Top & Best Retinol Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Retinol: How to choose the best product in 2022?

today we will talk here about retinol, a derivative of vitamin A that is extremely beneficial for the skin, being an ally in the fight against wrinkles and expression lines.

Highly recommended by skin care professionals, this compound has several positive points such as lightening of blemishes, reduction of acne, improvement of skin firmness and much more.

It is found in several types of products and if you want to know more about it and its benefits just continue with us because in this article you will find all the information. To do this, just keep reading.

First, the most important

  • Retinol is found in capsules and dermocosmetics and its use should be prescribed by a dermatologist.
  • It should always be used in combination with moisturizers and sunscreens to protect the skin.
  • It is possible to find products that have retinol in their composition for prices ranging between R $ 15 and R $ 400.

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Ranking: The 3 best products with retinol

Retinol has different benefits and is present in the composition of various dermocosmetics and it is to show you which are the best of them that we prepared this Ranking, check out:

Buying Guide

Skin care is essential to keep it beautiful and healthy. Fortunately for this there are a number of products that assist in this process and retinol is one of them.

This is a type of component that combines several benefits in just one product, being very widespread for the improvement of wrinkles and other skin problems. But for those who are not in the field of dermatology little is known about it and it is to tell you everything and a little more about retinol that we created this Buying Guide.

What is retinol and what are its benefits?

Retinol is a compound derived from vitamin A, which acts by generating cell renewal and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, thus being an ally in the prevention and treatment of skin aging.

It has several benefits such as reduced expression lines and wrinkles and smoothed dark spots. It is also great because it acts on elasticity, giving the skin more firmness, improves the natural protection barrier, making it more hydrated, and gives a better texture, freshness and luminosity to the skin.

Another benefit of retinol is the treatment of pimples. This is because one of its functions is to clean the pores and reduce inflammation on the face, thanks to this there is a control of oiliness and acne.

The negative points of this product is that it can dry out the skin, make it more red or peeling and should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and people under 12 years old.



  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assists in the treatment of pimples
  • Decreases dark spots
  • Leaves skin firmer
  • Improves hydration retention
  • Gives vitality, luminosity to the texture of the skin


  • May dry out, peel or cause skin redness
  • Cannot be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12

Can retinol cause any negative reactions?

Normally retinol does not cause adverse reactions, but like any dermocosmetic, its use should be recommended by a dermatologist. However, some damage is possible, especially in the case of people with sensitive skin or allergies.

The signs of negative reactions are the ones we mentioned above, such as peeling the skin, making it red and feeling as if it is tugging.

When noticing any changes in the skin or discomfort during use it is important to suspend the treatment and return to the professional to analyze what measures should be taken.

In which presentations is retinol found?

As retinol comes from vitamin A it can be found in many foods such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, liver and papaya.

However, anyone who wants a more potent effect of retinol can bet on the use of creams and other sources that contain product.


Many cosmetics have retinol in their composition. This is easily found in creams and oils for the skin. There are options only for the face and others for the eye and hand area.

Another way to get access to retinol intensively is to take it, orally, in capsules and there are several manufacturers that produce it this way.

What precautions should be taken when using retinol?

Thinking about the use of retinol from cosmetics it is important to know that some care must be taken so that the use is really beneficial and not the other way around.

With that, the first point is to abuse the sunscreens. Retinol makes the skin more sensitive and without the use of sunscreen it can more easily cause irritation.

Another important point is hydration. If the product you choose does not have any active ingredients, it is essential to use facial moisturizers and ingest a lot of water, as it ends up making your skin more dry.

It is also worth checking if the product you have purchased can be used during the day or just at night. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation is essential to achieve the desired results.

How much?

The presentation in capsules is one of the cheapest retinol and it is possible to find packaging with a price of around R $ 15. Already thinking about dermocosmetics the price is usually higher and the value varies between R $ 50 and R $ 400, in average.

The options are many. Consult a dermatologist to find a form that is appropriate for you, and that also fits in your pocket.

Where to buy?

You can find products that contain retinol in cosmetics stores and drugstores.

Online is also a good choice for shopping and several sites sell items of this type such as Amazon, with a wide variety and offers on the internet.

And if you liked any item that is in our Ranking just click on the product and you will be directed to the place where you can buy it very quickly and easily.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare products with retinol

Now that you’ve understood everything about retinol, it’s time to choose the best product for you. For this we separate all the points that you must take into account in order to make the best purchase, they are:

  • Form of presentation
  • Hours of use
  • Additional benefits
  • Place of use

You will now be able to understand the importance of considering all of these factors.

Form of presentation

The form of presentation of retinol is related to the type of product you will buy, be it in oil, cream or capsules.

Those who already maintain a daily skin care routine can exchange the product they normally use for one with retinol and it is possible to spend the day or night with the cream acting without much effort.

Oils tend to please people less, including those with oily skin, but they also have good effects.

The capsules should be taken every day according to the manufacturer’s guidance and are a good option for those who don’t like skin products.

Hours of use

This is also another point of great importance because there are some restrictions according to the product chosen.

In the case of retinol that is ingested there is no caveat, but if we think about dermocosmetics it is important to evaluate what you want with what the manufacturer says, since many cannot be applied for use during the day.

The routine of use should also be evaluated, since there are products that need to be applied twice a day and others only once.

Place of use

There are cosmetic options with retinol that are aimed at the eye area, face and neck and also the hands.

So you should think about where you want the effects of the product to buy one that suits your needs.



Many products that have retinol in their composition also bring additional benefits such as skin hydration and the presence of other associated vitamins, for example.

It is always interesting to read on the label what it offers to choose one that is as positive as possible for your skin.


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