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Top & Best Shampoo Tío Nacho Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shampoo Tío Nacho: All about the best of the line in 2022

Today’s topic is the Tío Nacho shampoo, a product strengthened with royal jelly, which stands out for its power to combat hair loss.

If you still don’t know the brand, but are interested in the proposal, our guide can help you. Below, we will explain what are the characteristics of the Tío Nacho shampoo and why it differs from the others.

First, the most important

  • The Tío Nacho shampoo has a differentiated and exclusive formula, whose main component is royal jelly.
  • The brand has four shampoo lines, and all of them have anti-fall action as one of the main pillars.
  • The Tío Nacho shampoo is a product composed of natural substances, which together nourish and hydrate the hair.

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Buying Guide

Hair and scalp need special care to stay nourished and free from the dreaded fall, and it is precisely this care that the Tío Nacho shampoo has to offer.

In the guide below we will tell you all about this product which is an excellent choice for your yarns.



What makes Tío Nacho shampoo different?

With an innovative formula, the Tío Nacho shampoo is part of the first hair care line made up of products made from royal jelly, rich in vitamins. The brand, which also produces conditioners, stands out for its exclusivity.

Although not very popular, one of the great differentials of this shampoo is its ability to revitalize the fragile hair and to strongly combat hair loss, since all the Tío Nacho shampoo lines have anti-hair loss action.




This product is also an excellent hair aging retardant, promoting shine and volume from the first application. It promotes healthy growth and is recognized for its natural ingredients.

In summary, this cosmetic offers nutrition, anti-hair loss and strengthening at a fair price, being a good idea for people with all types of hair, but mainly for those who suffer from growth difficulties and hair loss.


  • Innovative formula based on royal jelly
  • Revitalizes, strengthens and nourishes hair
  • Anti-hair loss action in all brand shampoos
  • Slows hair aging
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Offers good price


  • Few product lines
  • Not very popular

What are the advantages of royal jelly?

Royal jelly is nothing more than a 100% natural substance produced by young bees, also known as worker bees, which serves as food for all new hive larvae during the first three days of life, in addition to being the regular food of the Queen Bee.

It is a very important element in the growth and development of bees, composed of vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals.

Luckily for us, royal jelly is a great ally not only for bees, but also for humans, as it offers numerous health benefits for hair.

In a real way, this substance stimulates healthy growth, oxygenates the scalp, nourishes and hydrates the hair, increases vitality and elasticity, prevents hair loss, strengthens and delays the hair aging process. Super complete, right?




Which Tío Nacho shampoo is right for me?

Despite not having a great variety of lines, the brand has four different types of shampoos, and what they all have in common is the fall prevention potential.

Next, we will point out the characteristics and indications of each product:

Anti-fall and anti-aging

If your goal is hair rejuvenation, this is a good suggestion. Tío Nacho’s anti-aging shampoo restores and returns the appearance of young hair, in addition to cleaning and strengthening. It further reduces fall and encourages healthy growth.

Lightening anti-fall

The bleaching anti-hair loss is perfect for those who already have lightly light hair, and want to lighten it naturally even more.

Produced with chamomile, royal jelly and natural extracts, it gradually leaves the lighter tones and maintains the blonde color of the hair, in addition to nourishing, moisturizing and cleaning.

Anti-fall thickener

The most famous shampoo from Tío Nacho is indicated for people with thin and brittle threads.

It is the result of an exclusive combination of royal jelly with capilgross and extracts of natural origin, which increases hair thickness and prevents hair loss, ensuring stronger, voluminous and healthy hair.

Anti-fall ancient herbs

And, of course, there is also the ancient herbal hair loss shampoo, specialized in hair strengthening. With strong potential to combat dryness, this product has properties that strengthen and regenerate the threads, deeply hydrating them.

Manufactured with a series of natural extracts, it nourishes, strengthens, invigorates the hair and revitalizes weak hair, in a situation of hair loss.



How long does it take before results are noticed with the use of Tío Nacho?

With respect to cleaning, it is instantaneous, since the shampoo Tío Nacho sanitizes and gives lightness to the threads.

However, with regard to the treatment action of the product, although the manufacturer ensures that in the first application it is already possible to notice results, the ideal is to use it for at least 15 days to ensure effectiveness.

In addition to the constant use, it is also recommended to adhere to the conditioner of the same line, so that the effects are enhanced.




How much does it cost and where to buy a Tío Nacho shampoo?

Luckily for us, the Tío Nacho shampoo is not such an expensive product, costing between R $ 24 and R $ 28.

It can be easily found in different pharmacies and cosmetics stores in the country, in addition to the internet, in e-commerces such as Amazon.


Did you know that the production of royal jelly depends on teamwork? Young worker bees spend about four to fifteen days producing secretion through their hypopharyngeal glands.

After this period, production continues with the new batch of young worker bees from the hive, and so on.


Purchase Criteria: How to compare Tío Nacho shampoo models

Now that you know the benefits and curiosities of the Tío Nacho shampoo, let’s point out some questions that should be observed when choosing the best for your hair type:

  • objective
  • How to use
  • properties
  • Aroma

Below, we will detail each one of them:


Before choosing the ideal Tío Nacho shampoo for the treatment of your hair, it is important that you know what their need is.

As we mentioned, there are four different lines within the brand, each specific to a type of hair, all of which have the anti-fall action in common.

How to use

As with all cosmetics, these products have their own methods of use, so it is essential that you read the back of the packaging to understand how to apply it.

Ideally, you should let them rest for at least a minute on the strands, while massaging the scalp. Be sure to read the instructions for use to ensure the perfect result, ok?




Tío Nacho shampoos are composed of natural properties, such as chamomile, aloe vera, rosemary, alfalfa, nettle and many others.

Before buying yours, check what are the ingredients involved in the production of that product, to better understand what are its main properties.


All Tío Nacho shampoos have a pleasant aroma reminiscent of honey, however, they vary slightly according to the line.

In this regard, it is a personal choice, after all, nothing tastes better than a fragrant hair all day, right?


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