Top & Best Joico Products Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Joico Products: How to choose the best for your hair in 2022

If you are always looking for the best for your hair and you like having hair that will make you jealous, you have come to the right place: today we are going to talk about the famous Joico products!

Continue reading the guide to know everything you need about the brand, the product lines and treatments, curiosities and smart tips to choose the perfect Joico product for your hair. Here we go?

First, the most important

  • Joico developed the most famous hair reconstruction mask in the world.
  • The brand has 10 product lines, including a specific one for finishing, in addition to colorings that treat while dyeing.
  • Be careful with fakes: they do not have the quality of the brand and can be harmful to your health.

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The best Joico products: Our recommendations

Next, check out some Joico products that make heads of celebrities, beauty journalists, bloggers and influencers around the world:

  • Complete kit of the most famous Joico treatment line
  • Salon hydration at your fingertips
  • The secret of blondes with flawless hair


Buying Guide

A vital and well-treated hair is anyone’s dream, isn’t it? And Joico is one of the premium brands that stand out in the market. Check out everything you need to know about the brand and its products to find the ideal treatment:

What is the history of Joico and the differential of its products?

Joico was created by Sara Jones, who started her career as a hairdresser. She then decided to use her expertise to create her own premium hair products company, and so Joico was born in 1975.

Currently, Joico products follow the patented Quadrimine Complex formula, with keratin and 19 amino acids with the ideal molecular weight for greater adherence to the most damaged parts of the hair.

Speaking in clear Portuguese, Joico scientists created revolutionary formulas for hair treatment, developing many technologies that have not yet been matched by other brands – making Joico the market leader in hair reconstruction.



Did you know that the name Joico is based on the principle of “Joi”, the energy that moves the brand and its scientists to create products that take care of the beauty of the threads, transforming people’s self-esteem and bringing happiness and vitality.


What are the Joico product lines?

Get to know each brand line and all its features now.

    • Joico Blonde Life: For natural or bleached blond hair, the line has shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave-in spray, ensuring healthy, nourished and lightened hair without compromising its light color.
    • Joico Body Luxe: Formulated for fine and dyed hair. It promises to give volume and strengthen the strands with a formula based on oat protein, which moisturizes and leaves hair soft. The line has shampoo, conditioner and mousse to add volume.
    • Joico Color Endure: Formulated for dyed or streaked hair, the line keeps hair color intense and radiant until the next color. Joico Color Endure offers shampoo, conditioner and a revolutionary 2 in 1 product that cleans and conditions.
    • Joico Curl: Line for curly, curly or wavy hair, moisturizes and defines curls and ends frizz. It has shampoo, conditioner, the same type of 2 in 1 mentioned above, curl activator, leave-in and foam wax to model.
    • Joico Daily Care: Formulated for normal hair or as a line that serves various types of hair, this line with shampoo, conditioner, dandruff shampoo and leave-in is perfect for families that share products, for example.
    • Joico K-Pak: Intended for extremely damaged hair. Recovers the structure of porous and elastic threads, returning strength, shine and malleability. It is possible to find shampoo, conditioner, reconstructive mask (with varying degrees of hair repair), leave-in, hair oil and reconstructive fluid.
    • Joico Moisture Recovery: Intended for dry hair, the line recovers the hydration of the strands without making them heavy. Based on marine ingredients, the result is soft, shiny and, of course, hydrated hair. Joico Moisture Recovery has shampoo, conditioner, 2 in 1 shampoo, hydration mask and leave-in.
    • Joico Smooth Cure: For thick, rebellious and frizzy hair, the shampoo and conditioner line proposes to hydrate and control the hair, offering up to 72 hours of volume control.
    • Joico Style & Finish: Line of brand finishers, with dry shampoo, fixing spray, fixing gel, styling mousse, styling wax, shine wax, hair clay, styling lotion, styling paste and volume spray.


