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Top & Best Lavender oil Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lavender oil: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a product known to be a natural soothing and healing product, with numerous indications: lavender oil.

Coming from the lavender flower, this oil is used in a therapeutic way for body care and spiritual harmony, having no contraindications.

Although not widely known, it is capable of reducing stress, helping with insomnia, speeding up healing processes and many other things.

In the guide below we will explain a little better why its use can be a good idea, in addition to telling about values ​​and places of purchase

First, the most important

  • Lavender oil is known to be a therapeutic substance widely used in aromatherapy and massage. It has soothing properties capable of slowing down the body and mind.
  • One of its indications is to fight insomnia: just drop a drop or two of the oil on your pillow, you will have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • It is also worth mentioning that lavender oil is an excellent ally in the healing of dermatological wounds, such as acne, mild burns and even skin infections.

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Buying Guide

Lavender oil is one of those herbal oils that cannot be missed at home. Due to its relaxing properties, it is a good ally in different situations, which we will deal with here, in this guide below.

What is lavender oil?

As the name implies, lavender oil is an oil extracted from the flowers of lavender (lavandula angustifolia), a common shrub in Mediterranean countries in Europe and Africa.

It is a 100% natural substance, organic, vegan and without preservatives, known for helping the human body in a number of factors.

Lavender oil has no contraindications, however, in the case of children and pregnant women, medical monitoring is recommended.

What are the benefits of using lavender oil?

Benefit is what lavender oil does not lack. It is rich in esters and alcohol, which makes it a powerful relaxing agent, capable of helping to reduce stress and slow down the body.

Below, we will list some advantages of this product, and explain how it should be used:

    • Combat stress and anxiety: Drops can be dripped on the floor of the stall at bath time, for the steam to intensify the aromas; use it in body massages; or in a personal diffuser (necklaces with ceramic pendant that allow you to drip the oil).
    • Fight insomnia: Drop two drops on the pillow and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.
    • Antiseptic: Lavender oil has the ability to treat skin infections, mild burns and even acne. Just spread a droplet on top of the desired location and the healing process will be accelerated.
    • Harmonization of environments: Use an aroma diffuser to ensure harmony and calm in your home or work environment throughout the day.
    • Combat respiratory problems: Drop three drops of oil in a bowl of boiling water and inhale the steam. You will feel your respiratory system work incredibly well.
    • Perfumery: Creams, perfumes and cosmetics in general with the scent of lavender are very popular because they have a very pleasant smell.


Lavender in food: Is it possible?

lavender is not on the list of spices released by Anvisa, and for that reason we did not find recipes made with lavender out there.

However, in European countries, such as France, it is a very common ingredient mainly in sweet recipes.

It is important to warn that for the reproduction of such recipes, such as cookies, ice cream and cakes, dry lavender flowers are used and never their oil.

The oil, as we said here, is intended only for perfumery and therapeutic use, never for cooking.


How much does lavender oil cost?

It is very likely that you are wondering how much lavender oil costs, right?

Well, we must inform you that, luckily for us, it is a product without much variation in prices, although there are several brands that produce it on the market. On average, a 10 ml bottle costs between R $ 40 and R $ 70.

Where to buy lavender oil?

It is not everywhere that you will find lavender oil for purchase. In fact, this is still a little sold product in the traditional market, as it is now becoming popular among the more conservative public.

Some chains and other stores that sell organic and therapeutic products, offer lavender oil for sale.

However, it is on the internet that you will find good variety. In that case we recommend Amazon,of the best known brands.




Purchasing criteria: how to compare lavender oil models

There are no such striking differences between the lavender oil models, after all, they are simple and organic products. However, there are some details that can make all the difference at the time of your purchase:

  • Composition
  • Dripper
  • How much it yields

Below, we will talk a little better about each of them, so that there is no doubt about it.


It is essential that your chosen lavender oil is 100% natural, vegan and organic.

Before purchase, note on the packaging whether it is a product that is actually free of artificial substances, as they can completely alter the expected effect of your oil.


The dripper is super necessary in any oil for therapeutic purposes, such as lavender oil.

Because it is used in very small quantities (one or two drops per use), the help of the dripper is very necessary, preventing you from wasting or losing any amount of your oil.

How much it yields

The jars in which lavender oils are sold are very small, but that does not mean that they have low yields.

As we have already mentioned, this is a product used in a small quantity, so there is no need to buy it in large proportions.

You will notice that most brands sell lavender oils in 10 ml bottles, however, there are also those that offer 5 ml, 15 ml and up to 20 ml of the product.

Ideally, you should know exactly what function you will give it before purchase, so that you can calculate an average spend based on the amount of droplets needed.

However, in general, 10 ml oils are good choices, as they last a long time and offer good cost benefit.



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