Top & Best Toner Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toner: How to choose the best cosmetic in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the toner, the cosmetic that replaces the color in transformations, revives the shade of natural or dyed hair and manages to cover the first white threads.

But do you know the characteristics of the toner? The differences between this product and the permanent dye? To clarify these and other doubts, we have created a complete guide on the cosmetic. Keep reading.

First, the most important

  • The toner is divided into two categories: Semi-permanent and shine bath. Both can be used to accentuate the color of the locks, correct unwanted shades and promote more health, shine and vitality to the hair.
  • This product can be used after chemicals such as straightening, relaxing, perming, coloring, lights and reflections, as there is no risk of chemical incompatibility.
  • The toner formula is free of ammonia and oxidants, so the effect of the product lasts only a few washes. Retouching the toner should be done every 30 or 60 days.

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Buying Guide

Chicks love to change their look, don’t they? Coloring is one of the alternatives to try a new look. But doubts arise: “What if I don’t like the result?” “What if the color doesn’t match me?” “What if my hair gets damaged?”

If you are facing these dilemmas, the solution may be to make a more subtle change using a toner. Do you want to know more about this cosmetic? Continue reading this Buying Guide.



What is a toner?

The toner is a semi-permanent color with superficial action. This product can be used to discreetly change the tone of the hair, revive the color or the natural shade of the locks and cover the first white strands.

The product forms a film on the surface of the threads, providing a more natural result. The product is less aggressive, as it is free of ammonia and oxidants – the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is less than 10 volumes.

Because of the composition, the toner does not penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, so it does not change the structure of the hair. The product can be used by those who have other types of chemicals such as progressive brush , relaxation, coloring, among others.

However, the durability of the result is less and retouching must be done regularly. The toner comes out of the threads during the washes, but the durability depends on the product, some last eight and other 28 washes.




Who should use toner?

The toner can be used by men and women with light blond, dark blond, light brown, dark brown or black hair.



Did you know that toner can be used in pregnancy? Because it is free of ammonia, the cosmetic does not present a danger to the baby’s health. However, the product should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy.


The product is also suitable for those who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide, as the revealing emulsion contains insignificant levels of oxidants, different from coloring, which requires hydrogen peroxide with 20, 30 or 40 volumes.

What are the effects of toner?

The toner serves to revive the color of natural or colored hair . In addition to intensifying the tone, the product ensures intense shine. For this purpose, use a toner with the same shade as the coloring – at most a lighter shade – stay calm, the toner does not lighten the locks.

The toner is also indicated to cover the white threads , as long as the person has up to 30% of white threads scattered over the head. Choose a toner with a lighter shade than natural hair if you want a light effect.

The product also has a de-yellowing action , that is, it eliminates the yellowish or orange aspect that can remain after the coloring of the light threads. In this case, the ideal is to use a toner with gray or silver pigments – it can also be used to provide silver highlights to gray hair.

The product is also ideal for those who are undergoing hair transition , that is, used permanent hair color but want to return to the natural tone – or texture – of the hair.

The color wash can also be used as matizador . Just add the product in the permanent dye and hydrogen peroxide to cancel out any unwanted tone or even to reinforce the pigment fixation.

Learn more about toner benefits in the table below:


  • It is ideal for those who want to change the look in a natural way
  • Does not damage the wires
  • The result lasts up to 28 washes
  • Treat hair while coloring


  • Lasts only a few washes
  • Does not lighten the wires
  • Does not cover completely white wires

Is it true that there is colorless toner?

You also find the colorless toner. The product is ideal for those who have no color and do not want to change the tone of the hair but want to highlight the color of the hair and show off intense shine.

This product is also indicated for those who usually make other chemicals, such as progressive brush, reflection or discoloration.



Júnior CarvalhoHairdresser

“The product works by closing the cuticles, by exchanging oxygen, further increasing the shine of the hair and preventing dryness or breakage.”

How to apply toner?

The way to apply the toner is exactly the same as the coloring. The difference is that the toner must be applied with the hair completely clean, for a more effective and lasting result – because the fixation of the pigments is superficial.

The product can be applied at home, without the aid of a hairdresser, as unlike hair dye, there is no risk of hair staining. Just follow the instructions on the back of the package.

