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Top & Best Massage cream Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Massage cream: Find out the best of 2022

If you do not miss a good relaxing moment, you will like to know everything about the massage cream, an essential aesthetic item for a well-done massage.

Much more important than we think, massage cream has a lot of responsibility in the procedure, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s guide, below.

First, the most important

  • The massage cream can have numerous types of formulas, always according to the type of massage that that product is indicated, be it relaxing, for reducing measures or treating pain.
  • The massage cream, in addition to being responsible for the sliding of the massage therapist’s hand on the body, is also an intensifier of the massage result, since it has assets that contribute to the final result.
  • Although the massage cream is a product of simple handling, the massage procedure itself requires a lot of technique and professionalization.

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The best massage creams: The most suitable for each situation

It may not seem like it, but choosing the ideal cream makes all the difference in the result of your massage, especially when it has a very specific goal. If you are a layman on the subject, here are some of the best options available on the market:

  • The best massage cream for shaping massage
  • The best massage cream for lymphatic drainage
  • The best massage cream for relaxing massage


Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the best choices when it comes to massage cream, let us tell you why it makes all the difference in the procedure and all the other details you need to know.

What is the importance of massage cream at the time of massage?

Regardless of what type of massage you are going to perform, the use of massage cream is essential. This is because in addition to being responsible for causing comfort and slippage in the skin, it also collaborates so that the goal is achieved.

There are specific creams for lymphatic drainage, shaping massages, relaxing massages and many other types of procedures with specific objectives to be achieved.

These creams are composed of active ingredients that penetrate the skin, reaching glands and cells, and contribute to a more effective result, as expected.

Do the components and assets of the massage cream make a difference in the final result?

As we mentioned in the previous topic, the components of a massage cream make all the difference. They are responsible for the action of the cosmetic, and for the effect it causes on the skin, which will be enhanced during the procedure.

Some creams have a vasodilating action, activating the lymphatic and blood systems; others have a lipolytic effect, breaking down fat molecules; besides relaxing, healing and many others.

Each of these categories has specific ingredients that collaborate so that the ultimate goal of the massage is achieved. Next, we will list some of them:

    • Black pepper: Thermogenic and vasodilator
    • Aloe vera: Anti-inflammatory and soothing
    • Caffeine: Lipolytic
    • Seaweed: Cellulite fighter and circulation stimulator
    • Cocoa: Moisturizer
    • Almonds: Moisturizer
    • Guarana: Indicated to fight cellulite
    •  nuts: Anti-inflammatory and indicated to fight cellulite
    • Lemongrass: Relaxing and invigorating
    • Menthol: Relaxing and invigorating


Is there a right way to apply massage cream?

When massaging someone, be very careful. There are correct techniques to massage the body, especially if your goal is to reduce measures or relieve muscle pain.

You must be professional in the subject before venturing into the universe of aesthetics, because otherwise, you may end up causing or worsening pain, ok?



Did you know that there are relaxing massage creams whose aroma contributes to the feeling of well being?

If you go through a procedure like this, you will notice that the entire environment will be conducive to body relaxation: low light, ambient music and a citrusy and calming aroma.

The result of the relaxing massage is not only in the technique of the masseuse, but also in the climate created by him.

Massage Cream or Oil: Which is Better?

It is very common for people to have doubts regarding the choice of product that will help during the massage: What would be ideal? Oil or cream?

Regarding friction on the skin, both work very well and cause the necessary slippage, however, there are some differences in other aspects.

If you are looking for massages with purposes that escape the simple act of relaxation, such as drainage, shaping, massages for muscle pain and others, the ideal is the cream.


The cream has a complex and usually industrial composition.

This is because, like the common moisturizing cream, the massage cream is usually strategically composed of several actives (often even the oils themselves), which together contribute to the final result. The cream has a complex and usually industrial composition.

But if you are looking for a relaxing and moisturizing massage product, oil is the best choice. For being 100% vegetable, it waterproofs the skin, preventing it from losing water and dehydrating, that is, it is champion in the hydration aspect.

On the other hand, it is not as rich in specific properties as the cream, not being the most suitable for drainages and massages whose objective is related to loss of measures and pain.

It is important that you also take into account that the massage oil is more sticky and difficult to remove than the cream, and can be a little uncomfortable especially on hot days.

In summary, both are good choices, but each one achieves a different goal, so it is important that, before buying your product, you know which massage will be chosen.

How much does it cost and where to buy massage cream?

Just like any product that involves beauty and aesthetics, the value of massage cream varies according to the brand and type of massage, however, it costs on average from R $ 30 to R $ 100.

You can buy them in cosmetics stores, drugstore chains and even on the internet, with the added bonus of comfort. In that case, we recommend sites like Amazon.



Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Massage Cream Models

Massage cream is a product that deals with your skin and health, so it is important that you observe every detail before choosing yours. To help you decide, we have selected some criteria to be observed:

  • Purpose of massage
  • Composition
  • Texture
  • Aroma

For the avoidance of doubt, we will explain each of these points below:

Purpose of massage

As we already said, there are countless types of massage and the chosen cream makes all the difference in the process and the final result.

The ideal is that you choose your massage cream based on the procedure you will perform, in order to acquire the one that has the best indication for your case.


The first factor that you must observe in your cream is its formula, that is, what that product is made of. Be wary of those who have only chemical ingredients, without any natural resources.

The composition will depend on the type of massage that cream performs, and may contain essential oils, almonds, seaweed, caffeine, menthol, eucalyptus, guarana, black pepper, aloe vera and many other compounds.


For the massage, the texture of the cream must be balanced. Too thick creams can be more resistant to slipping, while very liquid options can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

The ideal is that you find a product that has a comfortable texture, in the middle ground, and that ensures good sliding.


There are aroma massage creams and others that are totally aroma free. Here, it is a very personal choice, varying according to the taste of each one.

Despite this, it is worth remembering that a light and refreshing aroma can be a good idea during the massage, especially in those where the main objective is relaxation.



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