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Top & Best Eyebrow gel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Eyebrow gel: How to choose the best for yours in 2022

The eyebrow acts as a frame for the eyes and makes all the difference in makeup. Precisely for this reason it is essential that it is aligned and flawless. To guarantee this, there is the eyebrow gel, a product we are going to talk about here today.

Eyebrow gel is a cosmetic that has several functions. He manages to align the strands, fill in and even color his eyebrows. Thanks to all this, this product does not leave the necessity of many women and if you want to know more about it just read this article until the end.

First, the most important

  • There are colorless and colored eyebrow gel options.
  • It can be found in the form of a paste or with an applicator that resembles an eyelash mask.
  • This product is easy to apply, but care must be taken with the color and amount of product deposited on the threads.

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Buying Guide

The eyebrows are a fundamental part of the face and over the years they have changed a lot. There was a time when they were super thin, then thick ones gained prominence and nowadays they have received special attention, especially in makeup.

And a product that manages to make them even more evident is the eyebrow gel. Ideal to be used in all colors and eyebrow shapes, it can become your new ally and to show you everything about it we created this shopping guide.



What is an eyebrow gel for?

Eyebrow gel is a relatively new product that has multiple functions. One is to align the wires and keep them in the right place throughout the day. The other is to fill them giving a more voluminous and flawless appearance.

There are two variations of this product. The first has an applicator equal to that of an eyelash mask. These serve to align the threads and, depending on the color, color and fill in the gaps. The other version is in paste, resembling a gel eyeliner. This is only indicated for coloring and filling in gaps.



Priscilla MonteiroMakeup artist and eyebrow designer

“Eyebrow makeup is indicated in cases of hair loss, when the hair does not grow or when a person has a scar in the region. It can also be used only to correct and enhance the look.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow gel?

The eyebrow gel combines a series of positive points and, therefore, is part of the necessity of many women.

One of its advantages is to keep the eyebrow aligned throughout the day, thus preventing some hair from being out of place or messy. It can also eliminate flaws, making this region more prominent and more beautiful.

Thanks to its action, the eyebrow gel manages to create an excellent frame for the eyes and highlights any makeup, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Another positive point is that this product is found in several versions. This variety allows you to find options for all needs and tastes. In addition, it is very easy to apply.

The downside is that some models of eyebrow gel have a thicker texture, which can give the hair a heavy look.



  • Leaves the wires aligned
  • Fills in gaps
  • Puts the eyebrow in evidence
  • Helps highlight eye makeup


  • If it is too thick it can leave a heavy appearance

How to use eyebrow gel?

Applying the eyebrow gel is a very simple process and can be done in different ways depending on the option chosen.

The easiest to apply is the one that comes with an applicator and has the same shape as an eyelash mask. This must be passed over the strands so that they are combed in the desired position. After leaving the eyebrow all aligned just wait for it to dry.

Already the paste gel needs a brush to be applied and to do so just follow the steps below:

  1. Comb the brow strands into the desired shape.
  2. Take a small brush that has a slight angle and pass it over the gel.
  3. Apply the gel to the strands following the direction of their growth lightly, filling in all the gaps.
  4. In the event of a blot, simply clean with a flexible swab.
  5. After filling the entire eyebrow wait for it to dry.




Gel, pencil or eyeshadow: Which is best for the eyebrow?

The makeup universe is full of products that have similar functions, but different presentations. With eyebrow items this is no different and you can find them in the shape of gel, pencil and eyeshadow.

As much as these three options have the function of making the eyebrow more beautiful, each one has positive and negative points.


The eyebrow gel serves to align the threads, fill them in and add more volume.

As we told you, the eyebrow gel serves to align the wires, fill them and give more volume, being a very complete option. It is easy to use, but, especially with paste versions, care must be taken not to apply too much product.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Eyebrow Gel Options

The eyebrow is a very important part of the face, so making it beautiful and highlighted is essential. To achieve this effect the eyebrow gel is ideal, but choosing an option among so many is not an easy task.

However, it is possible to make this process of choice simpler and to do so, just take into account the criteria below.

  • Product presentation
  • Transparent or with color
  • Color
  • Additional functions

Now we’ll detail each one so you don’t get it wrong.

Product presentation

The eyebrow gel can be found in two versions: in paste or in the shape of an eyelash mask. In terms of ease of application the versions that come with the brush are the best, not to mention that while the product is applied it already combs the strands.

The paste option requires the use of a brush and needs greater precision at the time of application. Its positive point is that it fills the gaps and the threads a lot, but the negative is that a lot of product can be deposited on them.

Therefore, when choosing between them, one must analyze what is desired and which is best suited to it.



Transparent or with color

Another variation of the eyebrow gel is in the colors in which it is developed. There are transparent and colorful options, which are divided into shades for blondes, brunettes and even redheads.

The transparencies are only intended for fixing and aligning the wires. They are indicated for people who do not have eyebrow flaws and do not want to change or emphasize their coloring.

The colored ones can align the threads and also fill gaps or add color to them. These are very complete, but are most commonly found in the folder version.


If the choice is for a colored eyebrow gel then choose the shade that best matches the natural color of the strands. However, this is not so simple and at this point it is necessary to pay close attention not to make mistakes.

Blondes and redheads are the most difficult to find the correct shade of eyebrow gel. That’s because lighter shades are hard to find to buy. Therefore, the ideal is to test this product before buying.

For those with dark eyebrows, the tip is to always bet on a lighter tone. For example, those who have dark brown, should acquire a light brown eyebrow gel, as this will make the result more natural and not as strong.

In addition, it is not recommended to purchase a black gel. That’s because it will be very heavy.

One tip is to create a gradient with the colors of eyebrow gel. For this you can use a lighter shade on the inside and a darker on the outside.

Additional functions

Another aspect about the eyebrow gel that is worth paying attention to is whether it has any differentials that may be positive for you.

There are options of this product that moisturize the hair, others assist in growth, some are waterproof and there are also those that add volume to the eyebrow. All these additional functions are very interesting and if you need any of these things, bet on an option that offers that.



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