Top & Best Tesourinha Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tesourinha: how to choose the best for your nails in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose a fundamental item for the proper nail cutting: scissors.

Also known as nail scissors, the scissors have small dimensions to get as close as possible to the size of the nails and provide the cut with greater precision and safety. Practical and easy to store, they are guaranteed presence in any bathroom cabinet or necessaire of basic items.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of nail scissors.

First, the most important

  • The market offers a multitude of models of nail scissors, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Choose based on intended use, material quality and product design.
  • Model, material, cleaning and maintenance of the product are some characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • There is a lot of price variation for earwigs, which is due to the brand and model. You can find simple versions from R $ 5, the most sophisticated and with accessories can cost up to R $ 50.

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Best nail scissors: Our favorite scissors

Cutting your nails is a common habit of personal care for all of us. But doing this simple task without the right tools can be a pain, and even a danger.

That’s why the scissors are the ideal product to always have with you and provide the precise and safe cut that your nails need. Check out our selection below with some of the most interesting models of the product for sale.

  • The best scissors in stainless steel
  • The best nail scissors for babies
  • A very resistant earwig
  • The best scissor with elongated handle


Buying Guide

Now that you have checked our list of the coolest scissors to give your nails a treat, we will take the next step to the Buying Guide. In this session you will have access to the most relevant information about earwigs so that you know how to identify the model best suited to your needs.

What is earwig?

Nail scissors are small scissors designed to trim or cut the nails of the feet and hands. Usually made of stainless steel, they can also be found in nickel or aluminum versions, with details in plastic or silicone.

Sharp, they can have straight or curved blades, to accompany the natural shape of the nails. The small size makes cutting easier and more accurate. The tips can be rounded or thin, depending on the model.

What are the advantages of scissors?

In addition to having the right proportions and shape to make the task of cutting nails more precise, practical and safer than it would be with a conventional scissors, scissors also have many other advantages. They are ideal for trimming nose and ear hair, for example.

In addition, they are widely used for design or to trim eyebrows by men and women. Because they are made of resistant materials, they can be exposed to moisture and liquids in general without suffering major damage, and can be kept in the bathroom without worry.

Another great advantage of the scissors is that unlike the nail clipper, it adapts to any type and shape of the nail, from the finest to the thickest, from the widest to the most tapered shapes.

Another advantage of the scissors over the cutter is the ability to make deeper cuts, being perfect for removing corners or hitting crooked nails. In addition, the curved blade scissors make the rounded cut, being ideal for those who prefer nails in this shape.



  • Versatile and durable
  • Account values
  • Easy maintenance and storage
  • Ideal for all nail shapes


  • Some people find the use complicated

Simple scissors, curved or with rounded tip?

Although you can use your scissors for a variety of other functions, there are models that are better suited to some activities than others. So, before choosing the ideal model, define whether there are other uses you would like to give the product, and what they are.

Using inappropriate scissors can end up bringing risks of injury, which of course, everyone wants to avoid. A fine-tipped scissors for example, is not the most suitable for trimming nose or eyebrow hair. Prefer round-tip models, which will not pose a risk of perforating the skin.

The same goes for use in children. With more sensitive skin and more delicate nails, they have special nail scissors, which are safer and more reliable. So, before buying, compare the main features of each model.

Check the table below for the main differences: that of your scissors, avoid falls, keep it dry and lubricated. Remember that it is for personal use.


How much does it cost and where to buy nail scissors?

The scissors are usually a very affordable product, however, the price varies a lot based on the brand and material of the chosen product. You can find simpler models for less than R $ 10.

The most luxurious versions, in special materials or coated with noble metals, can cost more than R $ 50.

You can buy your nail scissors in a variety of locations, such as pharmacies, drugstores, cosmetic stores, among others. Another option is to search online stores, such as Amazon or the free market, where you will have access to a greater variety of brands and models of the product.



Purchasing criteria: how to compare earwig models

With so much interesting information, you have almost certainly become an expert in nail scissors. But before you hit the hammer for your favorite model, check out some more tips and features of the scissors that will help you compare the options and choose the best version for you:

  • Material
  • Model
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitation

Check below the details of each topic. Take these particularities into account when choosing your earplugs and guarantee a successful purchase.


Most scissors nowadays are made of stainless steel, sterile and resistant material. There are models that receive gold-plated or other noble materials, but the effect on the product in these cases is only aesthetic.

Avoid pliers in materials other than stainless steel, as they can rust. In addition, other types of metals are not sterilizable, which can compromise product safety.


There are nail scissors models specific to some situations, such as nail scissors for children and babies, curved blade scissors, rounded tips, among other variants, each type of situation. Choose according to the user’s profile.

Remembering that there are specific models for use in babies and children. However durable the scissors may be, it is hardly suitable for the child during all phases, since the baby scissors are intended for very fine and soft nails characteristic at this time of life, requiring the exchange for sharper scissors according to with the child’s development.


The maintenance of nail scissors, in general, is very simple and consists of just three steps: lubricate, sharpen and sanitize. Lubrication must be done with the frequency and the products indicated by the manufacturer.

The sharpening step, on the other hand, should be done every time the product is missing a cut, always by a professional. However, there are models that are not suitable for this process, so check the possibility before purchase. We will talk more about hygiene in the next topic.


This is a feature that usually receives little attention, but it is very important. The constant hygiene of the scissors is essential to ensure the health of the nail and to avoid the risk of contamination by fungi and bacteria.

Even scissors for individual use must be sanitized and, if possible, periodically sterilized. Therefore, in preference to models that allow this maintenance – both homemade and mechanically (using greenhouses and autoclaves).

To sterilize your scissors at home, just wash them well with soap and water, and then apply 70% alcohol. After this process boil the scissors in clean water for a few minutes.


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