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Top & Best Translucent powder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Translucent powder: How to choose the best in 2022?

We chose the best options of translucent powder for you to finish and rock your make up!

The translucent powder is one of the most beloved products of the famous and of those who are passionate about makeup. And this is not by chance: it has functions considered almost miraculous and cannot be left out of its necessaire.

Now, which translucent powder to choose and how to know if it will look good in your makeup? We have created this complete Guide for you to understand all the functions and options for your purchase. You will be able to choose the best product according to your skin and your makeup routine.

First, the most important

  • The translucent powder has a matifying function to finish the make-up, generally giving greater durability to the make.
  • Finishing, practicality, extra functions and durability of the product are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing. In addition to knowing the differences between compact powder, translucent powder and banana powder.
  • There is not much variation in price. The brands listed here have versions ranging from R $ 28 to R $ 38.

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Ranking: The 4 best types of translucent powder

Also called loose powder, this product has been commercially known for a long time. Her mother and grandmother used rice powder and now we are in their updated version. The translucent powder is transparent and gives the appearance of velvety skin and fixes the makeup, removing excess oil.

When choosing your product, it is important to understand what are the differences and the best options for translucent powder, its functions and also how to use this product. We will now present the best models for you to choose the one that best suits your need:

Buying Guide

The best translucent powder for you is one that matches your makeup routine and your skin. Remember that the translucent powder is part of the make-up game, this product will be the finisher of your makeup.

Therefore, it is good for you to know some more details of this product to really be aware of all the benefits, forms of uses and options that lie ahead.


What does translucent powder do?

The translucent powder has the function of reducing the oiliness of the skin, fixing the makeup, giving greater durability and a “sequinha” make-up aspect, with a velvety tone to the skin. Many professional makeup artists call this process “sealing the make”. It is in this part of the makeup that the translucent powder becomes the main character.

Another interesting aspect of this product is that it does not give color to your make, although the color of the powder itself is usually white. In practice, the translucent powder will hardly affect the shade of the foundation you used or any other part of the makeup.

But, it is important to know how to use the powder correctly so your skin does not become excessively whitish. In some cases, this excess can be seen in photos taken with flash.

This is because the flash makes the product evident on the face and that is where the translucent powder literally shows up. But we will explain more about this fact.

How to use translucent powder?

Translucent powder has many forms of use as it is extremely versatile. Its main function is usually to finish the skin, using a large, soft brush. It will be used after you have passed the base, finished eyes and mouth.

But, we brought additional ways to use the translucent powder. There are some tricks that can help in the success of your makeup.

    • Lipstick: You can use the loose powder in lipsticks that have a creamy coating. Thus, the lipstick will have a matte effect.
    • Concealer : In cases where the concealer is cracked, you can use the translucent powder to seal this part.
    • Eyelashes: Yes, even on eyelashes, loose powder can be your ally. It can add volume to your lashes. Apply a little of the product before the mask and see the result.
    • Eyeliner: It can be used to prevent your eyeliner from smudging. Apply in the region before applying the eyeliner or kajal, so the pigments will not drain throughout the day.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of using translucent powder?

The most obvious benefit is that it is versatile for your makeup. Gives high finishing power to seal the make and gives the velvety effect. In addition to making the makeup last much longer, it helps to control excess oil on the skin.


Gives high finishing power to seal the make and gives the velvety effect.

The translucent powder is also used in additional ways, with extra functions to give the lipstick a matte effect, increase eyelash volume, assist in the eyeliner process and many others.

The product can also be used on any skin type. This is usually a frequent question as the powder is light or white. Some brands have lines suitable for each type of skin, adding pigment. However, most of the time, the white loose powder can be used without any problem, from light skins to black skins.

However, if you were hoping that the translucent powder would also give color pigment to your skin, you can already change your mind.

Now, if you use the powder in excess you will notice that your skin will be whitish, especially when you take pictures with flash. But, to avoid this problem you can choose the translucent powder that is invisible in the make.


  • Skin oil control
  • Paraben free
  • Gives durability to makeup
  • Great finisher for make up
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Has additional multi functions


  • If in excess, it is perceived in photos with flash
  • No color pigments

Do I need to use translucent powder as well as compact powder?

The translucent powder will be responsible for finishing your makeup, giving it a velvety look and fixing your make up for longer. The compact powder will be used when you want a more intense, more dramatic finish.

In the case of compact powder your main concern should be to choose the correct color to harmonize with your skin. Both the compact, translucent, loose powder or even the mineral have the function of finishing the skin makeup. Before the powder, a make-up usually has a primer, concealer and foundation.

Banana powder vs. translucent powder: Which is better?

When searching for your loose powder, you must also have seen some brands on the market that contained the “banana powder” seal. We will now explain the main differences between them.

The banana powder is very loose, with a super fine texture, but very concentrated and its coverage is a little more yellow. The translucent powder is white, practically transparent on the skin.



Like the translucent, the function of the banana powder is basically to finish the makeup, leaving the finish more natural and soft. The translucent powder has an extra function that makes the make more durable.

In addition, the translucent powder adapts well to all skin tones (precisely because it is more transparent). But, banana powder has the best finish for dark and dark skin, as it is yellowish and concentrated.

How much does translucent powder cost?

The price of these products does not change much, being a standard market value. However, obviously more coveted brands with even more surprising or innovative effects will have higher prices.

All models shown here can be found in a range of R $ 28 to R $ 38.

Where to buy translucent powder?

Translucent powder can be easily found at beauty supply stores. But, the easiest way for you to buy is on the internet, since you can choose from a wide variety that physical stores do not always have.

Therefore, this product can be found in e-commerce stores Amazon. All products listed in this review can be found on Amazon. Some of them are included in the best-selling products section of the platform.




Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying your translucent powder

Women learn little tricks from time to time to perfect their make-up. For you to rock even more in your makeup we want to present the main features. To choose your ideal, it is worth paying attention to these requirements:

  • Durability
  • Extra functionality
  • Finishing
  • Practicality

For you to make the perfect choice of the translucent powder that best fits you, see the items:


Who doesn’t want a make-up that lasts for hours without touching up? For this, we need to ensure the best choice of products. The choice of translucent powder will help a lot in finishing.

The durability will depend mainly on the composition that the chosen brand has, so it is worth testing brands that you already trust. The translucent powder has greater durability compared to the compact and the banana powder. After all, one of its main functions is to give more time to make.


Extra functionality

The different types of powders also have extra features such as illuminating powder, mineral powder and tanning powder. Now if you choose any powder that has extra functionality, always pay attention to some details, such as:

  • Mineral powder: It gives the appearance even more natural and can even make a treatment, if used daily;
  • Bronzer: Usually has more golden pigments and are great for creating contour on the skin;
  • Illuminator: The illuminating powder can highlight areas of the face, such as the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).


There are some differences due to the type of finish you want for your makeup. The white translucent powder, which is the most common, will give the matte effect to your make up.

If you want a smooth and soft effect, you should opt for a translucent banana powder. If your intention is for more dramatic makeup to be used at night, for example, you should also consider compact powder.



Practicality is completely related to the type of functionality and the packaging you will choose. The translucent powder in all its forms is very versatile, being a true makeup joker.

For greater practicality, choose packaging with a doser. They make application much easier, since they avoid waste. The dispenser also prevents you from being subject to the excess of the product or even from applying it excessively.


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