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Top & Best Makeup case Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Makeup case: Which are the best of 2022?

The makeup lover who has never seen his messy products throw the first stone. These items take up space and one of the best ways to keep them safe and organized is with the makeup case, Aimed not only at professionals in the field, but also at amateurs, the makeup bag is one of the best ways to store and transport cosmetics of this type, being useful and functional.

If you are interested in this item continue with us because in this review we will present you all about it, its prices and its variations. At the end of the reading we guarantee that you will be an expert to choose your ideal suitcase, come on?

First, the most important

  • If you work with makeup don’t hesitate to buy a suitcase, they are great products to keep all your work tools organized and safe.
  • There are suitcases of different sizes and models, and for those who need to take them to different places, some have wheels and handles that can be adapted for use as backpacks or bags.
  • If your search is for a product to store your makeup at home they are also a good option.

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Buying Guide

Are you a professional makeup artist and need to transport your makeup somewhere or do you love this universe and need to find a space to store your products? That’s when I present the makeup bag.

If you are interested in the product, in this buying guide you will find all information about it, such as its features, price, variations and much more. To do this, just keep reading.


What is a makeup case and what are its advantages?

With some models resembling a toolbox, the makeup bag is an item that serves for organizing and transporting various cosmetics. They have a rigid structure and inside are sliding drawers, dividers, brush holders and much more.

Especially for those who work as a makeup artist they are essential, as it is possible to leave all items for use in the suitcase and when leaving for work just pick it up.

This prevents them from breaking and also that something is forgotten in the middle of the rush. But like any product, carrying a suitcase has its disadvantages. They are usually large, so they take up space to be kept.

Another point that you should note is the internal space. There is no use in a suitcase that does not have good partitions and plenty of space inside.



  • Keeps makeups organized
  • Prevent products from breaking during transport
  • There are several sizes
  • Some models have casters
  • Can be used by professionals and amateurs


  • Depending on the size they can occupy a large space in the closet
  • Models with little internal space are not functional

What are the types of makeup bag?

There are makeup cases of different sizes and styles. The smaller ones, also called flasks, are usually more square and have one or two sliding drawers with an internal compartment that may or may not have dividers.

The larger ones can have several drawers and divisions, many of which are rectangular. When we think of a more professional use, makeup bags usually follow this style, which resemble very small wheeled bags.

One of the main advantages of the makeup bag is precisely these wheels that help with transport, since depending on the amount of products they can be heavy.

Some models of makeup bags are type 2 in 1, in which at the top there is a container that can be detached from the rest for moments when little space is sufficient.

Another interesting option is the suitcase that comes with products of a certain brand. With them, in addition to buying the place to organize the items you already own, you can still purchase new makeup.



We must also mention the dressing room cases. These are more luxurious and very professional to use. When closed they look like a regular suitcase, but when opening them there is a large mirror with lights, partitions and drawers, in addition to having feet to be at the height of the body.

Regarding the material, it is very common for the suitcases to be produced in aluminum, this is a very chosen raw material because it is light and does not rust if it comes in contact with water.

There are models made of PVC and plastic and others less common in nylon. The partitions are usually made of EVA with a velvety finish.

What is the difference between makeup case or makeup case?

This question may be on your mind as you read this review and from now on we will explain the difference between these two products.



As we said above, the makeup case has a more rigid structure, exists in several sizes and are widely used by beauty professionals.

Already nécessaires are usually more malleable, it is common that they are produced in fabric, being ideal to carry in the bag and on trips and widely used in a personal way.

If you are looking for a product to store your makeup in a suitcase where you will take few items, the suitcase is not the best option for you. However small, not being malleable, it ends up occupying a space that can be important.

But if your intention is to have a product to store your makeup at home or if you work with it, the suitcase is more suitable. It manages to keep the products more organized than the bag and precisely because it is harder protects them more.

How to organize my makeup bag?

If you are not a professional and are interested in this product know that it can be used a lot on a daily basis too. The most obvious way is actually to save makeup.

