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Top & Best Toilet rug Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toilet rug: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about a pet hygiene article that is essential to keep your home clean: the hygienic carpet.

The hygienic mat is ideal for pets that live in an apartment or stay indoors. With it your pet learns to do the physiological needs in just one place and establish a routine. The rug also keeps the house free of the dreaded pee puddles and its characteristic odor, since in addition to absorbing liquids it neutralizes odors.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of toilet mat for your pet.

First, the most important

  • Before choosing the hygienic mat some care is necessary. To ensure efficiency, it is important that it is chosen based on the breed, size and sex of the pet, taking into account the indications for use of each model, as well as size and design suitable for each profile and age of pet.
  • Some of the variables that must be evaluated for the best choice at the time of purchase are: brand, model, type of material, size, indication of use, size and sex, absorption power, among other product characteristics.
  • Normally sold in packs, disposable hygienic mats can cost less than R $ 1 per unit, reaching more than R $ 100 in the case of reusable models.

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Ranking: The 5 best hygienic rugs

A good hygienic rug is one that will not only make your pet confident that he has a reserved area to do his needs safely, without being scolded for bad behavior. It is also able to leave the environment clean and dry, without that unpleasant smell of animal urine.

Whether in the disposable or reusable version, with different sizes or formats, there is certainly an ideal hygienic mat out there for your pet profile. We will present the most interesting models of the product to help you choose. Check out:

Buying Guide

Did you like the ranking suggestions? So let’s go to the Shopping Guide, section where we will give you tips so that you can choose your pet’s hygienic carpet well, and learn to identify the ideal product for your and your pet’s needs.

After all, he is also a member of the family and deserves great care in choosing the products he will use.

What is a toilet mat?

The hygienic mat is a product created for pets to do their physiological needs. The product allows to define the place for the pet to relieve itself, absorbing liquid contents, neutralizing its odors and facilitating cleaning.

They can be of the disposable or reusable type. The disposable works in a similar way to a female intimate absorbent: it can be fixed by an adhesive layer to the desired location, and absorbs and retains liquids, preventing them from spreading beyond the carpet area.

The reusable ones, on the other hand, have a tray system that retains the liquid so that it can be discarded later in an appropriate place, also keeping the surrounding environment dry. Both models have technologies to avoid contact of the liquid with the animal’s paws, thus preventing it from spreading wet pee footprints along the way.



What are the advantages of the hygienic carpet?

The hygienic mat is the ideal solution for your pet to make needs when outdoors is not an option. Not only does it keep the house clean and odor free, it is also an ally in the task of training your pet to do the needs always in the same place.

In addition, most models neutralize odor, keeping the environment odor free. It also greatly facilitates the cleaning routine, since it prevents debris from coming into direct contact with the floor or other surfaces, and does not release residues or paint, as occurs with newspapers.

Another advantage of the product is the quick and complete absorption of liquids, avoiding the dreaded pools of pee and keeping the pet with wet paws, leaving undesirable urine footprints around the product.



  • Help with pet training and discipline
  • Prevents dirt and foul smells around the house
  • Facilitates routine cleaning and asepsis
  • Keeps pet dry and clean


  • Washable models require maintenance

How to use the toilet mat?

The use of the hygienic carpet is very simple: just choose a place and position it, respecting your pet’s preferences. Always place the mat away from water, food and the pet’s bed. Like us, they prefer to relieve themselves far from where they eat and sleep.

Observe the indication of use of the chosen model. Do not exceed the stipulated time for changing the product, as the delay may cause leaks. Whenever you notice that the product has reached its maximum capacity, replace it immediately.

Disposable models can simply be exchanged, while the washable ones will need to be cleaned before reuse, in order to prevent malodor and bacteria accumulation.



How to accustom the pet to the use of the hygienic mat?

That the use of the hygienic mat has many advantages is indisputable, but convincing the pet of the importance of using the product can be a challenge. A good tip in the adaptation phase is to take the pet close to the carpet after meals, so that he begins to understand that there is the right place to relieve himself.

Another form of incentive is to praise or offer a treat or treat whenever the pet uses the mat correctly. So he starts to associate the action with a good experience and tends to repeat it always.

Smells can also help. Disposable rugs, in general, are manufactured with attractions that encourage the animal to relieve itself in the desired location. There are also specific products on the market for spraying the environment and signaling the animal through smells where it is allowed to pee and poop and where it is prohibited.


How much?

Normally sold in packs, disposable hygienic mats can cost less than R $ 1 a unit, reaching more than R $ 100 a unit in the case of reusable models.

The so-called economic packages, which have more units of the product, tend to have more advantageous prices.

Make sure that the package you choose offers the best value for money. The ideal time to compare prices is to calculate the unit value, dividing the value of the package by the number of rugs contained in the package.

Where to buy?

The hygienic pet mat can be found on sale in the most varied models and sizes without much difficulty. You can buy your rug at physical stores specializing in pet products.

They can also be purchased at e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, where it is even possible to order the product in larger quantities at wholesale price.

Always consider in your calculations and surveys the value of freight for online purchases, as the product is bulky, which can increase the shipping price.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to qualify the different models of toilet mat

Now that you have a lot of general information about hygienic rugs, we will list some of the features that you can compare to recognize the best rug option to satisfy the pet and its owner. Are they:

  • Size
  • Absorption capacity
  • Model
  • Positioning and fixation possibilities

For the avoidance of doubt, we will detail each of the characteristics below:


Hygienic mats are available in different sizes and shapes, the most common being P, M and G. The P are ideal for small and young animals, while the M and G are suitable for medium and large animals, respectively.

In addition to the variation in size, the absorption capacity of the carpets also changes to meet the most varied sizes of animals, being larger for large animals and smaller for puppies and small pets.

Absorption capacity

The absorbent power of the hygienic mat will determine how long the product will be used without the risk of leakage or moisture transfer to the pet’s paws during use. The average recommended use of a hygienic mat is 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size and model of the product.

In general, thicker or heavier rugs are more absorbent. The higher thickness indicates a large amount of cotton, while the weight indicates a high concentration of absorbent gel.

Some models also have protective barriers, which increase the durability of the product by preventing the liquid from getting too close to the edge, where moisture may transfer to the floor.


Hygienic rugs are available, basically, in two models; disposable or reusable.

The disposable usually equipped with adhesive backing that allows fixing to the floor avoiding unintentional movements of the product. They are ideal for puppies or animals that are not yet used to the product.

The washable ones are reusable: the waste is stored in the base, free from contact with the animal for later disposal. It is recommended for animals already used to doing the needs in the right place. Compare:

Positioning and fixation possibilities

Each pet size, breed and sex has its own way of relieving itself. Thus, the ideal mat should offer the possibility of positioning according to the characteristics of your pet. Male dogs, for example, urinate on the walls, while females and puppies on the floor.

Adhesive models – which can be self-adhesive or with fixing tapes – usually allow this adaptation, leaving your pet free to relieve themselves and ensuring the correct protection of surfaces.

Washable rugs usually do not allow this versatility, although there are models with suction cups or non-slip to prevent the product from moving during use.


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