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Top & Best Face cream Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Face cream: Check out the best facial cream in 2022

your internet review site. To keep your skin hydrated and protected, choosing a good face cream is essential.

Today it is possible to find a wide variety of facial creams with specific functions, either to ensure smoother skin, to achieve a good exfoliation and even to help prevent the marks of time.

With so many options and formulas, it is normal to feel a little lost about what is the best product to meet your needs. So, check out our review to understand a little more about face cream to ensure healthier skin.


First, the most important

  • If you have a history of allergies or irritations, see a dermatologist so he can recommend the best facial cream for you.
  • Always consult how to use the product on the packaging or information leaflet to apply it correctly and effectively.
  • If you intend to expose yourself to the sun, check if the product is photosensitive and if there is a need to use a sunscreen together.

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Ranking: The 3 best face creams on the market

It is increasingly important to take good care of your skin’s health. Since the face is such a sensitive region, it needs special care. For this, we have separated for you some of the best creams on the market. Check out our Ranking.


Buying Guide

We are increasingly aware of the dangers of skin diseases. Therefore, it is important to promote skin care, involving cleansing and hydration.

No skin is the same, so it is important to choose a product that meets your needs and does not harm your health. To get a little deeper in the world of facial creams, check out our Shopping Guide.

What is a facial cream?

Facial creams are formulas developed to help protect the face skin, which is more sensitive and delicate than other regions.

In general, the face cream promotes hydration and skin protection, but they can also have other functions, such as exfoliating, helping to lighten spots or anti-aging.

Today, with increasingly advanced technology, it is possible to find creams developed to meet the needs of each type of skin, or even developed to help with specific dermatological treatments.

There is also a growing market for creams based on natural products for people with allergies or irritations.



Did you know that the skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body, covering between 1.5 and 2 square meters, and that it contributes approximately 1/6 of our total body weight?


What are the main types of face cream?

Facial creams often have specific functions. Among the main formulas and benefits are hydrating, exfoliating and anti-aging.

Moisturizing creams were developed for all skin types and usually act on the innermost layers of the dermis. They are usually among the cheapest care creams on the market.

Exfoliating creams have a more mechanical effect, as they help to remove the accumulation of dead cells, promoting a renewal in the skin, while anti-aging creams help to smooth lines and expression marks.

To understand a little more about each one, see our comparative table.


What are the advantages of using a face cream?

Many people do not take proper care and think they can put any moisturizer on their face, but it doesn’t really work that well. The face skin is more sensitive and therefore requires special care. This is the biggest advantage of facial cream, taking care of the skin of the face as it deserves.

In addition, some types of cream, as we saw above, have specific objectives, helping and smoothing possible problems.

Another advantage is that there are facial creams for every type of pocket, need and taste. In addition to being super easy to apply, they usually yield a lot.


As a negative point, we can highlight that some creams, even being specific to the face, can cause allergic reactions, so be careful in the composition.

Another disadvantage is that it requires discipline to have daily care. Many people buy, use it a few times and leave the product forgotten in the wardrobe. And finally, even if there are some very affordable, the best ones are still very expensive.


  • Take care of face skin
  • Options for all budgets and tastes
  • Easy to apply
  • Optimal performance


  • Some can cause allergies
  • Some can be quite expensive
  • Need daily discipline

How much?

The price of facial creams varies according to their functions and composition. Moisturizing creams can be found in a range of R $ 5 to R $ 100. Exfoliating ones cost R $ 4 to R $ 400.

Anti-aging creams can cost a little more, from R $ 15 to R $ 1,400. All products shown in this review can be found from R $ 10 to R $ 160.

Where to buy?

You can find facial creams at pharmacies, drugstores or cosmetic stores. Today it is also possible to find some cream options even in large supermarkets.

On the internet, you can find it on your favorite drugstore’s e-commerce sites or through major retailers. The creams shown in this review can be found easily on Amazon.


Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a face cream

Maintaining a facial skin care routine is very important, which should be incorporated as a daily habit. However, you need to choose very carefully which facial cream is best for you and how it will react with other products.

Making the right choice is as important as knowing your skin well and the effects you are looking for. Therefore, we have separated some purchase criteria that you should consider when choosing a new product.

  • Active principles
  • Fragrance
  • Desired results
  • Interactions
  • Amount

Carefully evaluate each of these points and take advantage of all the benefits that facial creams can offer.

Active principles

The most important thing when choosing a facial cream is to analyze its formula carefully, its composition. Many creams incorporate vitamins, such as Vitamin B, C or E, for example. Other formulas have elastin or collagen, which help maintain skin elasticity.

It is worth remembering that some facial creams have acids in their composition, which can exfoliate or promote cell renewal. In such cases, it is necessary to be aware of possible interactions with other products for the face.

For people with more sensitive skin, today there is also a growing market for natural products, made from essential oils and natural extracts.

If you have doubts about the formula, as they can be quite complex, consult your dermatologist to make sure that you will get the desired effects without harming your health.


To increase the feeling of freshness of the skin and leave it with a fragrant touch, many facial creams have soft fragrances, which make the application much more pleasant and leave a feeling of well-being for longer.

The most common fragrances are aloe vera or flowers, such as roses. In such cases, you just need to be careful and check for allergy risks, as some fragrances can cause irritation to sensitive skin on your face.

There are also creams that have no fragrances, ideal for those who have allergies or get sick easily, after all the smell can remain on your skin throughout the day.

Desired results

The variety of facial creams available on the market is huge, as well as their functionality. Many are developed especially for people who have dry, oily or very sensitive skin.

The moisturizers are ideal for keeping the always soft and healthy skin and are highly recommended for use after bath, as many soaps remove the natural oils of the face.

Similarly, if you use makeup, after using a make-up remover, applying a moisturizing cream helps restore the skin. Some have effects that can last up to 24 hours.

For more intense treatments of removing dead tissue and deeper cleaning, you can use a facial cream with exfoliating properties , with micro crystals that applied together with a gentle massage, help to leave your skin always healthy.

And if you are concerned about signs of age or are looking to smooth expression lines, anti-aging creams have special properties that help maintain skin elasticity.

As you can see, the type of cream you choose will depend a lot on the desired result and what treatment is being performed.


For facial treatment, it is normal to use more than one type of cream. In such cases, it is important to take great care in how they interact to avoid risks to your health.

For example, if you are having a treatment with a cream that has acid in its composition, using another cream that has the same active ingredient can cause allergies, irritations and even more serious skin problems.


You can find bottles of face cream with the most diverse amounts in ml. They can be small pots or larger bottles.

It all depends on your goal with the cream. If it is a treatment, perhaps a small bottle will suffice. If used continuously, larger ones can offer the best value for money.

Just remember to check how many ml the face cream has, especially when shopping online.




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