If you don’t have a dressing table or some dedicated space just for that, the suitcase can be ideal. In fact, to assemble an organized and functional makeup bag we will give you some tips:

    • As the bottom of the suitcases usually has larger spaces, this can be the place to store eyeshadow palettes and other large products as bases.
    • For loose shadows and other smaller items, abuse the dividers and check if they are mobile, if they are, you can take advantage of them for other items as well.
    • In the drawers it is possible to put mascara, concealers and glosses.
    • The brushes can be placed on the supports for them, if your case has one, or they must be placed in a drawer. But remember, if they are dirty they must be packed.


Some people who work in the beauty area also have the habit of using makeup bags to store dermocosmetics, manicure items and even hair products.

And speaking of that, in the bottom of your suitcase, depending on the size you can also put dryers, boards and brushes. Another very common way to use this product is as a jewelry box.


Yves Saint LaurentFashion designer

“The best makeup for a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy.”

How much?

It is possible to purchase simpler makeup cases made of plastic for an average price of R $ 25. Small models in aluminum cost around R $ 50 and as the size increases, the price also starts to rise.

When we talk about wheeled suitcases, the average price is R $ 500 and dressing room cases cost around R $ 1,600. So there are options for every need and budget.



Where to buy?

Makeup bags can be purchased in different places. Stores selling handbags, cosmetics and women’s products usually sell this item.

Online, there are even more options, and some sites we recommend to make this purchase are: Amazon.

Another option, if you liked a suitcase that is in our ranking, is to click on the product description link that you will be directed to the website where it is for sale.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Makeup Case Models

As you saw, there are several variations with regard to makeup bag and choosing the ideal one is a task that can be a little complicated.

But do not worry, to help you, we have selected below the main factors that you must analyze in each model to decide which is the best for you. They follow:

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Resistance
  • Internal space

Next, we will talk in detail about each one of them.


Makeup bags exist from the smallest size to the very large with several floors. Precisely why this is a factor that you must take into account.

If you intend to use your suitcase at home and do not have many products, choose small or medium sizes, because that way the suitcase will take up little space.

If makeup is part of your job then a small suitcase will probably not be enough. For this, the options that have casters, several floors, drawers and dividers are more recommended.

In this situation, it is more worthwhile to invest in a bigger product than having several smaller ones and always having to carry several things everywhere.



All makeup cases have handles, but they are not always 100% practical. If you only use your suitcase at home, chances are you don’t need anything besides the strap.

However if you have the custom or intend to take it to different places, notice if the model you are seeing has additional wheels or handles in which it is possible to carry the suitcase like a backpack or bag.

Makeup bags that can be decoupled to become small bottles are another good option if you need a smaller product and a larger one.

Another question about portability is to check if the size of your makeup bag fits the location where you will be transporting it. Some are really quite large and depending on the size of the trunk of the car sometimes they don’t even fit.

If you usually travel by plane, the suitcase must have the right weight and size so that it does not need to be dispatched on the flight, especially because you want to avoid as much as your products break during the trip.

Also check the weight of the empty suitcase, the lighter it is the less heavy it will be when it is full.

In addition, in this topic comes the question of closing the briefcase. It is always a good idea to try to avoid theft, so if you use yours on the street, it is worth giving a chance to models with a key.

Internal space

The internal space of the suitcases is another point that deserves special attention. It is necessary that it fits the products that you use most.

Check the height of the drawers, some are very close to each other which can end up hampering the use, analyze whether the partitions are fixed or mobile and check if the bottom is spacious, as it is usually there that larger items are kept.



There is no use buying a suitcase that will not last long. As we have seen, the value of these products can be high and durability is directly related to strength.

The aluminum models have a good durability and it is not for nothing that most of the larger cases are made of this material. In the case of plastic or PVC, check that it is rigid and of good quality.

Also analyze the internal structure, some cases as they become full start to loosen the bottom because of the weight of the products, the firmer the structure, the less likely it is to happen.


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