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Top & Best Tramps Module Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tramps Module: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we will talk absolutely everything about the Taramps module, the piece you need to have powerful and quality sound in your car, so that you can hear your radio or podcast clearly, and have the best possible experience with your favorite music.

In this Guide, we will explore the Taramps catalog and present the best models, their variations, technologies and most important lines, all to help you find the perfect amplifier module for your sound and your car.

First, the most important

  • Virtually all Taramps modules have safety systems against short circuits and possible thermal damage.
  • For bass lovers, the Taramps catalog has many models with the Bass Boost function , which enhances the tone digitally.
  • The price variation of Taramps modules is low between the common models, between R $ 100 and R $ 500. In professional models, however, the value can exceed R $ 4000.

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The best Taramps modules: The team’s choices

In the list below, we selected only the best Taramps modules available on the market. We evaluate the most important elements of the product, from power to configurations, everything so that we can assist your search for the ideal model.

  • The Taramps model with the best bass
  • The small and powerful Taramps module model
  • The module with the clearest sound


Shopping Guide

Few things frustrate both a driver and an unregulated sound. Bursting boxes, humming and hissing with each bass louder, apart from that metallic sound of highs and mids, which seem to have come out of a street vendor earpiece.

This is all easily avoided with a good amplifier module, like the ones from Taramps. Even better if the model is the one compatible with your device and speakers. In the following Shopping Guide, we will look at the company’s catalog, so that you can find your ideal model.

What is the Taramps module for?

The Taramps module is nothing more than the good old amplifier module, which in turn is an essential device for amplified sound reproduction. This piece is the link between your car’s sound system, your “radio”, and your speakers, your subwoofers, your speakers, in short.

It is the amplifier module that receives the information that your stereo translates from the radio waves, from your cell phone application, from the files on a USB stick, whatever, and transforms that information into sound – in sound frequency, to be more exact.

But not only that. Good amplifier modules on the market, such as those from Taramps, for example, also decode sound equalization information, such as accentuating the bass, adjusting the treble, etc., in addition to transmitting whether the music will be played in Mono or Stereo.


What are the advantages of the Taramps module?

But why, among so many amplifier modules on the market, use Taramps models? You see, they are quality products, and they accumulate a series of benefits, easily noticed when the product is examined more closely.


The maximum harmonic distortion is only 0.5%.

For starters, the cost-effectiveness of Taramps modules is quite interesting. You can hardly find any common line for more than R $ 500, and look that we are talking about powerful modules with a lot of sound quality, which is another great advantage. To be aware, the maximum harmonic distortion recorded in the recent catalog of the brand is only 0.5%.

Finally, there is security. All new models have a thermal protection system, for overheating and possible accidents, an anti-short circuit system, which can also cause accidents, but the latter case will be discussed below.


  • Cost benefit
  • Sound quality
  • Safety


  • Little offer of multichannel models

Why is the Taramps module more secure?

In a device that works a lot with frequencies, voltages, powers, and, of course, complex wiring, overloads are common, which can harm not only the module itself, but also some of the components of the sound system, especially the speakers, that can get the sound “popped”, that is, full of distortions.

This, of course, in non-Taramps amplifier modules. All models of the brand have a double security system, protecting against short circuits at the voltage output, and also against high temperatures in the device and in the cabling.


Automotive or residential Taramps module?

As we mentioned earlier, the amplifier module is a key part for any sound system, be it automotive or residential. For this very reason, you may be in doubt in your research as to which type to purchase.

Taramps, like most manufacturers of this type of product, produces both varieties, which despite the same basic function, have several practical differences.



Did you know? Automotive amplifier modules are widely used in the configuration of the famous “walls”, vertical sound systems very common in electric trios and other popular cultural events


Starting with the design, which is much more basic in automotive modules, which makes sense, since they are devices that are hidden. Either way, the brand’s residential line has an LCD panel, as well as easily accessible front buttons.

Among the technical specifications, the automotive models have greater power, between 400 and 1200 watts, while homemade models – the “Home” line , work with powers between 60 and 120 watts.

In terms of sound quality, on the other hand, residential models have a greater offer of models with four channels, while in automotive modules the most common are those with only one

How is the Taramps module for bass?

A passion of many drivers and lovers of sound systems are the bass they play, capable of shaking the body of those in the car and often of those outside. More than sound power, however, a good bass is one that can be reproduced in its entirety, with its nuances and details.

The amplifier modules from Taramps allow not only the bass to be reproduced in full, with sufficient powers, but also with Bass Boost technology , which enhances the tones without bursting speakers.


How to install the Taramps module?

We recommend that you look for specialized professionals to install the Taramps module you purchased. It is a guarantee of quality and especially durability of your installation. Still, the logic is quite simple.

On one side of the module, you can connect the model with your stereo via RCA cable. On the opposite side, you connect the speakers, puppets, subwoofers and horns in the respective channels, which are like small screws, connected by copper wires.


Purchase Criteria: What to note in your Taramps module

To get you to the top Taramps module workshop and make the best option in the best deal, we have put together a list of purchase criteria, which brings up some of the most important points to be noticed in the models of your choice.

  • Channels
  • Wattage
  • Car stereo
  • Ohms


One of the first points for comparison is the number of channels, which number varies from 1 to 5. This number will not define the sound quality, after all, the more channels, the more information the module can send to the speakers and the clearer stays with and its nuances.

From two channels you can also equalize the sound in Stereo, which “divides” the instruments. But stay tuned! Stereo sound is only worth it with side speaker systems, so the sound is actually split.


Power is, for many people, one of the most important elements when choosing an amplifier module. Measured in watts, it defines the size of the noise that your sound system can reach.

The Taramps catalog has models ranging from 400 to 200 watts rms of power. It is also worth paying attention if this is the power per channel or if it is the total power, which adds up the values ​​of each channel.

Car stereo

If the amplifier module is a “middle ground” between your car stereo and its components, then the car stereo system is just as important to your choice as the module itself. The word here is compatibility.

This compatibility goes from the channels, which, as we said, there is no point in having more than one channel if your speakers are central, to the power, which cannot exceed the maximum power of the speakers. Observe, therefore, the sound of your car and choose the model of Taramps that “fits” it.


The power of the modules is measured, in the end, in two ways: watts, as we said above, and ohms. To maintain the objectivity of this list of purchase criteria, you should use ohms, which are normally between 1 and 4 in the Taramps catalog, as a way to select models with the same power value in watts.

As a rule, models with higher ohms power perform better in reproduction.



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