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Top & Best Self-adhesive nails Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Self-adhesive nails: What is the best model in 2022?

Your presence is always good news! Today we are going to talk about self-adhesive nails, an article from the universe of beauty widely used by women.

Practical and versatile, self-adhesive nails are made of synthetic material and imitate the natural nail. They can be glued and removed at any time and are easy to handle.

If you are not yet familiar with this product but are interested in purchasing it, follow our guide below and stay on top of its advantages and form of use.

First, the most important

  • Self-adhesive nails are made of synthetic material, such as acrylic, and imitate natural nails, where they should be glued.
  • Making use of this product guarantees a very natural effect and is an excellent option especially for people who, for different reasons, have nail growth difficulties.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive product, which can be found for sale in different colors, styles and formats.

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Buying Guide

Now that you know the best self-adhesive nails on the market, we will point out all the advantages of this product, in addition to explaining its application form.


What are self-adhesive nails?

Self-adhesive nails are made of synthetic material and are nothing more than an imitation of natural nails. They are thin and shiny, and can be square or round in shape.

These nails can be glued on top of natural nails using glue or adhesive, according to your preference.

Its goal is to make the hand more beautiful, being indicated for people who have short and brittle nails, do not like its natural shape or bite nails.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive nails?

Those looking for a practical and quick way to do their nails tend to be interested in self-adhesive nails. The great advantage is that they are already bought ready to be glued to your natural nails.

Currently, there are options sold in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to sand or cut them if you want.

Some of them, even, are already painted and shiny, transforming the process into something even more practical and simple, making the use of enamel unnecessary.

Self-adhesive nails are firm and must be glued or glue or adhesive suitable for this. It is possible that such glue or adhesive already comes with the nail packaging, but this is an issue that varies from brand to brand.


They are indicated for people with short and brittle nails, looking for a new shape, or people who bite nails.

They usually last about seven to 10 days on the nails if applied well, however, if they suffer any impact, they can end up falling.

Finally, they pose no risk to natural nails, although some people are not comfortable with the glue residue that can remain on the natural nail after the sticker is removed.

Next, we will present you a comparative table with the advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive nails.


  • The bonding process is practical and fast
  • Can be done at home
  • There are a variety of shapes and even colors
  • Promotes a natural and beautiful effect even on people who bite nails
  • They last about seven to 10 days
  • Do not harm natural nails


  • May fall on impact
  • Glue remnants on natural nails can be uncomfortable

How to apply self-adhesive nails?

Self-adhesive nails can be applied at home, without the help of a manicure, however, for a perfect result it is necessary that you do the whole process correctly, without skipping any phase.

Next, we’ll explain how to apply your self-adhesive nails:

    • Cleaning. First of all, you must remove the cuticle from its natural, sand and clean it to receive the sticker.
      Size. Once your natural nail is clean, it’s time to choose the sticker sizes. Nail boxes of this type come in different sizes, so it is important that you test on your nail to find out which one fits best on each finger.
    • Collage. This done, you will calmly paste the stickers on top of your natural nail. Try to be as accurate as possible. Here, you can use adhesive or glue, and whatever it is, it should be applied on the self-adhesive nail and never directly on the natural nail.
    • Sand. The fourth step is to wait for the application to be dry and firm, so you can cut or file your self-adhesive nails. As you would in your natural ones, according to the shape and size you want.
    • To paint. If you bought nails already painted, then the process was ended in the previous point. If not, now is the time to glaze the color you prefer.


On average, the whole process lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, always faster when you choose to buy nails already painted.

How to remove sticky nails?

In the previous topic we talked about the application of self-adhesive nails and, now, we will talk about the care in removing them. The process is simple, and we will break it down into steps:

    • Separate cotton. To start the removal you must separate ten pieces (one for each finger) of cotton about the size of your nail.
    • Wet. Once they have been separated, you must soak each one in an nail polish remover and leave it on the self-adhesive nails for 20 minutes.
    • To melt. Once this is done, you will notice that the false nails will gradually melt and it will be easy to remove them. If necessary, use the help of a toothpick.
    • To polish. Once removed, it may be interesting to polish your natural nails to remove any glue that may be left over.


There are other ways to carry out the process, such as using hot water instead of the nail polish remover, however, this is the one that most preserves your natural nails.

How much do they cost and where to buy self-adhesive nails?

Self-adhesive nails are not very expensive, but they vary in price mainly from those that already come enameled, to those that need nail polish.

The first ones are more expensive, costing between R $ 20 and R $ 30 a box, while the neutral ones have more value, in the range of R $ 10.

You probably won’t have a hard time buying sticky nails. Usually, you can find a variety of this product in pharmacies, even the simplest and smallest.

In cosmetics stores, it will also be easy to find some options.

Finally, there is the option to purchase online. In this case, we recommend Amazon,


Purchasing criteria: how to compare self-adhesive nail designs

Although we are dealing with a simple product, it is important that you keep an eye on some factors to ensure its good quality.

To help you in this process, we have put together a list with some criteria that can collaborate for your choice:

  • Format
  • Material
  • Base color
  • Resistance

In the following, we will explain each of them a little better.



When you buy your self-adhesive nails, you will notice that there are different shapes for sale, such as square, round and stiletto.

Even if you are going to sand and adjust the length of your self-adhesive nail, it is important that you buy the one of the shape you will keep, to respect your style and curvature, giving a more natural effect.


Self-adhesive nails are made of synthetic materials, the best of which is acrylic, as it is more delicate, has good resistance and looks a lot like the natural nail.

Avoid nails made with other materials, such as plastic, as the result is quite artificial.

Base color

It is also important that you understand that self-adhesive nails can be purchased with or without coloring, if you prefer to enamel it to your liking.

If you opt for nails without coloring, choose the ones that have white base, pulled to the transparent. This is a neutral color and will allow you to use the nail polish you prefer without interfering with its color.

Those that have very bright white or pink ones may end up interfering with the result after enameling.


Self-adhesive nails must be resistant, after all, you don’t want them to break or come off easily, right?

So it is important that you choose a good quality product that is firm enough to remain intact for at least seven days.


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