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Top & Best Eye pencil Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eye pencil: What’s the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the eye pencil, a makeup article used by women all over the world, known for its ability to highlight the eyes.

Versatile and practical, the eye pencil is a powerful cosmetic that provides different effects according to the application site. In the guide below we will show you all the ways to use it to enhance your make up. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The eye pencil can be applied to the eye in different ways.
  • There are pencils of different colors, and some colors have specific objectives, such as white and nude, which open and increase the look.
  • Never share your eyeliner with others, especially if you use it at the waterline, as there is a high risk of bacteria exchange and contamination.

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Buying Guide

The perfect makeup consists of several steps, and the eye pencil is one of those that can not miss. It values ​​the look and is super versatile, being able to be used for different purposes.

In the guide below we will take all your doubts about the product and show you why it is indispensable in your bag.


What are the different ways of applying the eye pencil?

One of the main advantages of the eye pencil is that it is a cosmetic that allows you to abuse creativity, since it can be applied to different points of the eye, with different purposes.

Below, we present you the most common application methods, along with some tips about each one:

At the waterline

The most common use of the eye pencil is this. In the waterline, it is likely that the result will be a well-marked and thin line, which guarantees a sensual and mysterious look.

Ideally, this proposal is used in heavier make-ups, with dark eyeshadows and mascara. It is worth remembering that this type of application, when in black or brown, diminishes the look, not being the best choice for people with small eyes.

Below the waterline

Using the pencil below the waterline is a way to grow the look. The ideal here is that you don’t forget to blend, leaving the production less marked and lighter. It is indicated that this application is made in cases of makeup with eyeshadow.

Close to the lashes

If you prefer a lighter and more delicate production, you can apply the eyeliner very close to the lashes, with a subtle smoky, slightly darkening the region. This is an ideal proposal for the day.

Above the lashes

The tip for those who do not like the outline made with eyeliner, is to do it with the eyeliner. In addition to being easier, there is also the possibility to blend with a shadow, giving an incredible and powerful effect to the look.

For small eyes, prefer a thinner line, for large eyes, choose the thicker one.

Is the dark eye pencil suitable for people with small eyes?

Who has small eyes should be a little more careful when using eyeliner in shades of black and brown, this is because depending on the application site, it can further diminish your look.


Never use a dark shade on the waterline.

If this is your case, never use a dark shade on the waterline, leave this area for light shades. Prefer to apply the dark pencil below the waterline, accompanied by a smudge, as this way you will create an impression of larger eyes.

If you want an outline, opt for thinner features, as they also contribute to “increase” the look.

When to use white or beige eyeliner?

A lot of people don’t even know it, but the clear eye pencil is perfect for opening your eyes. In white or nude, always use this cosmetic on the waterline, as it ensures a greater eye effect.

It can be used alone, or with a dark pencil under the water line, smudged, to further intensify the effect.

It is a great choice for people with small eyes, but also for people who simply want to make their eyes stand out. Too much, right?

How to ensure good durability in the effect of eyeliner?

When applying an eye pencil, you should know that there is a simple and easy trick that ensures that it remains intact for more hours in the eye.

In the case of application below the waterline or as outlined, the tip is very simple! Over the pencil, with the help of a brush or cotton swab, apply a shadow of the same color and smudge it.

The shadow contributes to the fixation, in addition to avoiding and disguising possible blots. The bad news, however, is that if you go to apply on the waterline, the shade is not welcome, as it can have direct contact with your eyeball and cause irritation.


Can the eyeliner cause irritation?

Unlike most beauty products, eyeliner often comes in direct contact with your eyes, especially when applied to the waterline.

This contact can cause irritations and even more severe inflammation, such as blepharitis, since the eyeball is a very sensitive region.

Knowing this, it is recommended to follow a series of basic precautions to ensure that the health of your eyes is not affected:

    • Don’t share. Never, under any circumstances, share your eye pencil with other people. This is the main cause of inflammation in the eyes, as it is a full plate for bacteria exchange and contamination.
    • Storage. Store your eye pencil in a clean place, always capping or protecting the tip.
    • Remove daily. Remove 100% of the makeup daily.
    • Tested products. Buy only ophthalmologically tested products.
    • Brands. Prefer well-known brands with good references.


How much does it cost and where to buy an eye pencil?

It is nothing new that in the universe of beauty, values ​​are super linked to brands, right? And that is exactly what happens with the eyeliner, although it is not considered an expensive item.

On average, an eye pencil can cost from R $ 10 to R $ 80, in the case of the most renowned brands.

As for the place of purchase, options will not lack. If you are looking for a physical store, we recommend  the units of well-known brands, In addition, pharmacy chains are also good choices.

However, if you are a fan of online shopping Amazon is the great option.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Eyeliner Models

Before buying any cosmetics it is important that you are attentive to the details and note some valuable issues, such as:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Water resistance
  • Brand

Next, we will detail each of these points.


It is very wrong to think that there are only black eye pencils. Models in brown, white, nude and even in colored tones are becoming increasingly popular.

The choice of color will vary according to your goal. If you are looking for more classic options that allow you many possibilities, bet on black or brown.

If you are looking for an option that enhances and enhances your look, the light ones, like white and nude, will work.

But, if your business is to innovate and use creativity when it comes to producing, throw yourself in the colorful options!


It is very important that your eyeliner has a comfortable texture that will not scratch you or cause any discomfort when sliding across your skin.

The softer the tip, the better and easier the application will be, therefore, this is a factor to be observed.

Water resistance

There are waterproof and non-waterproof eye pencils. As you may have guessed, the first one does not come into contact with water and needs the help of a makeup remover to remove it, while the second is easily removed with water and soap.

The ideal is that you have one of each at home, to use according to the situation, however, if you prefer one, choose the one whose type of removal you like best.


Just like any other makeup item, it is always advisable that you buy your eye pencil from a trusted brand.

Due to the huge popularity of the product, many brands produce it, increasing the risk of buying a low quality product. So always opt for well-known and trusted brands, okay?



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