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Top & Best female deodorant Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best female deodorant: How to choose in 2022?

Avoiding the unpleasant smell and still feeling dry in your armpits is the desire of 10 out of 10 women, right? But it is not always easy to find a product that provides all of this. Therefore, we will help you to identify the best female deodorant.

In the following article, you will find out all about the different types of deodorants for women, which aspects differentiate one from the other and which is ideal for each objective.

First, the most important

  • The best female deodorant should be chosen based on the intensity of your perspiration.
  • In addition, it is possible to find products that avoid the dreaded stains on clothes and even help to lighten dark armpits.
  • Because of the particularities of the female body, the ideal is always to opt for a dermatologically tested deodorant.

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Buying Guide

Even though there is a wide variety of options for sale, it is still possible to choose the best female deodorant according to your need, your budget and your skin type.

To assist you in this choice process, we have put together in this Guide some questions and answers that may arise when purchasing your deodorant.

Why should you buy feminine deodorant and not masculine?

Often, women buy or share the same deodorant with their partner. The opposite, however, is less common.

Still, the doubt remains: Is there a difference between female and male deodorant? Yes, only one difference, but there is. The fragrance is what, in practice, distinguishes a feminine deodorant from a masculine one.

The male deodorant usually has a more pronounced fragrance, with woody notes, which is not always pleasant from the point of view of women.


Feminine deodorant tends to have a softer and sweeter fragrance.

In turn, the female deodorant tends to have a softer and sweeter fragrance, with floral or fruit notes.

It is worth noting that the formula of each deodorant varies according to the brand and the indication of use, but not according to gender.

So, there is no problem with you, woman, using the deodorant made for the male audience and vice versa.

What will count here, when choosing the best, is to consider the fragrance of your preference and make sure that you are not allergic to it.

What is the difference between deodorant and female antiperspirant?

The main function of a deodorant is to eliminate or disguise the bad smell that can accompany sweat. However, a deodorant cannot always control the amount of sweat the body produces.

How much you sweat will depend on some variables such as: Weight, genetics, environment and diet. But the fact is, if sweating is excessive, it can even hinder your quality of life.

So there is antiperspirant. The antiperspirant is able to inhibit sweat, keeping your armpit dry. In addition, all antiperspirant also eliminates the unpleasant smell.



Did you know that sweat is a normal reaction of the body and does not produce a bad smell?

Released by the sweat glands, sweat is important to maintain a stable body temperature.

What can cause the bad smell are the bacteria, which proliferate when sweat comes in contact with the skin.

That is, although every antiperspirant is a deodorant, the opposite is not always true. So, if you want to avoid a bad smell and, at the same time, reduce sweat, you should invest in a female antiperspirant deodorant.

It is worth mentioning that the antiperspirant also has the advantage of having a more prolonged effect when compared to the common deodorant.

On the other hand, deodorant is less aggressive as it does not clog pores, a condition that can occur with the use of antiperspirant.

With that in mind, we have created a table that presents the pros and cons of each of these products. Check out:

What are the types of female deodorants?

In addition to the female antiperspirant deodorant, there are other types with varied functions. To choose the best one needs to consider how your body and your routine work.

Below are some of the most popular types of women’s deodorant. Look:

Anti-stain female deodorant

Those who use deodorant know that the product can leave white spots on black blouses. Already with white or light clothes, yellowish spots may appear.

To avoid these situations, bet on feminine deodorants that do not stain clothes.

Whitening female deodorant

Nowadays, there are already options for female deodorants that promise to even lighten the armpits and avoid darkening the skin. Armpits can be dark for several reasons:

    • Irritation ;
    • Prolonged use of very dry deodorants ;
    • Exposure to the sun ;
    • Constant friction of the epilating blade ;
    • Aggression that the hair removal wax can cause on the skin.


In cases like these, the female armpit deodorant works effectively to minimize this condition.

Female gym deodorant

If the idea is to use deodorant to practice physical activity, it is important to consider a more powerful and long-lasting product.

After all, whether outdoors or in the gym, intense training will likely increase the production of sweat and stench.

Therefore, whenever possible, opt for the female antiperspirant deodorant and that come with an indication of the maximum duration of protection.

What is the best female deodorant for my skin type?

Deodorants can also be chosen according to your skin type, as well as in the case of moisturizers and makeup.

If you have dry skin, opt for feminine deodorant with hydrants in its formula and that is alcohol free. Already on oily skin, the ideal is to use a deodorant with a dry touch or spray.

In addition, if you have sensitive skin it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist and choose hypoallergenic and natural products.


How much does the best female deodorant cost and where to buy it?

If you want the best female deodorant you need to know that there is a wide variation in price. You will find options costing between R $ 4 and R $ 80.

To buy this product, the options are also many, whether in pharmacies, department stores like Magazine Luiza, and hypermarkets like Carrefour and Extra.

But today it is already possible to find imported female deodorants and the best national brands in online stores, such as on Amazon. In addition, the great advantage of buying online is that you don’t even have to leave the house.



Purchase Criteria: How to Compare the Best Female Deodorants

After defining if you need a feminine antiperspirant, anti-stain and bleach deodorant, you need to check some criteria that will weigh in the final result. Are they:

  • Applicator type
  • Formula
  • Protection level
  • With or without perfume

From here, you can see how to compare these aspects and ensure that you are investing in the best deodorant.

Applicator type

When choosing the best female deodorant you will find options that differ, among other criteria, due to the form of application on the skin.

That way, you will be able to choose between roll on, spray, aerosol or cream deodorant.

The choice between these four types of deodorants will depend a lot on your personal preference. But there are differences between them that deserve to be highlighted. Look:

  • Aerosol : Easy to apply and fast drying, this type of deodorant can release toxic gases into the environment;
  • Spray : It is practical to use, but the liquid can take a long time to dry and cause skin burning;
  • Cream or stick : This version has a creamy texture and moisturizing actives;
  • Roll-on : Compact, it is the easiest to carry, but it takes time to dry, can cause inflammation and should not be shared;


It is always important to check the list of ingredients that make up the female deodorant. This is because the armpit skin usually has problems such as redness, clogged pores and contact dermatitis.

Therefore, the best female deodorant will have few ingredients, and no chemical additives, or at least in small quantities.

The good news is that today there are already vegan deodorants, which do not use any animal products in their composition, in addition to those that are made 100% with natural products.

In addition, whenever possible, choose the feminine deodorant that is:

  • Hypoallergenic : Reduces the risk of skin allergies;
  • Alcohol-free : Alcohol dries the skin, can cause burning and irritate the skin;
  • With moisturizing and calming additives : They combat the dryness of the armpit, treat the skin and prevent irritation.

We also recommend that you avoid female deodorants that have substances in their formula such as: Parabens, aluminum compounds, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and triclosan.

All of these compounds can, in some way, damage your skin and your health.

Protection level

To buy a deodorant with a high level of protection, our recommendation is that you take into account both the cost-benefit and the efficiency of the female deodorant.

To do so, check the size of the packaging and analyze how long the deodorant will last considering daily use and its need for reapplication.

The best feminine deodorants usually show on the packaging the information of how long the deodorant remains efficiently on the skin, preventing odor and reducing perspiration. In general, the best options promise 48-hour protection.

With or without perfume

Buying a deodorant with or without perfume is a personal choice. However, extra care is worth since a very strong smell can be uncomfortable. Not to mention that it can also cause allergies, especially in sensitive skin.


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