantages and disadvantages of the makeup sponge:



  • Homogeneous result and uniform skin
  • More natural looking skin
  • Easy to use
  • Good price
  • Reusable


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently
  • Must be replaced from time to time

What types of makeup sponges?

Versatility is all about the make-up sponge! There are options in several different formats, each of which is suitable for use with a specific product.

In order to leave no doubt, we will explain better when you should use each of the main types of sponges!


One of the most loved and used among sponges. It is perfect for applying bases precisely because it has two different ends: one very wide and the other very thin.

The lower part, which is wider, is great for spreading the base over the largest areas of the face, such as cheeks and forehead. The tip, which is thinner, is ideal for reaching the most difficult places, such as the corner of the eye.


Triangular sponges are usually smaller and some are even disposable. They are indicated for applying concealer, precisely because of the shape with fine-tuned tips.



Mini drop

Another great sponge for applying concealers is the mini drops. It is a very reduced version of the traditional drop, but stuck in a handle to facilitate handling.

Due to their size, they can easily access the corners of their eyes.


The flat sponge has been used for many years to apply compact powder so as not to leave the face very marked. Some powders even come with a unit of this sponge.

Round and flat

Although not the most common, the round and flat sponge will please those who love a good contour.

It is indicated precisely to contrast the tones on the face and mark areas such as the jaw and nose, using bases, powders and even blushes.

Some can also be found stuck in cables, as in this case there is a need for greater firmness in the line.


How much does a makeup sponge cost?

As you may have guessed, the sponges offer good cost benefit, not least because, it is worth remembering, that practically all of them are reusable.

Although prices vary according to the brand and the shape of the sponge, it is not an expensive product. A unit costs, on average, between R $ 15 and R $ 35. Fair, right?

Where to buy a makeup sponge?

Because it is a super popular product in the makeup universe, finding a good sponge option is not a difficult task.

Cosmetic store offer a huge variety of products in different shapes and sizes.

There are also department stores, which have a special section for beauty products and sell make-up sponges.

If you are looking for a location that is easier to access, you can go to a larger pharmacy. There, you should find some options, more without much variety.

If you prefer, you can go to a unit of some brand, such as Maybelline, Contains 1g, Natura, MAC Cosmetics, Quem Said Berenice, Dior, Chanel, O Boticário and many others.

Finally, if you are from the online shopping team, in addition to the brands’ own websites, you can buy lipsticks at Amazon.




Purchasing criteria: how to compare makeup sponges

As simple as a product is, it is important that you are careful in your choice so as not to run the risk of regretting the purchase. It is no different with the makeup sponge.

We have selected some factors that must be observed as they can make all the difference in your sponge. Take a look:

  • Format
  • Firmness
  • Texture
  • Color

Now let’s explain a little better what each of these points means.


We have already talked about the different shapes of the make-up sponge and all that this implies, but it is interesting to emphasize that you need to know very well what product you want to apply to the skin before buying your sponge.

If you intend to apply foundation and powder, for example, you should buy two different sponges, each one specific to a type of cosmetic.

This is the most important factor at the time of your purchase, because the correct format makes all the difference in the final result, see?


It is very important that your sponge is firm. And in this regard we must also point out that there is a big difference between hard and firm, since sponges that are too hard can even hurt you!

The firm sponge ensures uniform application and low absorption of the product. If you choose a very soft model, you will probably end up wasting your cosmetic, as well as running the risk of not achieving the expected effect.



We’re dealing with your skin, right? And you shouldn’t forget that even when buying your dream makeup sponge.

The texture of your sponge should be pleasant and under no circumstances rough, as this can cause irritation on the skin of more sensitive people.

Always before the purchase, make a test with the sponge on the back of the hand and check if it is comfortable. Health first, okay?


Although this is a 100% aesthetic item, we think it is important to mention it. Nowadays it is easy to find sponges in different colors: both in more open tones and in more closed tones.

The idea of ​​makeup is to have fun, so if possible, choose a color that you like and that you feel connected to! Nothing like a dressing table right in your face!


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