Top & Best BB Cream Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

BB Cream: Learn how to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about beauty, more specifically about BB Cream, a powerful cosmetic that moisturizes, evens skin tone, hides imperfections and even protects against the sun.

It is known for being multifunctional and stands out for its practicality and natural coverage, making it an excellent make-up option for everyday use. In case you are still discovering the advantages of this cosmetic, here is a super complete guide, full of tips on the benefits of BB cream. Come on?

First, the most important

  • BB Cream is a beauty product for the face that stands out for having more than one function. It moisturizes, evens skin tone, hides imperfections, protects against sunlight and prevents aging.
  • It is a practical cosmetic, ideal for people with busy routines or who, for some reason, do not like to use various products when getting ready.
  • Although very efficient, it does not replace the moisturizing cream or the high coverage effect of the base, for example.

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Buying Guide

BB cream is the perfect cosmetic if you are looking for good results in one product. It is practical and multifunctional, being the perfect choice for those who like light makeup, with natural finish.

In the following guide, we will introduce you to all the features of this product, in addition to pointing out values ​​and best places to buy.


What is BB Cream?

BB cream means Beauty Balm Cream, or, in Portuguese, Creme Balm of Beauty. It is a creamy cosmetic for the face, which has more than one function, but does not deepen 100% in any of them.

It stands out for protecting the skin against sunlight, moisturizing, smoothing the tone and smoothing out imperfections.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of BB Cream?

Anyone who likes to wear make-up with a light and natural look on a daily basis, but without losing beauty, usually falls in love with BB Cream. The truth is that it is a super practical and efficient choice, known for the variety of functions.

In summary, BB Cream is a versatile cosmetic. It resembles a base, and despite having color, it does not have very high coverage. The product evens out the skin tone and conceals imperfections in a light and delicate way, not marking the face too much.



In addition, it moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily, and it also has a protection factor against the sun’s rays, which varies according to the brand.

It also lightens blemishes and prevents skin aging, all in one product, which is not usually expensive. Incredible, right?

It is a very viable option for people with busy routines, for those who do not like to invest so much money in various cosmetics, or simply for those who do not love the universe of make, but want a nice skin.

The disadvantage is that it is not 100% in any of its functions, in short, it does not have the same effect that would have the base, sunscreen, facial moisturizer or rejuvenating serum.



Despite being clearly efficient and showing good results, it may not be the best choice if you are looking for super powerful cosmetics.

In general, it is an excellent and reliable choice for your routine, but it should not be forgotten that it does not replace some products and that major changes are unlikely to be achieved with the use of BB Cream alone.


  • Smoothes out imperfections and evens out tone
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Helps in rejuvenation
  • Has a sun protection factor
  • It is not usually very expensive


  • Has no powerful action
  • Those looking for intense effects should look for specialized cosmetics

What is the correct way to apply BB Cream?

BB Cream is one of those products that is easy to apply, so there is not much to worry about.

The ideal is that, before starting the procedure, you wash and moisturize your face. This is the most important phase to keep your skin healthy and balanced.

Therefore, before applying any makeup, it is recommended to wash your face well and moisturize it with a facial cream or serum, preferably non-greasy.

After that, you can start using your BB Cream. To spread it, you can use a brush or your finger, since it is a product with a very light and thin texture.

After applied all over the face and neck, tap the face lightly to even out and ensure an even more natural effect. Easy, right?



How do I choose the right shade for my skin?

Fortunately or unfortunately, BB Cream does not work as a base, having a wide palette of tones, ranging from the lightest to the darkest.

Typically, brands offer only three (rarely, four) shade options, which are usually divided into: light, medium and dark.


The most suitable is to do the test on the jaw line, comparing the color with the tone of the face and neck.

As it does not have high coverage, this scheme ends up working very well, since the tone adheres to your skin and becomes uniform, disguising imperfections and covering pores.

However, if you still have doubts regarding the choice of shades, it is best to take the test on the jaw line, comparing the color not only with the tone of your face, but also of your neck. The same goes for bases and compact powders.

Does BB Cream replace sunscreen?

This is a super common question among new users of BB Cream and the answer is that it depends on your product.

Dermatologists say that if he has a sun protection factor of 30 or more, you are safe enough. However, if you choose a BB Cream with an SPF that is weaker than that, the facial protector is indeed necessary.



How much does a BB Cream cost?

Like most beauty products, the variation in prices of BB Creams is closely associated with their brands, however, the good news is that you buy high quality products at a fair value.

On average, the cost of a good BB Cream varies between R $ 30 and R $ 80, however there are the most expensive options, usually from high-profile brands, which can cost more than R $ 150.

Where to buy a BB Cream?

You can choose between two paths: physical stores or the internet. In the first case, we recommend cosmetic stores.

But, if you like the ease of online shopping, Amazon is a good choice in terms of variety. Besides it.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare and the different types of BB Cream

Before you hit the hammer on which BB Cream will be your choice, we recommend you pay attention to some factors that can make a difference in its use. Below, we point out some of them:

  • Tone
  • Roof
  • Fixation
  • Protection factor

Now, explain in detail each of these factors.


Although BB Cream does not have a wide variety of shades, it is important that you choose the one that best suits your skin tone, as it is essential that it is uniform and not stained.

Just like any other face product that has coloring, BB Cream can leave you looking artificial if you get it wrong.



Normally, BB Cream’s coverage is medium, with a finer texture, however, this does not mean that it is not able to cover imperfections. Quite the contrary, it is a highly recommended cosmetic to disguise blemishes, pores and pimples.

At the time of your choice, make sure you are not opting for a BB Cream with too low coverage, as this way, you probably will not achieve the desired result and will feel as if you have not used any product.


Did you know that CC Cream already exists? It is considered an evolution of BB Cream and offers extra treatment assets.



The fixation of a good BB Cream varies according to the manufacturer and is a factor that deserves due attention.

As with other beauty products, we hope that the reapplication of BB Cream will not be necessary over time, so it is important to be sure that the chosen option has good fixation.

On average, BB Creams have between 6am and 12pm of fixation, however, we recommend that you prefer those that can handle well for at least 9h, ok?

Protection factor

The presence of the protection factor is one of the main benefits of the product. As we said in one of the previous topics, the ideal is that you prefer a BB Cream whose protection factor is at least 30, to guarantee total safety to your face.

If you have purchased a model with a lower SPF, it is important to apply a stronger protector before applying BB Cream.

The sun’s rays, when directly impacted on the skin, cause aging and damage to cells, allowing the appearance of lesions.


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