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Top & Best Revlon Foundation Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Revlon Foundation: How to choose the best cosmetic in 2022

The base is one of the cosmetics that cannot be missing in the case. The function of this product is to cover small imperfections, uniform the skin tone and prepare it for the other stages of makeup. But how to choose the best Revlon base?

If you don’t know how to answer that question, then you are in the right place. In this article we will present different basic options of Revlon and share some tips on how to choose the ideal product for your skin.

First, the most important

  • The Revlon base can have a liquid, creamy, powder or stick texture. The finish can be natural, light or matte. Coverage can be light, medium or high.
  • Revlon basic options are: ColorStay, New Complexion, Age Deying and PhotoReady – in Candid, Candid Glow, Insta Fix, Insta Filter and AirBrush Effect versions.
  • Most Revlon bases have a differential, such as 24-hour durability, anti-acne or anti-aging benefits, among others. Choose the function that is most interesting to you.

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Buying Guide

Revlon is one of the most respected cosmetic brands in the world, as it offers excellent quality products. One of the cosmetics that stands out most in the makeup line is the Revlon base.

But because of the variety of models, it is not so simple to find the right Revlon base for you. With this in mind, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with relevant information about these products.


What are the characteristics of the Revlon base?

Are you assembling your makeup case and don’t know if it’s worth investing in a Revlon base? Discover the product features below:

    • Yield is very satisfactory, as it is not necessary to apply a large amount of product to cover the face. You can apply more than one layer if you prefer more intense coverage.
    • Durability surprises, as it is 24 hours. Of course, as the day progresses, makeup oxidizes and oiliness begins to reappear. But most consumers report that their skin is flawless for at least six hours.
    • Transfer is not a cause for concern, as the Revlon base has Wont Rub Off technology that ensures that the base does not stain, smudge and does not transfer.
    • Variety of colors is another differential. The brand offers a wide range of colors and includes light to dark skin – considering the background is pink or yellow.


Still not convinced? Find out the advantages – and some disadvantages – of the Revlon base in the table below:


  • Variety of products
  • Different textures
  • Light, medium or high coverage
  • Variety of shades


  • High price
  • Little variety of colors in stores

What is the best Revlon base?

Revlon’s ColorStay base is the darling of the vain. The product has an exclusive Softflex formula that moisturizes, treats acne or the signs of aging and protects against UV rays.

With liquid texture and drying, this base does not stain, smudge or transfer. The product has medium to high coverage and is available in two versions: For normal to dry skin or for combination to oily skin. Compare them in the table below:

What is the best Revlon foundation for mature skin?

Over the years, the skin loses hydration, elasticity and flexibility. To smooth out fine lines and wrinkles you need to use the Revlon Age Defying 3X foundation.

With anti-aging action, this base moisturizes, nourishes and corrects imperfections while protecting against UV rays – SPF 20. The product has a liquid texture, offers medium coverage and a natural finish. It is available in twelve shades.



What is the best Revlon foundation for professional makeup or photography?

Revlon’s PhotoReady line products are formulated with photochromic pigments that reflect light and hide skin flaws, leaving them imperceptible. The product provides high coverage, impeccable finish and bright look.

The PhotoReady base was tested – and approved – under high-definition camera and lens flashes. The product is also excellent for professional makeup and perfect for parties and evening events.

Compare the different base options of the PhotoReady line in the table below:

Which Revlon base is most complete?

Revlon’s New Complexion foundation is the brand’s most complete product, as it acts as a foundation, concealer and compact powder. The product has a creamy texture that facilitates application and a smooth finish.

This base has a light coverage and natural finish, so it is suitable for daytime use only. The product is available in eight color options that adapt to different skin tones.



How to use the Revlon base?

Before using the foundation, it is important to take care of the skin. Clean, tone and moisturize your face and neck, then apply a primer – this product helps to fill and disguise pores, expression lines and wrinkles, in addition to smoothing the skin and controlling oiliness.

Then, apply the necessary amount of Revlon base on the face with the help of a brush for the base or an applicator sponge, starting from the center of the face to the sides.

To seal the base and leave the skin looking velvety, apply a light layer of compact powder, especially on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). Then apply blush, a layer of mascara and finish with lipstick.


Purchase criteria: Find the best Revlon foundation for your skin

To choose the perfect foundation it is important to know and respect the characteristics of your skin and understand the benefits of the cosmetic. Below, we will explain what features you should analyze and compare when looking for a Revlon base:

  • Coverage level
  • Finishing
  • Texture
  • Hue
  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

We look forward to helping you find the best Revlon base for you. Share which product was chosen through the comments.

Coverage level

A base with light to medium coverage is perfect for everyday life as it provides a natural look. When you want to do a little more neat makeup, you can apply two layers of foundation with this level of coverage.

The high coverage foundation is great for hiding blemishes, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. But the dense consistency gives the face an artificial look, so use it only at night or at special times.



The base with luminous finish will leave your skin radiant, with smooth texture and silky appearance. It is the best option for those with mature skin, as it reduces expression lines and wrinkles. The base with natural finish is ideal for everyday life.

The base with matte finish is the best option for those with mixed or oily skin, as it disguises excess oil. Anyone with mature skin should avoid it, as this texture shows fine lines and wrinkles.


The liquid foundation is easy to apply, adapts better to the skin and provides a more natural finish. The moisturizing texture makes this type of foundation better cover expression lines and wrinkles, without marking them. However, it is not practical to do touch-ups.

The cream textured base is easy to apply, but not as simple to mix as the liquid base. Because of the ultra moisturizing texture, it is not suitable for those with mixed or oily skin.

The powder foundation has a triple function – it acts as a foundation, concealer and compact powder. Despite its practicality, it is more difficult to spread and can mark fine lines, wrinkles and peeled areas. It is ideal for controlling the brightness of the skin.

The stick base is easy to apply and ideal for those who need to reapply makeup throughout the day. This type of base has high coverage and a dry finish.


You can find basic Revlon options in the following shades: Light / light, light medium / light medium, medium / medium, medium deep / medium dark or deep / dark. Among these shades, you will find options with a pink or yellowish background.

If you want to buy the Revlon foundation over the internet but are having a hard time choosing the makeup shade, look at product swatches and read reviews on blogs.



Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

The sun’s rays are the main responsible for the appearance of spots and premature aging of the skin. Therefore, protecting the skin against UVA and UVB rays is essential.

Protection against sunlight for everyday life.

In this sense, it is worth buying a Revlon base that offers Sun Protection Factor. And although the SPF is 15 or 20, this protection against the sun’s rays is perfect for everyday life.



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