Another way to use the toner is through the popular shine bath. The technique consists in the application of toner mixed with a white hydration mask – there are two measures of cream for one of toner. Perform this treatment once a month or whenever you feel the opaque strands.

How should the toner be maintained?

In the past, the toner faded after a few washes, so maintenance should be every 20 days. With the advancement in cosmetology, the durability of the result is greater and you can reapply the product every 30 days, mainly because of the root growth.

To decrease fading, you can use products that maintain color like shampoo, conditioner and toning mask. In addition to the concentration of pigments, these products offer nutrients necessary to care for the hair.




Toner or permanent dye?

Those who intend to color their hair are in doubt about which product to choose: Toner or permanent color. Although both serve the same purpose, these products have different proposals.


Permanent coloring is ideal for covering white threads.

The coloring is definitive, for this reason, the procedure is indicated for those who are completely sure that they want to change the tone of the hair – the product is only eliminated with the growth of the threads and cutting of the ends. It is also ideal for those who want to cover the white threads.

After the procedure, it is necessary to redouble the hair care, as the locks can become dry and brittle. The tip is to invest in the hair schedule, treatment in three stages – hydration, nutrition and reconstruction – which restores the health and beauty of the hair.

However, not all hair dyes are indicated for those who perform other chemical procedures, as there may be incompatibility between chemicals and possible adverse reactions such as falling, breaking, dryness, opacity and chemical cutting.

Still unsure whether to use a hair toner or hair dye? Check out a table comparing the two cosmetics:


Conclusion: The choice between toner or hair dye depends on your goal with the change of look, current state of the hair and how you intend to take care of the locks after the transformation.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to analyze when buying a toner

Did you decide to bet on a toner to change the look? Excellent choice. At the time of purchase, take a moment to evaluate some important aspects, which are listed below:

  • Hue
  • Fantasy colors
  • Formula components
  • Semi-permanent toner or shine bath


The main characteristic to be analyzed at the time of purchase is the color of the toner. There is no lack of tones and nuances and, the greater the variety, the more chances of finding the desired color.

Choose a tone that enhances your personal characteristics.

To choose a tone that enhances your personal characteristics such as skin tone, natural hair and eye color, you can perform hair colorimetry, a technique used by the hairdresser for the following purposes:

  • Identification of natural tones
  • Combination of nuances, contrasts and reflections
  • Neutralization processes

The professional must also know the color circle, which allows to change the tone of the hair through the combination of colors. The classification of tones is present in the toner packaging.



It is also important to analyze the pitch of the tone, that is, the tone achieved with the application of the toner. Assess whether the toner has one or more nuances, which produce reflections in the hair.

It is very important to perform a streak test to check if the color of the tint is what you really want for your hair. Remember: The wick test must be performed before any chemical procedure on the hair.

Fantasy colors

Anyone who wants to dye their hair or ends in fancy colors – colors different from the traditional pattern – can bet on a toner for change. The main colors are pink, lilac, purple, blue, green, silver, red, yellow and orange. You find these toners in pastel tones or vibrant colors.

It is important for you to know that to adhere to these colors, the hair must be bleached beforehand. As this process damages the locks, it is important that the hair is healthy.



Formula components

As mentioned earlier, the toner treats hair while coloring. That is why it is important to analyze the components of the cosmetic formula. Look for products with reconstructive, nourishing or moisturizing actives.

The main reconstructive assets are amino acids and proteins – like keratin. Nourishing oils or waxes are used to nourish the threads. Vitamins and plant extracts are used to hydrate.

Semi-permanent toner or shine bath

You find two versions of toner. The semi-permanent toner does not contain ammonia, but has a low proportion of oxidant (hydrogen peroxide) in its formulation. It is the “revealing emulsion” that accompanies the toner tube.



The “shine bath” toner, on the other hand, is free of ammonia and oxidants. The product is even smoother than the semi-permanent toner, so there is no contraindication.

The cosmetic serves to enhance the color of the hair and provide intense shine. It is common to see the indication “moisturizing toner” on the packaging, as the product offers these results.

These two products can be used to correct unwanted shades (tinting / color corrector effect), accentuate the color of natural or dyed threads and promote intense shine.



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