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Top & Best Bath sponge Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bath sponge: What is the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a simple object, but that has been part of the routine of many people for many years: the bath sponge.

If you use it often, you know how much it. The bath sponge is a great ally in the cleaning routine, especially in exfoliating the skin.

Simple and functional, it adds a more intimate, careful, and pleasant moment to the bath. In the guide below we will talk about its benefits and explain to you what effects it can have on your skin.

First, the most important

  • The bath sponge is the perfect choice for soaping, massaging, and, above all, exfoliating. It ensures cell renewal and intensifies blood circulation.
  • There is more than one type of material from which the sponge is produced. Synthetics are made of plastic or nylon, while the natural is extracted from a climbing plant.
  • It is very important that your sponge is soft and smooth. Escape the options that scratch or cause discomfort to the skin.



Buying Guide

Bath time is almost sacred, right? And nothing more pleasant than using products that are good for your skin and allow this moment to be even cozier.

In the case of the sponge, besides having several benefits for the body, it is soft and has soft touch. In the guide below we will explain to you why you should not leave it out of your cleaning time.

What is a bath sponge?

Although it seems simple, the bath sponge can be a little complex, because there are several different types, especially with regard to its material.

Sponges are basically items used at bath time to exfoliate and massage the skin. They are soft and slightly rough, perfect for relaxing, in addition to stimulating blood circulation and cell renewal.

Some are synthetic, made from substances derived from oil, and others are natural, extracted from a plant of the genus Luffa.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bath sponge?

Bath time is usually a pleasant and cozy moment, and the function of the sponge is precisely to intensify these feelings by promoting cleanliness and relaxation.

It is equipped with fibers that guarantee not only the cleanliness of the pores but also the elimination of dead cells, being an excellent body scrub.

Another advantage is that these sponges, especially those of plant origin, help prevent cellulite and activate the blood circulation of the massaged areas.

Besides that they have soft and smooth touch, which guarantee that relaxing sensation that makes your bath even more special.

Despite all the benefits, it is important that you know that sponges need to be changed frequently, in addition to needing some basic care.

Since they are used to remove dead cells from your body, it is important that you wash them thoroughly after use, and let them dry out of the damp bathroom environment.

If you skip this step, dead cells can accumulate, grow in the moist fibers of your sponge, and turn into powerful bacteria, which in contact with wounds, can cause an infection.

So it’s important that you keep it very dry and discard it when you feel it’s starting to wear out, okay?



  • Promotes relaxation
  • Smooth, soft and slightly rough touch
  • Eliminates dead cells
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Clean
  • Helps prevent cellulite


  • Some have very stiff bristles
  • Some kits are not complete

What is the difference between the types of bath sponge?

The bath sponge is not a very detailed product, however, there is more than one type. The best known are synthetic ones, but nylon and natural ones are also good choices.

Natural sponges

The natural bath sponge, also known as vegetable loofah, is extracted from a tall climbing plant, of the genus Luffa. Because it is a fruit and is biodegradable, it is the most sustainable option.

Its fibers are tangled and rough, in a beige tone. It is a great option for those looking for exfoliation, improving blood circulation and skin hydration.

Synthetic sponges

The synthetic sponge is the most common to find in the supermarket. It is made of polyurethane (plastic derived from petroleum), and has two sides: a rougher and a softer.

Although it is not organic, it is a good choice for those looking for an option that promotes more relaxation, since it is the model that has a softer touch.


Nylon sponges

This type of sponge has a structure made of nylon that mimics the natural sponge. Although nylon is not an organic and sustainable component, it is presented in a matted format that results in a touch very similar to the vegetable version.

Usually this sponge is presented in different colors, with a string to hang it in the bathroom.

How much does a bath sponge cost?

In general, the bath sponge is not an expensive product and is usually quite accessible to all audiences. On average, its cost is between R $ 5 and R $ 15, however, there are special versions that can cost around R $ 30 or a little more. There is also variation according to the brand.

Where to buy bath sponges?

Like any good popular product, it is not difficult to find bath sponge options to buy. Most of them, for example, are sold in supermarkets, from the simplest to the largest, In drugstore chains,you can also find them.

If you prefer to go to department stores, we recommend However, if your business is online shopping, you can access the Amazon.




Purchasing criteria: how to compare bath sponges

Every product must be well analyzed before being purchased, and with a bath sponge it is no different. Thinking about it, we selected some factors that make all the difference when choosing yours:

  • Material
  • Softness
  • Size
  • Design

Now we will explain a little better each one of these points


As we have already said, sponges are available in three different materials. None of them are considerably aggressive to the skin, however, the natural sponge ends up leading the way because it is organic and, consequently, adds more to the skin.



Cleaning and massaging with the sponge should be a pleasant and relaxing moment, so it is important that it has a soft and smooth touch.

If possible, before buying, touch it and feel its fibers, in order to find out if it promotes the necessary comfort for your body. Escape sponges from itching or scratching!


What is the ideal size of the bath sponge? The answer is simple: one that fits firmly in your hands.

Very small sponges are difficult to handle and do not have a good contact area, and large options tend to be a little coarse. Choose the middle ground, okay?


Anyone with a small child at home knows that this is an important criterion. There are sponges in fun shapes and more vivid colors, which can be a differential when it comes to attracting your child to the bath.


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