Top & Best Curl activator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Curl activator: What’s the best of 2022?

Anyone who has curly hair knows that to ensure well-designed hair, a good curl activator is necessary.

In today’s guide we will talk about this specific product to treat people who have this type of hair and want to keep their locks always hydrated and well modeled. Next, we will answer questions and answer some questions on the topic. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The curl activator is an exclusive product for people with curly or frizzy hair, whose purpose is to shape and shape the curls, highlighting them.
  • It should be used after the bath, with the hair untangled, and always kneading the strands from the bottom up.
  • In addition to shaping the curls, the product controls frizz and volume, contributes to hydration, gives shine, softness and lightness.

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The best curl activators: Our choices

Before we dive into the universe of the beauty of curly hair, we will tell you some of our choices for the treatment of hair. If you haven’t already purchased your curl activator, here are some good suggestions:

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  • The best curl activator in terms of cost benefit


Buying Guide

The curl activator is the perfect product to give life and lightness to curly hair, being an indispensable item in the beauty routine. Next, we will explain all its advantages, in addition to discussing values ​​and the correct way of application.

What is the curl activator?

Whoever has curly hair knows that they can be a little difficult to care for, mainly because they do not always wake up with the perfect curl shape, requiring a little push.

The curl activator is a product that shapes and shapes curls, also contributing to frizz reduction. It can have a creamy, gel and even liquid texture, and can also be used on curly hair.

What are the advantages of the curl activator?

The curl activator is an excellent finisher for curly hair. Its main advantage, as we have already said, is that it keeps the wires in the perfect shape, molding them in firm curls, but loose and well defined.


It does not weigh, controls frizz and even reduces the volume of hair.

In addition, it is a cosmetic rich in moisturizing components, giving shine, lightness and softness to the hair. It does not weigh, controls frizz and also reduces the excessive volume of hair, being able to be used every day.

Another interesting issue is that the curl activator protects hair from the negative effects of heat, and some can even be used as a thermal protector. It has easy application and is not usually an expensive cosmetic.

Finally, it is an excellent choice for men, women or children with curly, curly hair and even with well-marked waves.

How to apply the curl activator?

Just like any other beauty product, doubts may arise regarding the application of the curl activator, and therefore, we will explain the step by step:

  1. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner specialized in curls, wipe off excess water from the hair with the help of a towel.
  2. Then, apply a combing cream and untangle the strands carefully with a specific comb for this type of hair.
  3. Now, divide your hair into four more or less equal parts, and secure them with barrettes that do not mark.
  4. Loosen the stuck parts and apply the activator along the length of the wires, avoiding only the root.
  5. At the same time that you apply the product, do the hair capping (shaping the curls with your fingers) and always “knead” the hair from the bottom up.
  6. Now, the hair is ready, and if you like, you can use the diffuser or dryer .


Curl activator or styling cream: What is the best finisher for curly hair?

As you may have noticed, in the previous topic we mentioned the much-loved combing cream, which may have caused some doubt as to its importance at the time of finalizing curly hair.

Well, as we said, the curl activator is specifically designed for curly hair, with the function of shaping them, controlling their frizz, giving shine and movement.

The combing cream, in spite of being a great ally in the treatment of curled strands, does not shape or interfere with the shape of the curl. It only makes the hair more susceptible to untangling, making it a good choice for all hair types.

In the case of curly hair, unraveling can be a little more complex and time-consuming, as they are heavier, bulky and with a thicker texture, which is why combing cream is so important.

Therefore, the ideal is that you do not give up, nor substitute one for the other, always using the two together to guarantee the perfect result.


How much does it cost and where to buy a curl activator?

A good curl activator costs between R $ 20 and R $ 80, according to the brand and the amount of product that comes in the packaging.

You will surely find this product easily in stores specializing in the sale of cosmetics and in large pharmacy chains.

Another option is to buy online, on sites like Amazon.



Did you know that curly hair needs more hydration than straight hair? This is because the shape of the strands makes it difficult for the scalp to reach its natural length and ends.

Therefore, the more curly a hair is, the more it will tend to be dried out, and therefore, the more it needs hydration and specific products for its type of hair.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the curl activator models

The curl activator is a product that deals with the health of your hair, which is why it is important that you observe every detail before choosing yours. We selected some criteria that can help you choose, they are:

  • Texture
  • properties
  • Aroma
  • Absorption

Now that you know which points to watch, let’s explain each one better.


The curl activator can have different textures: liquid, cream or gel. The ideal is that it is not very firm and that you can easily handle it by the wires.

Choose the type of texture that most appeals to your touch and remember to never overdo the amount when applying.


Curly hair tends to be more dry than straight hair due to the structure and shape of the strands. Therefore, it is very important that you use products that have moisturizing properties.

Give preference to curl activators whose composition is full of oils and substances capable of nourishing, regenerating and giving shine to your hair.

Like the hydration mask, for example, the activator can be a great ally in maintaining the health of the locks.


The curl activator is a product without rinsing and that stays in your hair for many hours, so it is natural that it leaves your scent in the presence.

The good news is that most brands have a special aroma, making this product more attractive. What you will not miss are delicious smelling options for your hair.


The faster the absorption of a product, the better, because it will quickly “disappear” from the wires, not making its use apparent.

In the case of the activator, at the moment of application it can leave the hair a little wet, but over time it will dry. Prefer those that you know will do this process in less time, to ensure greater naturalness.


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