Joico also offers three coloring lines: the Vero K-Pak Color line, made without ammonia and with the brand’s famous reconstructive technology; the Vero K-Pak Color Age Defy line, with components that cover white threads and restore vitality to aged threads; and Color Intensity, a youthful line of semi-permanent dye without ammonia with modern and fun colors.

What is Joico’s best selling product?

The best selling product from Joico is the reconstructive mask of the K-Pak line, which is called the Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Capillary Reconstructor.

This reconstructive mask is so famous and worshiped by beauty professionals and the specialized press, that it received the award for best hair reconstructor for 16 years in a row!

It is no exaggeration to say that the Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Hair Reconstructor is the most famous product in the world in its category.

With advanced technology, Joico’s Hair Reconstructor contains a revolutionary combination of amino acids, antioxidants, oils, acids and botanical moisturizers. Recovers fragile strands from their internal structure, resulting in strong, hydrated and shiny hair.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Joico products?

The biggest advantage of Joico products is their unquestionable quality. On the other side of the coin, there is the fact that they are more expensive than ordinary hair products.

Another advantage is the fact that the brand makes products available in travel, medium or salon packaging – which facilitates economy and practicality.

Want another positive aspect? The brand has several lines and without a doubt one fits what you need. Check out our table with a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages:



  • Quality attested by various awards and beauty experts
  • Packaging in various sizes
  • Various treatment lines and product options


  • Products more expensive than common brands
  • Can be difficult to find depending on the region

How much does it cost and where to buy products?

All this investment in research and technology comes at a price: a 300 ml shampoo costs about R $ 150 and the K-Pak reconstructive mask can be found for R $ 250 in the 150 ml version.

Always look for  stamp of originality and be wary if you find products with a value far below that practiced in the market. In addition to not treating the threads the way would, they can contain toxic and harmful components to health.

When in doubt, buy products at authorized salons or websites. Virtual perfumeries, Web have almost all products, in addition to the official website of the brand and Amazon.


Purchase Criteria: What to consider before purchasing Joico products

With so many options for treatments and products, it’s even difficult to choose, isn’t it? Here’s what you should take into account when choosing the Joico product that best suits your needs:

  • Capillary need
  • Wire thickness
  • product type
  • Packing size
  • Kits

We will explain each one better below:

Capillary need

The first thing to determine before buying your Joico product is what your hair needs.

Check out the topic “What are the Joico product lines” to find the line best suited to what you need.

The brand’s strong point is the reconstruction of damaged hair, but there are treatments for all types of hair.

Wire thickness

Now that you have defined the treatment line, consider the thickness of your strands. This is because many Joico lines offer products with two formulas: one for fine hair and one for thick hair.

Choosing the right product for the thickness of the strands is very important, since the formula for thick strands can “lather” thin hair and leave a heavy appearance. Likewise, a product for fine hair applied to thick threads may not have the desired effect, since the structure of thick hair requires products with deeper action.

product type

Defining if your wires are thick or thin and taking this into account if the line has these options, now just choose the product you want.

There are normal shampoos and conditioners, the famous Joico masks, the revolutionary 2 in 1 shampoo that cleans and moisturizes at the same time, as well as many leave-in options, oils and sprays.

In addition to the specific lines, Joico has a complete line of finishers that works on all types of hair, with mousses, ointments, gels, styling waxes … all to achieve a professional hairstyle with durability.

Packing size

Although it is not exactly a cheap brand, it is possible to spend little to have your Joico product. That’s because several products are available in 50 ml packs (including the famous K-Pak reconstructive mask), and it’s a great way to test products before committing to larger and more expensive sizes.


If you like what you bought, next time you can invest in economical packaging. And Joico even thought of practicality: the products come with a pump that facilitates the application.


Kits are excellent ways to save and guarantee an exceptional result, as you will be doing the complete treatment.

Also, consider buying a kit to save money. We did a simulation considering the full price of 5 products in the K-Pak line and compared it to a kit sold with those same 5 products. Our discovery? It is really a business to invest in complete lines, since the savings were over R $ 300!


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